This has probably been asked loads of times on loads of different sites but it's been bugging me for a while.

Is it wrong for a boy to like Twilight?

My girlfriend got me into this waaaaaaaay back last July time and since then I've been hooked. I loved the film and I'm currently on my 2nd read through of the series (Now on Eclipse).

But I've always wondered, is a boy like me liking it a problem? Does it make me gay in some way?

Sorry if loads have asked this before ^^;

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I think it's cool when guys read them. Obviously if they're girlishly obsessed with Edward that's a little weird, but when they enjoy the story that's just fine.

My guy friend just finished reading the books. I haven't seen him in a while though so I haven't had the chance to ask how he liked them.

and on friday I was wearing my Team Edward shirt and a guy in my Economics class told me he hated the movie but loved the books! lol.
no it does not make you gay they are great books my bff's stepson likes them too. More guys should read them.
Not at all! If it makes you feel any better, my boyfriend loves the books and the movie as well :) I actually think its awesome when a guy likes Twilight, and even better when he admits it.
No it's not wrong ! My husband read the books and HE LOVES THEM !
No. I think all boys in the world should read Twilight Saga to learn to be gentlemans like Edward.. I think every girl would pick a boy that have read and learn something with twilight.
It doesn't make you gay... it makes you clever and romantic.
Jess' Martins
Not at all! My husband absolutely loves the books and the movie. In fact he's about to read them all again from the start.
I think that it is cool for a boy to like Twilight. It does not make you gay. S o if reading these books is okay with you go right on.
I think that if he likes Twilight then that means that he is a very sensative person (and a gentleman) and will treat the girl he loves like Edward treats Bella (but this is just my opinion) :)

No I think it's great boys like
twilight cause it's the best
there's nufing wrong with it
Twilight is 4 anyone 2 watch
i think it's not wrong
I think its great if a guy likes Twilight. Its not a girly book, I bet if every guy read Twilight, they would like it too. But guys just dont read it at all so they dont know what its like.
Are you serious?

Listen, if you were gay there would be other indicators than liking the Twilight book series and the movie.

I coerced my husband (emphasizing the cool cars and the vampire baseball) to see the movie with me the second time I saw it. He's a marriage and family therapist, and some of his clients are high-school students. I thought it would be a great way to expose him to the kind of intense devotion young women have, especially in their first love.

He was riveted to the movie from about 15 minutes into it, right to the end. He came away in awe of the kind of unconditioal love, loyalty and commitment women in general, and especially young women, can feel towards their beloved.

This concept is difficult for some males to understand, especially if they are in the middle of the testosterone festival that accompanies their teens and early 20s.

It would actually be interesting to learn your reactions to certain parts of the books....

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