This has probably been asked loads of times on loads of different sites but it's been bugging me for a while.

Is it wrong for a boy to like Twilight?

My girlfriend got me into this waaaaaaaay back last July time and since then I've been hooked. I loved the film and I'm currently on my 2nd read through of the series (Now on Eclipse).

But I've always wondered, is a boy like me liking it a problem? Does it make me gay in some way?

Sorry if loads have asked this before ^^;

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oh no. If a guy likes twilight, brownie points for him, gay or straight. And no, that doesn't make you gay! Now if you like flip out over everything like a fangirl, then you may But no, I wish more guys would say that they like Twilight. At my school, tons of guys are now reading Twilight. I think its awesome. Its just some manly reading. lol
Well, I don't flip out over everything about it. But I like talking about it to others etc. I definitely don't think 'OMG Edward is sooo hot' but I do think 'I wish I was like him' or 'Edward is so cool'.

I do know my boundaries though, I do think about what I say before I say it so it doesn't sound wrong lol.

And yes, out of boredom, I have been looking out for a silver Volvo since reading the books/seen the film XD;
oh well then I think your fine.
Oh no , I think its fine if guys like Twilight!
In fact, I think more should read it - I wish some of the guys I know would! I'm sure Stephenie Meyer would be glad to have her book read by boys as well!
I really wouldn't worry about it!
Thanks I feel a bit better now lol.

What made me wonder was the fact that I only know 3 boys who are actually reading it now and about 7 girls in my school who read and love it.
hahaha HALE NO!!! its super hot for a guy to read twilight *wink wink* twilight is an awesome book that is way more intelligent than most of the stuff in the young adult why wouldnt you want to read it?
When I first heard about it, I thought it sounded interesting due to it being about vampires and werewolves. It was actually that very first clip of the movie that convinced me to get the books (That famous Ballet Room clip).

I didn't think I'd like it that much due to all the romance involved but after reading it I can now officially say I love it and I tend to have an interest in romance stories a lot more now lol.
I think most guys who read Twilight like it, but just won't admit it. And I think many guys won't read it because they are not sure enough of themselves. The books are fantastic and honestly guys could learn a lot about what women really want by reading them as well. :)
Wrong? Of course not! It shows that you actually have taste, and a BRAIN! (which, no offence, almost none of of the boys around where I live, have). I think it's awesome that a guy would actually read it, and it's also a shame that some guys just wont read certain books, because they're afraid that they'll be called 'gay' or whatever, which is just stupid (the name calling I mean, I get where they're coming from with the not reading some books bit). It seems to be a thing now, where it's more acceptable for a girl to read books about romance and whatever, while the guys do all the technical stuff, and read all the sci-fi. Or maybe I just don't get out enough and I'm living in the wrong century.
Anyway, if I was a guy, I'd worry that I was gay too, lol. And it's a good thing you do have boundaries, because it would honestly be kind of creepy if a guys started squealing hysterically like a fangirl over something, lol.
Okay, I dont think It makes you gay, but I am gay and I see that alot of the men who do read twilight are gay, at least all the ones I've meet...But reading a book doesnt change who you are it just makes you a little more in touch with your feminine side and women like that....

OMG no wayy does it make you gay! I wish my boyfriend read twilight. But no like someone said before other guys probably have read it and jsut don't admit it or are too afraid to read it because they aren't confident in their "manlyness" but no i love that guys read twilight, it makes it seem less like a young teenage girl book

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