This has probably been asked loads of times on loads of different sites but it's been bugging me for a while.

Is it wrong for a boy to like Twilight?

My girlfriend got me into this waaaaaaaay back last July time and since then I've been hooked. I loved the film and I'm currently on my 2nd read through of the series (Now on Eclipse).

But I've always wondered, is a boy like me liking it a problem? Does it make me gay in some way?

Sorry if loads have asked this before ^^;

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Teresa in Indy said:
i guess i'm a sexist. i don't want men reading twilight. stephenie made him for us - FEMALES. He's our hero. They can have Iron Man and Wolverine. Leave us something all our own -- preferably Edward, sparkling and dazzling.

how about Hannah Montana or Barbie goes Swimming? I mean come i like Iron man and wolverine as much as the next guy (and when i say guy i mean guy) If a girl can like all those things(spiderman, wolverine, iron man, superman, batmanetc.) the it is fine for a boy to like things like Twilight. But seriously what makes this book more girly than manly? if you ask me it's about the same blood thirsty vampires: that is so Spiderman and fighting and killing? need i say more on that aspect? That is so sexist. and selfish Obviously Stephanie M does not share your point of view. Thank god It's not your book so why don't you lay off!
i thought i was the only guy who thought reading twilight was cool....i wish more guys would read the series and realize how cool it really is
Definately not gay for a guy to Read the Twilight series ... perhaps we could get you a "Team Bella" shirt :-)

Sadly my guy is not a reader but he loved the movie and watched the preview for New Moon the other week and his reaction was ... wow!!! when does New Moon get released???

Just wait until he sees all the shiney toys the Cullens have!
I would love it if my husband loved twilight! he has banned my CD from the car and i get sent upstairs to watch the film and he is constantly hiding my books it drives me mad!

He is only jealous!
i don't think a guy reading twilight would make him gay. Plus the book doesn't say that it's for girls only right?
that is definite no for it to be wrong for guys to like twilight i have friend with the same prob and he has to deal with being called gay all the time and he is no more gay than the man on the moon more guys should show their sensitive side i like it when guys get into romance so yeah it is alright for guys to like twilight saying anything that something is gay only means that they are immature
guys are looking for the same unconditionaly LOVE the girls are.......and thats why I like this so much its a beautiful fantasy love story...........guys/girls/gays shouldn't worry about the a edward on your girl/guy and hope she/he does a bella back........if they don't understand then have them read the books if they still don't get it.....there is someone else out there that will.......:)
There is nothing wrong with a guy liking Twilight. I'm straight, and I've read the books several times.
Its doesnt make you gay or anything. It just makes you different and different is good. It makes you stand out from all the other guys.
NO!!! There Is Nothing Wrong With Boys/Guys Liking Twilight... I Give Kudos 2 Any Who Does Like It. Good For You=0)
It's not bad if a guy likes twilight, maybe they can pick some tips up when reading coz Edward is sooo friggin romantic!
I was called a "Diamond sparkling Edward Cullen vampire f**" because I told my friends I liked Twilight to some extent. I had some problems with that statement but if you're called names for liking Twilight, take it with pride and laugh in their faces and kick dirt on their Converse.

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