Imagine Bella was to stay with Jacob after everything ?

Wouldnt that be sumthing..

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I think that would be so messed up. After being with Edward for four books and then picking Jacob would a complete bust. Im Team Switzerland but I sure love me some Edward
Hahaha lol, yup that would be messed up. Im team Switzerland too ! cant choose...and Edward would prob kill himself or do something stupid since he's truly in l<3ve with Bella
I think that would be a horrid idea!!!
think about it,
bella would be with jacob.
she'll live with jacob in jacob's dad's house!!!
she'll have a different baby,(no nessie)
and her life and baby won't be that perfect!!!
with Edward,
everything is all sorted out,
they'll live on their cottage(beautiful dreamhouse)
they'll live happily ever after with nessie,
and they will live happily ever after(FOREVER)
there's s reason why stephenie wrote it that way!!!
i would hunt her down. i was so happy when they didnt get together.besides, if she got with jake, there would be no renesmee, love triangle or any story period.
i would b very mad bcause i am team edward but if that were to happen i would still read the series to see wat happenned if she decided to change her mind it would b interesting....i guess
i now loops suck stay to the STORY LINE

Mysterious Jae [Jessa] said:
It would be one of the biggest disappointments I've ever read. It wouldn't even make sense either considering the whole Twilight series was about Edward and Bella's love. "The lion and the lamb." How they grow and how the decision to be together isn't all sunshine and roses. It's difficult but for Bella, it was the right choice no matter what the consequences or costs were.

I'd probably end up hating Stephenie Meyer. I'd definitely throw some kind of tantrum. I'd just be down right pissed that I wasted my time reading four books to be thrown for a loop. Who likes loops anyway?
lml ! u totally make sense !!! so truee !!! Lol !
imagine Edward turned out gay and then she moved onto jacob but her rejected her for renesmee....i know impossible but quite a funny outcome

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