If you got the chance to be in Twilight but you could only be Alice or Rosalie who would you be?

I want to know cause I was thinking about this the other day. Please let me know.

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I would have to be Alice because I mean who doesnt like alice she is so sweet and loving, I love her she is so awesome and why not rosalie well cause she is kind of im the only beautiful thing on earth type of girl and that is definetly not me at all !
I would say Rosalie just becasue id rather be Emmet's mate rather than Jaspers. JEJE boys allways influenciang my choices. And seeing the future would freak me out i can hardly handle the present. Love Alice though she is so great.
I´d be Alice...i guess...´cause sometimes i got interesting dreams and a few weeks later it happens!
I know everyone could say/write that but i really don´t lie!!
i would be alice...even if i'm blonde..and not because i hate rosalie..rosalie it's not a bad person..or vampire..whatever..she has good intentions but the way she's trying to "fulfill" them are not good...i rather be alice because she is more protective.carefull and a very good friend.. she can see the future witch is a great thing and i found her also very funny...and in the books we have the ocasions to know alice..she is in a lot of scenes..that makes her my choice..rosalie is not so often in the books and that's why i can't truly know her..
Surely Alice cause She's very nice and sweet!! :D
I love Rosalie but i would rather be Alice just because she has a cheerier outlook on life and shes more relaxed.Rose looks like she ready to explode at any second. I love Ros though so it really hard to decide.
Alice, i really loveher character. and there's Jackson Rathbone ;D
Hi I would be Alice i think she is great and i love her next to edward of course xxxxxx
Hi i was just wondering what is Midnight sun?????? Is there a book i have missed ????

Stephenie Ince said:
I would be Alice she is funny smart and sweet. I have always liked her and since reading Midnight Sun she is even better!
Rosealie Tbhh she iss sooo Cooooool

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