Welcome one and all to D.R.A.P or Drum Roll At Pattinson or you can make your own definition of DRAP but the whole point of DRAP is about pattinson and drumroles. So everyone whos cool enough to use it, use it. OH and also i would like to ask you guys somthing "are you a F***?" im sure ur all wodering why i said such thing, but the REAL translation is " are you a Friend U Can Keep?" now put all the capetalized letter in that sentence and what does that spell f***. OH AND BEFORE I GO I WOULD LIKE TO SHOUT OUT TO FLOOR( BATMAN) TO NAT WHO I TOTALLY HEART!, EVERY SINGLE HANNAH especiallly hannah lautner >.<, EVERY SINGLE ALICE, AND MY TWIN SONNY, AND ALL OF MY BFF's OR BEST FANS FOREVER!! THIS IS DIANA SAYING I HEART YA!!!!!

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F*** - Fear us Cullen Keeper
DRAP - Dinner, room, arrest Pattinson
TTYL - Twilight Time You Losers
WB - Wonderful Blood
ROFL - Remember of Fluffy Lautner
LMAO - Love My Alice Obsession

I'll add others :D

PS: MY PROPERTY ... if you use them dont forget to credit ME! :D
yay diana! DRAP haha i said drum roll at r pattz and u made it into DRAP genious haha lv ya x
PATTINSON IS THE HOTTEST THING ON EARRRRTH ;) and yes, i'm a f*u*c*k, hahaa. No doubts that taylors sexy but Rob's just beautiful. I'd kill to meet the dude in person (watch out r.pattzz haters) NAAAATYKINS I LOVE YOU.
good one jess

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