Dear Friends,

This is a message of FAITH HOPE AND LOVE for Kristen and Robert, as well as for all of us.  Actually; we have read the Twilight Series and we now know the happy ending.  What of the real life couple who are going through an anguishing pain, is there hope there for them?  Is there a chance that they can find happiness together again and in such a deeper love than ever before, unshakable, unswerving and eternal?  Yes.

For those of you unaware, the actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, together worked on Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Series finishing four films together and during the process, fell in love with one another and to date are deeply in love.  Since wrapping the films and a few projects later, Kristen Stewart had an infidelity with the director of her most recent film Show White and the Huntsman.  To many Twifans this is a tragedy because when we read the People magazine article about their potential, upcoming wedding we were rapt and excited for this true-to-life love story.  Honestly, what are the odds of two people doing four films together as the main love interests, and then falling in love and having a life together in "real life" and above all ... in Hollywood?!  Really, the odds are already against the likelihood, it is such a long-shot.  Right?  Sure it would be a longshot ... IF we were not living in age of enlightenment and limitless potential, sure that sort of thinking is valid ... IF we were not living in 2012 and the Age of Aquarius, and Venus' grand potential for phenomenal growth and healing of the heart.  BUT WE ARE!  And there IS HOPE!

My sense is that Robert and Kristen are playing out the last bit of Bella's process and transformation in the films ironically --- (life imitates art imitates life).  The anguish in Robert's character of Edward, knowing what Bella is going through in her transformation to a vampire drives him to an anguished depth of pain as well.  Helpless, he waits for her evolution.  Bella consciously chose to dive into the depths of the process of becoming a vampire, and likewise, Kristen chose an infidelity with a married man and father, thankfully one of whom she cannot continue in a real relationship (a kind of subconscious failsafe).  As a "young one" in the movie as Bella and as a young 22 year old Kristen, she is exploring the depths of herself and her own inner shadow, wanting something exciting to happen within her ... and it now has.  We get what we ask for.  We also receive our deepest fears coming to life now, especially now more than ever.  That is why it pays to be specific that the excitement comes with ease and grace!


ROMANCE, a love affair, esp an intense and happy but short-lived affair involving young people, it is love, esp romantic love idealized for its purity or beauty, it is a spirit of or inclination for adventure, excitement, or mystery, and a mysterious, exciting, sentimental, or nostalgic quality, esp one associated with a place.

We are always encouraged by the hope of new love,  like the beautiful journey of the heart that both Edward and Jacob played in Bella's heart, we then walked with Bella and Edward down the aisle of inner ascension to their moment everlasting.  We joined with them because it is our deep need and yearning for that similar romance of the inner BeLoved that we too  eternally seek.


So why didn't this work? 
Or, rather what is happening and is there a way to repair it? 
Is it possible for them to recover from something like this? 
Is this actually irreparable?
First and foremost, this relationship is STILL WORKING.   In fact, it is EVOLVING.  Painfully evolving at the moment, yes, but nonetheless, it IS evolving.
And, yes, it is possible to recover. 
And, no, it is not irreparable.

As to the why, we will get there in a minute.

Imagine an image of MOURNING DOVES/LOVE BIRDS:  There are two reasons why I suggest the image of mourning doves / lovebirds.  #1) Because this is a story about love in its highest potential ... Most of us rooted for Team Edward as we saw the redemption (aka fall) of man (vampire) to attain some level of ascended inner Light self from the depth of his lowest potential.  Very cool.  and, #2) and this is probably the most important, because Robert and Kristen's trauma stems directly from the extreme seamless dovetailing that they have now encountered, and thanks to the times we are living in, 2012, and the cosmic planet alignments occurring, their as well as all our,stuff is being revealed, shadows are getting more and more distinct, extinct and stronger in their darkness.

Listening a previous interview of Robert I could see that he really believed that the one thing that made no sense in a relationship, is for someone to cheat. Understandable. From what is occurring to him right now, I would say that this is a worst-fear-come-to-life moment for him.  Truly, our worst fears (and our best creations) are up, right now, for everyone to delight in or take fright in.  Things are getting that black and white on the planet and in the cosmos right now.


Some say that the character that Robert played, Edward Cullen, is manipulative, passive, wimpy.  They also say of Kristen's character, Bella, that she is unable to stand on her own and Bella just allow Edward to manipulate her.  There is no truth in these comments other than in the eyes of the beholder whose projection or point of view is surfacing to contend with their own inner demons/darkness.  Nothing more, nothing less.  In fact, Robert himself continues to show incredible maturity as his own character of Edward did when faced with Bella's need for Jacob's relationship in her life.  Robert/Edward's maturity translates to something of the Inner Master Archetype on his transition from prince to king.  And Kristen's performance as Bella, and Bella's arc in the films, comes dramatically at the very end when she becomes pregnant and the chance of the baby being taken away occurs.  Bella's subconscious knows now that the seeds of wisdom and inner truth are within her and she does not want to lose them.  At this point it is reported Kristen Stewart is 'beyond mortified' and not showering' and fears she has lost Robert completely.  When you, Dear Reader, read this article you will see that there is indeed hope for them both, and for what they represent to us all.

This is also why many Twifans are angered - they saw this couple as a beacon of Light among the darkness.  So instead of projecting onto this very power couple, we must do our own inner work to heal ourselves for Edward and Bella/Robert and Kristen are represented within ourselves.


Our entire world is OUR mirror.  Everything, and I mean everything, that happens outside ourselves stems from how we are inside ourselves.  We have inner male and female archetypes that exist inside ourselves.  For women, we have not only ourselves as goddess/feminine/muse but we also have our inner knight in shining armor male side, our Go To Guy, our inner rescuer.  For men, they have themselves as their inner male/warrior/king/hero but they also have their inner female/goddess/muse as well, their inner comforter.  Both archetypes bring two very different types of security, power and strength.  And all are valid and important to not only recognize but embrace for our evolution as a species on Mother Earth.

"How could you believe me?
After all the thousand times I told you I love you,
how could you let one word break your faith in me?"

For Robert and Kristen the reality is that they have created their own worlds, and their personal inner child issues are dovetailing so seamlessly they cannot identify whose issues are whose, how to separate and untangle themselves enough to identify, mend and heal.  They each are 100% responsible for their realities and no one else.  For Robert right now a large part of his own pain comes from being absolutely disempowered by the finger-pointing all over the place.  It feels momentarily good (and well-justified anger is hard to deal with inside); however, it always comes up short, sort of like being fed only on the blood of animals and not human blood as Edward would agree.  Instead taking back his inner power by taking back his projections and creations, which will renew his inner strength; taking the vegan vampire concept a step further, Robert/Edward would then be "feeding" off the bloodline of his true higher nature/self instead of off of another.  He would then take responsibility that Kristen is representing something within himself that is deeply rooted in his own inner child archetype that needs addressing.  This can be done.  This can be healed within him, by him and from him.  And once those parts of him are uncovered and compassionately accepted within, his outer world WILL SHIFT.  It has no choice to do so because quantum physics (Law of the YOUniverse) tells us so.

For Kristen, in looking back at the original Twilight marketing promo poster of her I see how young she was then, probably around 18 years old.  She is quite young still though part of what drew Robert to her, and Edward to Bella ironically, is something that he saw deeply within her, her depth is vast, and her willingness to explore and plummet into those depths, her fearlessness and fierceness, is quite breathtaking.  It takes someone of vast courage, and a level of focused maturity that many never touch within themselves for her to explore those hidden places within herself.  Kristen may very well have created a need for exploration to the brinking point, for a deep fear of never knowing anything beyond what she has in her life, (pre Huntsman), drover her in her vulnerability towards someone willing to take full advantage of her. 


When Robert finds the inner divine feminine within himself to be his true inner BeLoved, and make her the object of his gaze and create a place in his heart for her, above all else on this earth, then his outer world will reflect exactly that reality that he has created from within.

When Kristen finds the inner divine masculine within herself to be her true inner BeLoved and makes him the object of her gaze and creates a place in her heart for him, above all else on this earth, then her outer world will reflect exactly that reality that she has created from within.

They each will discover the tranquility of self less the necessity of else and dance with the divine. Sing with the love of all love in your heart.  Fall truly deeply madly in love with you.  See your magnificence in the mirror.  Gaze deeply into your eyes and find that no one can hold a candle to that beautiful love.

The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you,
not knowing how blind that was.

Lovers don't finally meet somewhere,
they're in each other all along.

- Rumi, Essential Rumi


Streaming beauty ... streams of LIGHT coming from / to mine own eyes. 

It is their evolution or their next step to fall in love with that within themselves. AND ONLY THEN .... will they see their BE Loved in those around them.  They will see the vast range of emotions their Beloved has to show them in the smiles and gestures of others' around.  Robert will mend and heal his inner child's pain around trust, faithfulness and honor.  Kristen will mend and heal her inner child's fear of stifling around self expansion and exploration, and then gain someone capable of supporting her as she fearlessly leaps off the cliffs within her being.


We are the ones we have been waiting for and when we heal ourselves, we heal Robert and Kristen.  Everything is connected.  When Robert and Kristen heal, we heal.  When we see the reflection of the divine marriage and amazing miraculous child creation come forth, we see that inherent potential within ourselves.  Turning to our inner child(ren) (both our little inner boy and girl, our inner prince and princess), we love and cherish them and provide for them everything they need and want, and become their true-to-life parent, parenting ourselves through compassion and nurturance.  In Zen Buddhism, it would serve to practice Shoshin (初心) or "beginner's mind". It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner in that subject would.  

... and back out again in an endless breath ...
to innocence and purity within AND without.
Trinity. Unity. Union. One. Infinite.


Both Bella and Edward are in the process of moving from the princess and prince, to the Queen and King archetypes within themselves.  It is an evolution of wonder and surprise. And for Kristen and Robert, they too will move into their sovereign integral as inner king and queen respectively.  Their love is profound and vast.  It transcends and scales new heights.  It is strong and powerful.  This is a lesson for all of us.  We too must let go of everything that seems necessary or important in our outer world and stand gazing into the eyes of our inner BeLoved, and love ourselves.  Then open our eyes and see ourselves in everything and everyone around us.  Give ourselves the chance for a rebirth back into / from / with the Divine.

In Divine and Loving Service,

Deidre Madsen, O.M.
Imagery Consultant,
Author, Lecturer,
Life Coach, P.I.
Psi Specialist

As a tenured Imagery Consultant
Deidre works body, mind and spirit
whole-brained holistic retreats and
sessions with clients worldwide
and assists in opening to your


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