If you could become a part of the story, not one of the characters now in the story, but maybe a future storyline,  an alternate ending etc. who would you be?  Vampire, wolf or human? 

What special gifts would you have if any? 

What would be the first thing you do/did after changing?

Would you be friends of the pack and/or coven?


I ask this because I use to dream at night while I was sleeping that I was a part of the story and that I would run through Forks with my friends, the Cullens and ride on the backs of giant wolves and vampires.  Alice becomes my best friend. I'd  love to run and jump over the river that runs through the forest.  The running would be my favorite part and believe it or not I had no jealousy over Nessie or Bella lol even though Jacob is way hotter than Edward lol. 


Anyone else dream they were a part of the story? 




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I would b a vampire I love vamps no question I wood have mind reading and or future telling
Bella becuz she gets everything. A lovin family, a kid, Edward,beauty,&money

lol Mrs. Hanna...that's great.  I'm with you on the Jacob thing...he is way hotter than Edward for sure!


Whem i was reading eclipse i was at the foght scene where all the newborns came and that night i had a dream about fighting them with the cullens

Vampire: It'd be fun.


Mind Manipulation: I think it'd be hilarious to make someone think or do something they normally wouldn't. Like if I were the bad girl in a future storyline, make someone sympathize with me and join forces just so I can change the rules on them - betray them.;)


Get in a Fight: Must I explain?


???: Mind manipulation, like I said.




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