This has probably been asked loads of times on loads of different sites but it's been bugging me for a while.

Is it wrong for a boy to like Twilight?

My girlfriend got me into this waaaaaaaay back last July time and since then I've been hooked. I loved the film and I'm currently on my 2nd read through of the series (Now on Eclipse).

But I've always wondered, is a boy like me liking it a problem? Does it make me gay in some way?

Sorry if loads have asked this before ^^;

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it doesnt make you gay
its cute
its good for guys to read it :)
it isnt wrong, maybe a little weird.
of course, no. Is it wrong that your neighboor's girl loves rambo? no. :D
its perfectly fine for a guy to read the twilight books, theres not a law that says guys cant read them and like it. two guys in my class and my ex-boyfriend read them.
some people say its a chick-flick, but i dont think so, even my teacher has seen the movie and hes a guy.
oh dont worry plenty of boys at my school are reading it and in a way it shows that they are romantic because other boys are like it doesnt have enough volence for them but the boys that are reading it they are super sweet and nice and it shows that your smart cause u can read :) and it also doesnt mean ur gay or anything it just means u like to read which is good ,,so boys continue 2 read and be proud that u like it ):
0h no, i think its fine.
i guess i'm a sexist. i don't want men reading twilight. stephenie made him for us - FEMALES. He's our hero. They can have Iron Man and Wolverine. Leave us something all our own -- preferably Edward, sparkling and dazzling.
it is totally smart for a guy to be into twilight. all guys should read the books and take tips from edward.
DO NOT! (sorry not yelling just want to really emphasize that) ever let anyone tell you, or try to peer pressure you into thinking that if you read and like twilight, or any other book for that matter, that it means you are "gay" or somehow abnormal.

Number one, in a day when most young men don't read anything but sports scores, in my own opinion it's good that guys are reading any works of literature period.

It is my opinion that far too many young men today seem to think that the only exercise that is important, is that which can be found in the gym, or on the court. But reading, as I am sure some teachers probably tell you, (which they are right about) is a very important exercise in it's own right. It stimulates the mind, in ways that are important for things like memory.

Second, I think it's perfectly acceptable for a "boy" to like the twilight series. Does it mean a "boy" is "gay" if they read and like The House of Usher, or any other great work of literature/fiction?

Three, there are indeed, being an old timer as I am, I can tell you from experience that there are really some great character lessons in the book for guys, especially young men. Particularly around the Edward, Charlie and Jacob figures in the books.

So I'd say a def no. It does not mean your "gay" if you happen to be male, and happen to read and like twilight.
Of course you're not gay for liking Twilight. You'd be gay for liking boys, but even then, there's nothing wrong with that. Be yourself and all that jazz..,

But seriously, Twilight tells an amazing story. It's much more than just a fantasy romance novel like so many people think. Boys can definitely get sucked in by the other facets of Twilight. There are so many dimensions to the series that I can't even go through them all. But, to name a few, the series strongly stresses family values, compassion, morals., and if applied, the things learned in the books can really help you become a better person (at the very least it will give you some insight into the female mind). It also has a pretty nice 'good vs evil' theme going on, in which the good people are actually vampires and werewolves, crazy huh? Twilight is also filled with a dynamic array of complex characters, whose stories are all so different and intriguing that you'll always be wanting more. Oh yea, and did I mention that Twilight was filled with vampires and werewolves? VAMPIRES!?

Aside from all that, the love story between Bella and Edward is absolutely beautiful. Easily one of the best I've ever read. The love they shared was so strong that they were willing to do anything for each other. Most people dream about finding that kind of love, and cherish it forever when they do.

So, that brings me back to the main point of all this. NO, being intrigued by a story that shows the awesome power of love between a man and a woman, DOES NOT make you gay. It makes you quite the opposite in fact. It also makes you a genius, because the Twilight vampires are so suave it's ridiculous. So, take notes and you'll have the girls swooning over you in no time (in your case, girl, but I'm sure she'd love it if you acted a little more like Edward too). I've had nothing but good experiences with the ladies since I put my vampire swagger on. Try it out for yourself., the results might surprise you.

Well that's all I got for now, hopefully this helps., Take care ~
Hey wolfie no it is not wrong for a guy to like twilight!!! if you ask me i have got to say that any guy who likes twilight i would defantly go out with!!
I don't think it makes you gay because it is a very interesting book and very good. Nothing is wrong with liking a good book. When something is amazing people (you) who are smart realize it and stand up and say "hey i like/love Twilight!!!" Nothing is wrong with it personally i think it's kind of masculine that a guy would even come out and say that they like it in the first place. Mans/ boys that wear pink to me are more masculine than those who say pink is for girls. people who say the book Twilight is for girls is stupid! (says who? ) So don't sweat it it's okay. Really it is!!

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