I'm so confused about everything people keep telling me about this. Is she gonna continue or not? Or hasn't she decided yet? It hasn't been added to her IMDb profile so I guess either not or not decided. Please help! xoxo

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I completely argee. It wouldn't be the same without Nikki Reed :) x

яoѕα~ℓєє said:
I hope she is
love nikki reed
wont be the same without her
you're right!! she is the perfect actor to play rosalie!!!!
I wasn't aware that there was any word Nikki was planning to not return? Where did you hear that she might even be thinking about leaving? She probably wouldn't have been my first pick to play Rosalie, but now that we're already three movies in, for the sake of continuity, I hope she stays and finishes the saga.
Yeah.... I just read an interview a few days ago and she said that, Robert Pattinson is definitely returning for Breaking Dawn but the rest of the cast hasn't decided yet. I'll have a look for that interview again for you and post a link.
Nikki is probably my favourite actress of all time. But it's because of all the rumors people spreading about her and how no-one gives her privacy anymore.
I mean theres rumors about her and Robert Pattinson being together.
Theres even one about her and Kristen Stewart going out!
When she says she's single and not with anyone then the press and people should believe her and not stalk her as if she tells lies! Arggg all they're fault if she doesn't...
Sorry... rant over :) x
I mean fair enough if they make a public appearance at an event...
But they even stalked Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser and Kristen Stewart and pictured them at a Pizza place in!!
What the hell???
I don't understand how they could even be bothered to stalk them to there...
Whats the point even??
I have offically made a group again the "Paps".
It's just waiting approval lol :) x

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