If you got the chance to be in Twilight but you could only be Alice or Rosalie who would you be?

I want to know cause I was thinking about this the other day. Please let me know.

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i would want 2 be alice she has a really good fashion sence and in some ways i am acctuly like her so my friends say.
I would be Rosalie because I am already in love with Emmett!
i'd want to be Alice. We look kinda alike (besides the height) and we have very similar personalities :) plus Jasper is my fav guy!! <3
I would definitely be Alice. Not only is she sweet and caring, she is with Jasper.
Idk there both really good characters being mean is fun but alice is nice ! I guess i would choose alice!
Hmmm i'd say Alice because i think we all know more about her and she's got the cool seeing the future thing along with how kooky she is..

Altho if been Rosalie means abit of Kellan lovin then...

hmmm i'm torn!!
Rosalie ofcours :)
I'd be Alice.
i love alice 2 death but i think i'd have more fun beening rosalie......hehehe.......
i'd be alice! i mean she's so like me!.. she's funny! she's a cool person; she's sweet and smart.. she's always there for anyone who needs her help.. &after edward she's my favorite caracter in the twilight saga.. :)
I would be Alice because it would be awsome to see the future! Plus shes really nice!

vickii♥ said:
I couldntt decide I mean personality wise i'm mostly like rosalie but I can sometimes be sweet like Alice i'd love to see the future tho

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