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Summary: Lyssa is 16 and hates her life. She hates her mom. She hates her school. She hates her "Perfect life stye". She hates everything about her life other then her awesome friends that shes not aloud to see anymore because of her conrolling Mother said she couldnt. Well, shes fed up with all the parental control. She just wants to be free for once in her life. So she's runs away to go to her best friend Ashleys house. But all her troubles havent left her. She finds out that she is a werewolf and doesnt know what to do now. Find out how she handles her, new and kinda odd, burden in "It's A Wolf Thing:)"



Chapter 1

"Lyssa get the hell in here now!" I heard my mom screamed at me

Oh God, here we go again.

"LYSSA! GET IN HERE!" I heard her yell on the top of her lungs

"I'm coming!" I said as I got up from my front yard.

I hate this. I hate, hate, HATE this! Why do I always have to do this? I walked in the hoouse.

"Yes, mom?"

She put down her paper work down and took of her glasses, "Where have you been?"

I stared at her, how did she NOT know where she was. I told her where I was going to be!

"I was in the front yard, I told you where I was going to be."

"Don't back talk me!" she throw her glasses on her desk. I flinched back.

"Did you clean your room?" she asked


"Do your homework?"


"Feed the animals?"

I sighed, "Yes"

She looked me up and down, "Good," she waved her hand back and forth, shooing me away,"you may go now."

"Yes, ma'ma."

I walked up to my room.

This is unbelievable! She treats me more like a slave than a daughter. I really can't handle this much longer. She cannot keep this up. I will end up braking so-- I stopped mid-thought.

Wow. I didn't feel good. I felt my head. I was burning UP! My body started trembling. It didn't feel right. I went to the bathroom and slashed water on my face. But that didn't seem to help at all so I went to lay down.


*Dream*----- Run! Keep running! Go as fast as I can! 

I was running through a forset. But... I was a... a.... a wolf?

"Hello Lyssa"

"What!? Another wolf!?"

"Guys Calm down!"

"Calm down!? There seems to be getting more and more wolfs!"

"I'm 'bout tired of all these damn wolfs popping up out of nowhere. Jeez, apparently we get around alot!"

It felt like I was spining in a circle, seeing a bunch of blury faces. Until finally I stopped on one. But I could'nt see his face. He was turned around.

"Lyssa. Do not worry. You will find your way. I know it is confuzing now, but it will get easier. I promise. Come to us, and we will help you."

He started to fade away into the forest.

"Wait! Who are you!?"

"You will find out soon enough" his voice was just a whisper now.

*End Of Dream*


I woke up gasping for air. I was sweating and my hair was in a bundle. I was all wrapped in my sheets and my shose were off somehow.

"What on EARTH was that about!?"




Hope You Guys Liked It!!

Once Again It Will Get Better

It Is Because It's The first chapter!!

Sorry It was Short

It Will Be Longer Next Time!!!

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i like it...plz continue
i hope something bad happens to the b**** of a
Chapter 2
I woke up panting and not being able to really breath. But, on the up side, I wasn't burning up as bad. And I wasn't shaking anymore. I got up and looked at the time.
"2:30!? Woow. I slept for a long time. I'm surprised "mom" didn't wake me up." I whispered to myself
I walked down the stairs to go into the kitchen to get a glass of water. I got the water and then went to stand outside. I opened the door and a cold burst of wind hit me.
What the heck? It was so warm earlier today. Now it's freezing.
I sat on the bentch we had on the porch. For some reason, I wasn't cold at all....
That was weird. I'm always cold!
I sat and thought about the dream I had just had.
I don't get it. It felt so real. Like I was actually running... like I was actually talking to those people. How odd... Well, whatever. It was just a dream. Nothing to worry about. I guess...
I looked up from my glass and saw it was sprinkling. How weird. I don't remember hearing anything about rain. And my mom would have definetly told me. She didn't like me going anywhere when it rained. She knew I like to runn around in the rain, so she kept on gaurd when it did rain. She was a neat freak, so therefore, I couldn't runn around in the "dirty filth" as she liked to call it. She was so weird and controling. Half the stuff she didn't want me to do didn't even make sence! Apparently I wasn't allowed to be a kid.
Well, what she doesn't know won't hurt her.
I set down my glass and took off my socks. I stepped off the porch just as it was about to start pouring down.
I giggled and ran around like a little 5 year old instead of a 16 year old.
Well, this is what happens when you keep me cooped up!
I heard my front door open and someone clear there throat.
Oh gosh.
I turned slowly around and smiled at a frowning mom.
"What the hell do you think your doing?" She asked me, taking off her glasses
How did she hear me!?
"Umm, well, I had a braclet on earlier today and I was just looking for it." I said, trying to make up an excuse
It didn't work.
"Whatever. You weren't even wearing a braclet today." she tapped her foot.
"Did I say braclet? I totally meant neckales." I said, smiling at her
"Get in." she pointed at the door.
Oh, are you sure? I wouldn't want to get mud on your presious floor you crazy witch.
I should have said that. But instead I just looked down and said, "Yes, ma'ma."
She glared at me the whole way into the house and then some.
She looked me up and down.
"Your grounded. For a month" was all she said, then statred to walk back upstairs.
"What!? For what? I didn't even do anythig!" I yelled at her
She looked down at me and raised her eyebrows, "You disobeyed me. That calls for puishment" she started walking up the stairs agian.
"No." I said.
Here is a little tip. You did not say no to my Mother. Ever. It was just something you didn't do.
She wipped around, "What?" she asked
"You heard me."
"I am afraid I didn't.Did you just tell me NO?" she put her hands on her hips
I hate her!
"You bet your a** I did." I put my hands on my hips too
She flew down the stairs and slapped me across the face. I was still wet so it hurt even worse.
"Watch your mouth young lady!" she yelled in my face
I just stood there, stund.
My mom was always aggresive. But only with her words. She has never struck me in my life.
I ran to my room and slammed the door and locked it.
How dare she slap me! How dare she...
I can't take this anymore.
I won't take it any more.

I got out my duffle bag and started putting stuff in it that I needed. And a few thats that I wanted.
I went to find the little box that was under my bed. I opened it up and took out the little credit card that was in there.
This card was for emergancys only, but, for me, this was an emergancy.
We were more than wealthy so it had more then enough to last me a long time
I put it in my wallet and put the wallet in my big "Flur De Li" printed bag I used for school.
I picked up my duffle bag and purse and put in the corner of my room by my bed and waited for awhile until I thought my Mother would be enough asleep to not hear my leave.

About an hour later I took my chance and lifted up my window. It had a rolled up escape latter. So I rolled that down, threw my bags out, and started to climb down. I stopped mid-way and climbed back up real fast. I grabbed a picture of my Father and me when I was just a baby. I climbed all the way down and put the picture in my duffle bag. I wrapped it around some clothes so it would'nt brake. I zipped the bag up and put the bag around my shoulder. I staired at me house for a minute.
"Goodbye Mother. You had your chance." I walked away and walked into the night.
Chapter 3
Okay so I was on the bus on my way to Seattle to see if my best friend, Ashley, still lived there. I haven't talked to her in awhile, only like a month, so I was pretty sure she still lived there.
Stupid mom. If it wasn't for her, I would still be best friends with her.
We are still best friends, but I cant really talk to her.
I was looking out the window as we past the huge forest. Can you believe that I've lived in Port Angeles basically my whole life, been going to Forks my whole life, and yet I've never been in there forest.
Once again, all Moms fault. She said that it was dirty and that there was o point in going in there.
Even when my puppy, Trix, ran into the woods when we were visiting once, I wasn't able too retrieve him. And I never saw him again.
And I loved that damn dog.
My Mom was always controlling. That's why I hate her so much. She made me change schools. Change towns. And I couldn't even talked to my friends anymore because they were "bad influences."
I swear, she would think Barney was a bad influence. Actually, wasn't he, like, a rapist or something? Stupid creepy purple dynosaur! I don't know how kids watch him. Scared the hell out of me when I was young...
Kinda like my mom.Why cant I stop thinking about her then? If I hate her so much? I thought.
Guilt, said that annoying voice in my head that always wanted to do good.
Okay, that's it. I'm not going to think about her anymore. I don't care about her. I don't like. And I definitely don't need her.
"Last stop, Seattle, Washington. I hope you had a good ride and have a nice day." Said the woman driving the bus a little to cheerfully.
"Stupid buses. I have got to stop riding them. They smell funny and stuff. Its right about now that I wish I had a car..." I was talking quietly to myself.
"Oh come on. They're not that bad." Said a man, or should I say teenage boy.
I turned around to look at him, and let me tell you, he was totally hott.
He had three buddies with him. They were hot too, but not like him. Don't get me wrong, they were cute but--
Just stop thinking and answer him you dummy!
"They totally are." I said in my brilliant way.
Okay, apparently I took the "Stop thinking and say something" a little too literal.Wow, my smartness amazes me.
"Really? How so?" He sat on the bench right next to me.
"Well, for one, they smell funny. And they're horrible for the environment. And there are a bunch of weird people on them." I said, putting my hands on my hips.
He chuckled and stood up.
Wow he looks yummy.Hahah is it weird that I said that? That was obviously the nasty voice talking. Wow I have too many voices in my head. I'M NOT CRAZY!
"Are you saying I'm weird?" He asked
"Well, I cant say. I don't know you." I answered
He walked a bit closer to me.
"Hmmm, I think we should change that status. Great idea right?"
"Yeah, but I don't know you."
"Yeah, that's the point of getting to know each other."
"But you could be crazy."
He laughed and his friends behind him chuckled, "I'm not crazy. Trust me."
"But what if you were? How would I know? I have plans today and being murdered is not one of them. That your gonna have to schedule. Sorry." I winked at him.
Damn I'm to flirty. I need to tone it down a little.
"Wow, I couldn't imagine hurting a cute little thing like you." He winked back.
"Well, Mr. Flirts Alot, I cant get to know you because I have somewhere important to be. Sorry." I said and was about to walk away.
"Wait," he caught my hand as I was turning away. I turned my head and looked at him, eyebrow raised,"in case you change your mind." I felt something in my hand that he was holding.
He walked away before I could ask him what he gave me.
"Well, bye to you too, Mr. Mystery Guy." I whispered to myself as I oped the piece of paper he gave me.
Oh my god! I know he didnt just give me his number! Did he plan this or something!? Did he just have his number on a piece of paper just chillin in his pocket, waiting for a girl he thought was cute to pop up!? What the hell!? Well, maybe I will talk to him later or something. I cant just let all that hottness just walk away. It would be a waste.
I shoved the paper in my pocket and walked to the closest store to get a pack of gum and something to drink.
I walked in the convenient store and started searching for a pack of gum when I heard my name come from the T.V. that was behind the counter.
"Lyssa Issabell Liles has gone missing from her home in Port Angeles, Washington last night. Whether from a runaway or kidnapping is still unknown. But what we do know is that she is missed by her worried Mother and wanted back home as soon as possible. We ask that you be on the look out." A picture of me popped up on the T.V.
Damn, how did she get me on the news already!? It hasn't even been 48 hours yet! She does have a lot of connections, but that's not the point! That is a cute picture of me though. Well, if I'm going to be remembered, why not as me look good! I thought to myself.
"Well, there goes my gum and my awesome runaway." I started walking to the door quietly so the cashier didnt see me. But she seem to preoccupied with the T.V., a worried look on her face.
Once I got out side I started walking to the old park I used to go to all the time.
"Well, might as well call Ash." I got out my phone and dialed her number.
"Issabell!Have you seen the news!? Do you have any idea how worried I was!? I thought you were dead in a ditch somewhere! Or kidnapped or something! But I figured you wouldnt let anyone kidnap you! Are you okay!? You have a lot of explaining to do." She said before I could even say "hello"
Wow! She said all that in less then three minutes! Aww she still called me by my middle name! I though. She called me Issabell because she knew I didnt like my first name.
"Hey Ash. Yeah I'm fine. I ran away and needed to call my best friend." I said, trying to warm her up a little bit.
"Awww, you called me first! Well in glad your okay. I would have killed you if you got yourself hurt. And what did you run away for? Was it your psycho mom again? I always knew she would push you over the edge." She said, talking super fast again.
"Yeah it was my Mom. She was driving me crazy! Anyways, can you meet me at the old park we used to go to? I'll explain everything when we get there. Oh, yeah, and Ash? Don't tell your Mom, okay? I love her, but she likes to do the right thing a little too much."I said, trying to get to the point.
Ashley's mom was cool, nice and not crazy like mine, and she didnt like my mom. But she knew when to do the right thing. Unfortunately.
"Of course I can meet you at the park. Just give me 5 minutes? And I'm not dumb. Of course I wont tell my Mom." She asked
"Okay good. Yeah 5 minutes is perfect."
"Okay see ya there. Bye!"
"Bye Ash! See ya in a few."
She hung up as soon as I finished my sentence.
Typical Ash. Always in a hurry. That's one of the things I loved about her. That and I always knew she would be there for me when I came running from my psycho Mom.

Well, there it is!!
The first one... well I don't even know what happened to the first one.
But It got deleted or something.
Well anyways, I hope you liked it!!

Spoiler Alert!:
Lyssa was walking to go meet up with Ashley and everything was all fine and dandy until she starts feeling sick again. The sickness feels oddly familiar. Exactly like the way she felt at the house. But this felt worse. And... abnormal. Not like a normal headache and stomach ache. Everything felt...intensified. She decides to take a short cut through the woods to save herself from anything embarrassing like hurling in front of everybody. But that only seemed to make things worse for some weird reason. Will she phase for the first time??? Find out, NEXT ISSUE!!!
I love it.
It's really good.
Can't wait for the next chapter.

love it please write more nd email me when you do XD x
Chapter 4

So I was hopping to the park where I was going to meet Ashley. Well, not litterally hopping, but--- you know what? Nevermind.
When I felt dizzy. And a gut clenching stomach ache. And a headache like you wouldn't believe. I couldn't even think straight, it was so bad.
I started to feel myself tipping over. I would have fell if it wasn't for the pole that was oh so conviniently next to me so I could grab it.
"Wow, feel's like my first hangover all over again." I sat down on the bench that was not to far from the pole. Breathing in and out slowly and deeply. I slowly started to get up, and felt a bit better. '
Huh, I would feel horrible when I've been most happy in my life. Hah, of course. Just my luck.
I started to walk towards the woods to make my time shorter. And if I got sick I wouldn't embarress myself in front of everybody....
A man grabbed my hand just as I was about to enter the forest. I looks back at the man, getting ready to fight him off if I needed too.
But just by looking at him I knew he wasn't a kidnapper. His face was kind and gentle looking. His face taninted with just the smallest hint of aging. He had a suit on, so I guessed he was a buisness man. Maybe in his mid-tweneties. Twenty-three? Twenty-four? And attractive, also.
"You don't wanna go through there sweetie. There have been calls of numberous animal attacks. It wouldn't be safe." He tried to convince me.
I just looked at him, then back at the forest.
I really need to go through that way. Oh, I got it! I'll just tell him I'm not going to go throught there, and when he leaves, sneak in.
The guy looked at me funny.
"You look familier. Have I seen you somewhere before? Maybe?"
Crap! The news!
"Umm, excuse me sir. But I have to leave, I have somewhere to be. Thanks for warning me about the forest!" I said as I ran off.
Well that was close.
I kept walking. I looked back and the man was still standing there, in the same spot. He was staring after me, with more then just confusion on his face. And not like he knew who I was. There was more to it then that..... It scared me a bit. I shivered and looked away from him. I walked untill I thought he couldn't see me anymore, then walked towards the forest again. There was an eary chill in the air as soon as I walked through that forest. I looked around, and the wind picked up and whisled around me and blew my hair everywhere in a whirl.
"How odd. It was beautiful wheather a second ago. What's happening?" I whispered to myself.
I stared walking again. But this time slower. Aware of my saroundings. I was paranoid all of the sudden. Something just didn't feel right. It was.... creepy. I didn't like it.
I walked towards the big oak tree that Ashley and I used to play on when we were young. I knew how to get to the park from there. I looked at the tree. Somehow, it seemed to have gotten bigger. That seemed almost imposible. It was already bigger then my house! It still had the huge whole in the middle, I remember sleeping in there once. I walked over to it, and carresed it's rough surfess. All the old memories of when I was young came flooding back to me. When we used to climb up it's trunks and pretend we were monkies. When we used to play hide and seek, and I used to always hide inside the tree, never anywhere else. And my most recent one, when I was telling Ashley I was moving....
I shook my head to shake away the bad memories. I walked around the tree and sat on a dent in it that worked great for a seat. I was very tired all the sudden. All the presure that was weighing on me hit me hard out of nowhere. I layed back and sighed. I took a big breath and smelled something sweet. Too sweet. Sickly sweet. But I liked the smell. It was.... intersting. I've never smelled anything like it before. I stood up and walked towards the smell, my eyes still closed. The wind felt good against my face and the familiar sound of twigs snapping under my feet. I felt little sprinkles of rain hit my cheeks. For a whole moment, I felt like I was in complete and uder bliss. It was odd. But at the same time comforting. I stopped walking and opened my eyes. I was standing in front of a water fall.
"Wow. I forgot all about this place." I said to myself.
I remember having picnics here a few times as a child.
I walked around to where the water was pooring down and put my feet in the water.
I heard a twig snap and turned my head and saw a beautiful man walking up to the water. It didn't look like he noticed I was sitting here, so I didn't say anything. I didn't want him to know I was here. I looked at the water again, but ended up looking at him every time my eyes hit the water. He was just so breath taking!! It hurt to look at him. And the sweet smell seemed to have gotten more intense now that he was so close. His eyes her closed and he was just standing there breathing in the fresh air. He looked my age, if not a year older. He had a button up shirt on and some expensive looking blue jeans. He had pitch black hair that almost reached his shoulders. And, speaking of his shoulders, they were broad and lead to some pretty well built arms.
I moved my feet the slightest bit, the only thing you could hear was the water gentley sloshing as I moved my legs and the water trickling off my feet. But that was all that was enough, I guess, because his head snapped aroung to look at me. I just froze, leg propped up on the other one, in mid motion of moving. He just stared at me. I was looking at the water, but I couldn't stand it so I looked back at him. His eyes were flaming red and beautiful. But also deadly and horrifing. I'd never sean anything like it. I just kept staring at them, mesmerized.
What interesting contacts. But they look so real....
He took a step forward, and I leaned back in a syncranized motion. He stopped ans smiled a evil grin. That, of all, frightened me the most. I whimpered a bit, then stoped.
What the hell was that!? I've never whimpered in my life! You'll fight, not sit and be afraid!
I sat up straight and put a mask of curage on my face. I refused to be scared of this man.
"Bold little thing, aren't you? How long have you been sitting there?" He asked in a voice like smoothe cream, tilting his chin up.
I tilted mine up also, though the sound of his voice penatrated me, went right to my heart. I wasn't going to let him get all cocky on me even if his voice is a beautiful as his face, "Before you got here."
He raised his eye brows, "I guess I let my guard down for a moment, didn't I? Hmm, well, not to good that you've saw me, now is it?" he sighed, "I suppose I'm going to have to do something about that." He walked up to me and cupped my cheeks. His hands were like ice. I felt as if I were going to get frost bite.
"Uhuh, what a waste. Such a pretty girl. I know I'm going to regret this later." I had no clue to what it was that he was talking about. But I had a feeling it wasn't good.
"What are you going to do to me?" I asked confidently.
"Oh dear girl, I'm afraid I have to kill you."
What the hell! Why would he tell me that!?
"What makes you think I'll let you?" I said
"Hah, what makes you think you have a choice?"
"Well, I do."
I got up and ran towards the forest. I had the element of surprise, so it would probably take a bit for him to cetch up with me. I looked back and he was just standing there, watching me leave, with the cutest smile on his face. As if he was watching a baby try to open a jar. Like he was watching a gazel try and out run a cheetah. I didn't like it. I wasnted to stop and tell him to come get me. I didn't want to be the damsel in destress like those horror movies. I wanted him to fight.
But, of course, instinct took over and I kept running. I ran to the tree and picked up my bags that were beside it and went into the h*** that was in the center of it. I sat very quietly. Waiting. I heard something. It was very faint, but I heard it. Kind of like a car passing on the freeway, but more quiet then that. I stopped my breathing. I heard someone jump on top of the tree.
"Come out, come out, where ever you are." I heard the guy say.
Bastard! He's tawnting me! I bet he won't expect it if I actually go out there!
No! You can't do that! Stay put!
Yes I can! And I will!

The two sides of my brain were fighting out what I needed to do. The good side, the one trying to get me to stay, was right, in ways. I should stay here and not get myself killed. But the determind side, the one wanting to got out there and kick his ass, was right also. I don't let people just mess with me. Not if I plan on hurting them anyways.
So I made up my mind. I crawled out of the h***, and there he was, standing on top of the tree, on hand holding a trunk. He smiled at me.
"I knew you would come out."
"What do you want from me?" I said through teeth
He looked at me surprised, "Wow, your actually not scared of me." He started laughing.
That really pissed me off. I jumped up the the first tree branch and swung aroung til I was standing right in front of him, not an inch away. Close enough for a kiss.
"Now, you listen to me, you psycopath. I don't know what you want from me. Or why you want to kill me, or hurt me, or whatever. But whatever it is, I'm not going down easy. I'm going to fight the whole way. So you can garentee that it won't be easy." I said through clenched teeth.
He just stared at me, looking me up and down, then smile, "Well then let's go."
I smiled back.
I jumped off the tree and landed on the ground. I looked up, and he was already there.
"So tell me, where did you get all this curage from? Your daddy?"
"Nope. When you don't have a daddy to defend you from your own mother and other things, you have to defend yourself."
He looked at me seriously for a moment. Thinking, posibly.
"Well, did anyone ever tell you that it's bad to be too confident?" He asked, back to his cocky self.
"Did anyone ever tell you it's against the law to murder?"
He got up, and sped towards me. This wasn't a normal speed. It was way to fast for a human. Impossible...
He was behind me. His body presses up against me. Holding my hand and his lips to my ear.
"Now you listen to ME now, mortal. I could snap your head off without even thinking twice about it. Think about that before you get to into yourself."
"I could never be ' into myself '. I'm not concieded. I just know that I have enough self respect to not let someone just hurt me without trying to fight back."
His grip faltered for a moment and that's when I started running. He ran after me and in a second was right in front of me. I skidded to a stop.
"Your so fast..." I said out loud on accident.
He smiled, "The advantege of being a vampire."
I laughed, "Is that what you think you are? A vampire!?" I couldn't stop giggleing.
This guy is insane!
I looked up and he looked totally pissed. I stopped laughing.
"That's what I know I am, you idiotic human."
I just looked at him like he was crazy.
"I could show you, if you'd like." He gave off an evil grin
He was behind me again in a flash, he bent my head backward and I could see his face. He looked a bit upset. But he did it all again. Holding my arms back again. Body pressed against me again. But this time, his lips were to my throat. I felt a slight peircing on the hollow of my neck. It didn't hurt, but it didn't feel good either. I looked up at him, and saw a perfect set of teeth placed on my neck. But there was something a bit off about them. The the third set of teeth on the top row were a slightly bit longer then the rest. It wouldn't have been noticeable, unless you were really close like I was. That freaked me out. I was very optimistic, I believed in everything. Anything was posible, they way I looked at it. So, could it be posible that he is what he said he was? No. It can't be.... can it...?
He dug a little deeper, and it caught me by surprise and I let out a little yelp.
I looked up, and his eyes seemed even darker red.
"Please. Don't do this." I said
He stopped for a moment.
"What have I ever done to you?"
He looked up and his lips were stained with a dark red liquid.
"Nothing. You did nothing to me. This is what I am. This is what I do. I kill. It's how I survive."
I started to think about what he said when I started feeling hot and started shaking.
God, not again! Talk about bad timing!
He let me go and backed up a bit. I fell to the floor and started breathing hard. I tryed to get up, but just fell to the ground pathetically. I finally got up and started running. I ran as fast as I could. I felt weird. Not right. I looked back, then looked in front of me. There was this little lake that I hadn't seen in front of me. Instead of stopping, I ran towards it. I leaped over it when something happened to me. I felt like I was gliding! Like everything was in slow motion. When I finally hit the ground on the other side of the lake I looked at myself.
As soon as I did, I regretted it.
I have.... paws? And fur!? Whatt the hell is happening to me!?!? Did I die!? I must've died. That's the only right explanation
Then all of the sudden there was this voice in my head.
"Lyssa. Like I said, everything will be okay. It will all be revealed in time. Don't worry. I know your scared, but for you, this is perfectly normal. We will meet soon."
Oh my gosh. That was the same voice that was in my dream. The leader one. The one that was talking to me then disapeared into the forest.
"Thank you Spirit Giude."
He chuckle, "your gonna be okay. Just calm down."
And for some reason.... I felt calm.
"Goodbye, Lyssa."
"I will see you soon...." He trailed of in a whisper.
..... what am I going to do?

So this one was a long one, hahaha, I hope you enjoyed it (:
Authors Note: Oh, yeah, I didn't know if you guys figured this out, so I'm gonna just tell you to make sure you know. She changed because she was by a vampire and plus she was intensely frustrated, which caused stress, whisch caused her to faze (((:
Really, really good. I loved it! Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the rest.

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