If u were Bella and had a choice between Jacob and Edward...

If you were Bella and had a choice between Jacob and Edward Who would YOU pick?? Why?

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EDWARD! He is so much better than, Jacob. --->REALITY CHECK... I mean the story originally centers around EDWARD and BELLA from the VERY BEGINNING!!! Jacob is just the friend in the background in TWILIGHT. I mean I fell for him even when the only thing he said to her was, "Hello...I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to introduce myself last week, but I'm EDWARD CULLEN." I think in a way Bella did too. Sure EDWARD leaves her in NEW MOON, but he only wanted her to try to live a normal life, only to protect her life. He never wanted it to end with her becoming like him. Jacob only has the enfactuation factor with BELLA, has a short-temper, manipulative, arrogance, and has jealousy, since when does jealousy get you anywhere but in trouble or hurt? EDWARD's love and protection for her just proves how they should be together. Jacob never really started acting liked he loved her until EDWARD left or when he found out her plans for after graduating high school. He only went out to steal her from him and to hurt the Cullen's when the Cullen's never wanted to hurt the wolfpack. EDWARD IS MORE OF A MAN! But as we see, BELLA and EDWARD end up together in the end! <3 IN YOUR FACE WOLFIE JACOB!!! Case Set and Point! *Bows THANK YOU, THANK YOU!* I also agree in the fact that it is Bella's decision and I can't make it for her.

Well I think the question was who would you pick yourself. Most fans understand for Bella it was always Edward and always would be. Most people I find on Team Jacob like him more because of who he is, not because of Bella. Which I can undertstand. Maybe not agree with, since I find Jacob arrogant, judgemental and cocky but I can understand they have their viewpoint.:)


For me, I would pick the handsome, rich, suave, intelligent, smooth vampire who as a bonus had a heart of gold and only had eyes for one girl. Yes please!

Edward!!!!!!!!!! lol Because you know Edward would just do anything for you to be happy and safe. Plus he is soo hot haha. Jacob is good looking but he has such a cute "baby face" imo. Edwards more.. mature. :)
Well said!!! haha. (Y) Your so right :D

Reana Cullen said:
EDWARD ALL THE WAY!! :)) his a man! Romantic, caring.... charming .... sexy. Wow! Yeah Jacob is fit if u like that sort of thing. Edward is beautiful!!
i would pick edward couse that is edward, and if when you read the books you find that he is kinda perfect...that is unconditional and eternal love with him :D

I would choose Jacob bc i would be to scared to go back to someone who hurt me so much.

I mean i understand that she loves edward but i would fear he would leave me again. I would have to atleast try and give Jacob a chance

But loving someone means forgiving them as well. Totally forgiving them. And Bella had a forgiving heart.

Just as she forgave Jacob for the awful things he said to her, wanting to murder the love of her life and imprinting on her child.


Edward didn't hurt Bella for the sake of hurting her, he thought he was doing what was best for her. His only crime was over-thinking the situation.

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