If you could ask Robert one question face to face, what would it be ?

I would like to ask him what is his Favourite music /band.

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i would ask him what brands of hair treatment does he use))
id ask what was it like kissing Kristen Stewart
id ask him when was the last time he kissed kristen stewart
id ask him "how do you deal with all the stupid questions regarding you and kristen stewart".
Marry Me?
I'd ask Rob if he would take me on the set of Breaking Dawn for a day and show me what his job entails. But it couldn't end there, I would also ask him if I could take him out to dinner to his favorite restaurant and chat the night away at his favorite bar. Then, I would ask for just one kiss that would take my breath away....oh, Rob *sigh*
I would ask him if I could get his number;)<33
i would ask him if he and kristen are really going out!! i just want to know its true!!
I would ask him if he ever feelsl stupid in some of the poses they put him in for photoshoots!
erm i duno... i would probs ask him something really dumb like how does been famous compare to not been famous lol
Hahaha...olga!! Yeah...would love to know what he uses on his hair!!!
I would ask him....hmmm...I would actually ask him if he would like to come in visit me in South Africa!!
Hahaha...would take him to a farm with lots of wild animals...so we would have to stay inside!!! LOL
Thats funny ! get him scared then spend the whole time comforting him ! sounds great !

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