IF you could choose anyone of the vampires in this series to be your partner, who would you choose???

I would defiantly choose Edward because he is absolutely Perfect!! But maybe Jasper, hmmm really hard! But if you could choose, who would it be??
Thanks xx

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Edward or Alice. Edward is my heart, and Alice is my BFF. lmao.
Edward... or Alec <3
I think Emmett.  While Edward and Bella's love story is amazing, he is too serious for me.  Emmett reminds me of my hubby :)
of course i would choose Edward, i love him, so passionate, and bevoted....but if i couldn't have him..i would want Emmett...love the stong, and muscles type tooo.....ughhh this shouldn't be that hard....EDWARD....LOL

I would choose Edward, definitely him!!!! Because he is PERFECT. Every girl's dream man!!! :D

I mean just look at him!!!!!!! Who wouldn't want him <3

Jasper he is sexy and mysterious.

i would go with Jacob

It would be between Edward or Emmett. I love them both!!
Alice-absolutely.She is adorable(both her looks and her personality) and she's sweet. And she can stop me from doing anything stupid before I do it lol.Oh,and maybe she can help me choose winning lottery numbers.Then I would have the perfect woman AND money lol(j/k)

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