Is the Twilight Series a good role model for young girls?

Let me start off by saying that I am Twilight fan. Meyer's stories are very captivating, and I read through them all within two weeks. So far, I have really enjoyed the movies, and I cannot wait for 1st part of Breaking Dawn to come out!


Currently, I am actually doing a research paper for college on the Twilight series, and I was wondering if you all would help me. I read a couple critic articles saying that Twilight is anti-feminist; more or less meaning that Bella always gives into what Edward wants, and she ultimately finds security and worth in herself only through him. What is your take on the matter? Also read this post from Eden Courtney and pay close attention to the end. She acknowledges what the critics say, but she seems to be alright with it. What are your thoughts? I'm open to anything. Thanks! Be as specific as possible too! I can also provide you with some critic thoughts if you want to. Just ask! Thanks!




Comment by Eden Courtney on July 6, 2010 at 9:43am

The 2nd drawing from InStyle looks exactly as the wedding dress is described in the book, and...I will be furious if they go with something strapless just to feature a more modern designer or something. I know today strapless is almost always the choice, but that would be an insult to Edward's tradional vision of Bella. But, I don't think Melissa Rosenberg gives a big fat rat's behind about what Stephenie's vision of the wedding dress is. In Eclipse, Bella was wearing a denim shirt and jeans at the graduation party - in the book Alice went to a great deal of trouble to choose the an outfit more appropriate and the exact color of deep blue that Edward likes on Bella. I don't like that MR seems to reject allowing anything that would make Bella seem to be catering to what Edward likes. IMO! These stories are not a guide for feminism

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