Is Stephanie going to finish the 5th book, has anyone read what is finished, is it worth it?


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Are you talking about Midnight Sun? There's no word on whether she'll finish it or not. As of right now it's indefinite. I personally am keeping hope alive and believing she'll finish it in a couple of years (she hinted at that in an interview last year). I read what she posted on her website and IMO it's beyond worth it. I like Edwards POV better than Bella's. That in no way means i dislike Twilight (who are we kidding) but his POV just blew my mind. So I truly hope she completes the novel. In an ideal world I'd read all 4 books again from Edwards POV...i'm sure I'm not alone in that thought. Come on, Steph! Make that money! lol
well um on half of midnight sun is on there i red some of it its funny i think its worth you know edwards point of view
If your talking about Midnight Sun, it's the best book. It's Twilight but in Edward's version. I love Twilight, but this was even better from the start. You read what he's thinking and how he struggles with his feelings for Bella. You also read about what others are thinking and how his family really reacts to his new feelings. I liked it the best because it gives you more insight on what everyone is thinking and Edward's battle with temptation. The only thing is that it ends at half of the Twilight book and it's a tease. I keep checking to see if it's possibly finished so I could buy it. I truly enjoyed it and read it twice. Never a slow moment and I really would buy all four books if it came in Edward's point of view.
its really good!!
So far there's no official word on whether or not Stephenie is finishing Midinight Sun. /she sayd she would like to get back to it in a few years maybe. It is definitley worth reading: it adds a lot to Edward's character and the biology meet scene is so funny from his perspective! i dont' think it was meant to be funny but i was laughing out loud while reading it.
It's sooooooooooooo worth reading. She should finish it but from what she's said i think she just needs a brake right now. Maybe later. And hopefully she'll write a novel on Nessie's life. I'd totally read that book!
Umm on her site it says that she is going to finish the book. However she was not in anymood to finish it when we had all the drama with the publishing of the unfinished version but you can go on her site and thats all in there. Theres even that version that was published and YES it will sure be worth it just read those 264 pages on her site and youll know.

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