if someone offered you 20 thousand dollars or a chance 2 meet robert pattinson whoch would you choose?

I would choose the money. I love love robert but money is magicial.

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The money, without a doubt. Then I could get a cheap plane ticket to wherever Rob is at, and hope I'm one of those lucky fans who gets to meet him. Then I get both!! ;]
rob. I'm not practical at all! Lets face it i have a better chance of making or winning $20000 compared to meeting him!
I'll take the 20 thousand...maybe if u say that i can meet edward then i'll reconsider my answer..cause not everyday u can get the chance to meet a vampire... :D
I would take the money and then fly to wherever he was at the time and stalk him until I could meet him...LOL
erm im only 13 so i dont really need money yet so yeahh definitly meeting rob XD
Give me the 20 grand. I use 2 grand and catch a plane to Vancouver with hopes of running into Ashley or Kristen or Nikki. Sorry guys don't do it for me. lol The remaining 18k would go for material things of pleasure.
Take the money and use it to stalk him (and the rest of the cast)! :D

I would take the money and find som other way to meet rob. Because he really isn't my favorite any way.
money because i could fly to mite robert and still have money left
moey coz then you could go to the premier and meet alot more ppl x
Prolly I would meet Rob. The money sounds tempting but knowing my bf he would spend the most of it so I wouldn't get much out of that one.
welli think id choose the $$$! cuz im really robessed but i cant buy things i wanted from meeting him (im not sur if this sentence makes sense cuz im german)! but the best would b to have both *gasp*

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