If you were a vampire, what powers do you want to have☺

For Example:

POWER:Future Seeing

REASON:Because you'll never know what will happen to the future and another reason that I picked is because Alice has that power because Alice is my favorite character in the series so that's why I picked future seeing as my power if I'm a vampire.

USES: For example you want to know what is your grade in your test you will use your powers to figure out your grade in your exam.


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Power: Mind Reading

Reason: Because I always wanted to know exactly what people are thinking. Also, if I knew someone like Alice, I could see what she sees in the future just by reading her mind. Oh, Edward is my favourite character in the book. :)

Uses: To use my power to get a glimpse of other people's powers. And to see what my enemies are thinking.

-Chrissy ♣
POWER: wishful thinking

REASON: because I want everything to go on my way. :D. i think this is Siobhan's special abillity right :D

USES: I have lots of problems in school. i want to use my power for that and other purposes to :D
flight,seduction, or invisibility.haha! really cool.
it's ok if it is not in twilight
just make up your own
do ur own thing ok?
I'm selfish...I would want 3 powers...invisibility, mindreading and being able to tell the future!
Power: Thought manipulation (Making people think what you want them to)
Reason: Um.... Making enemies/parents think what you want them to think
Uses: Getting out of detentions.
POWERS: Mind reading, See the future, can produce flames from the thin air, Can travel to the future or back to the past!!!

Reason: I think it's really2 cool!!

Uses: mind reading, cause I could hear the answers of my exam from the others or teachers thought ;), see the fture if I wanted to know my grade in my exam! can produce flames frm the thin air coz, i think it's more powerfull than jane's power and I hope it's more powerfull than benjamin's, too. can travel the time because if I wanted to make up the mistakes I'd done in the past, I could warn my family if The Volturi planning to visit, or I can go to the future and watch new moon!! hhhahhahaa
i would foresight, telepathic, and controlling emotions
POWER:i would love to have the power of moving and stoping things with my mind it will be really cool to have that

REASON:cause is cool

USES:in case of a fight i don't have to move ,and also if they throw something at me like sharp knifes i could just stop them with my mind

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