I just saw a video that the paps took of Rob in Malibu. It was disgusting and heartbreaking. Rob even asked the police for help, but they turned him down. I hereby swear that I will never again buy a magazine containing photos taken by the paparazzi. They are such horrible vultures. I keep thinking about Princess Diana and it actually made me cry. Is there anything else that we as fans can do? Hang in there, Rob. Hopefully, it will die down when the whole Twilight thing is over.

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I didn't know this malibu thing is so serious. I saw some photos, but I didn't know why Rob had this FU face. Then I saw the video (when I read this discussion) and you're right. It's so heartbreaking!! I was always like "OMG wish I could be famous like him or Kristen"- I knew that the paparazzi are everywhere where they are, but I didn't care. But now, when I saw the video from Malibu first I was in shock and then incensed !! I don't know even what to say...Poor Rob. Message for paparazzi: Stop!! It's not funny anymore. Leave him alone!!" Is there any petition's I could sign to stop these stupid, hard-hearted morons (paparazzi)- not on facebook
Paps get dish on poor guys like My hubby Rob just so they can get money to feed their familes tacos. How disgusting! I swear if I ever become president (or better yet) ruler of the world (haha fat chance on both, I have a better chance of becoming a lawyer) anyway I would send those paps to jail and then they won't ever be able to feed their family tacos again!




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