IF you could choose anyone of the vampires in this series to be your partner, who would you choose???

I would defiantly choose Edward because he is absolutely Perfect!! But maybe Jasper, hmmm really hard! But if you could choose, who would it be??
Thanks xx

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edward of course love him
hmm good thread. but defiantly alice!
Edward of course! I love him forever! My own dear Edward. :DD

But vampires who's I would have to be my (best)friend(s), I would choose Alice and Emmett. And Jasper is really nice too. :)

OMG, EDWARD, for sure.
Team Edward Always

Jasper, of course! I'm hoping to find somebody EXACTLY like him (in both looks and personality) someday... What? It's possible, right? This is a big world, there has to be someone like him.
If I had my way, Yes I would choose Edward. But the thing about being someones partner is the ability to be compatible with that person. i've never been in a relationship, but I do know how one functions. But yes, I would choose Edward without a doubt.
I think Edward is absolutly the hottest vampire but to be my partner I'd choose Carlisle because he and I are more compatible.
Well I'm going to be different. I like Benjamin of the Egyptain Coven (from the book, not big on the actor they cast for him though). But of the main Cullen men I like Carlisle actually.
EDWARD OFCOURSE. LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jasper. Alice as best friend. =)
I would choose Edward because I like how he is so protective. His personality is what really makes him sexy!
EDWARD ALL THE WAY!!!!!He is just perfect!!

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