I got another kick by a muse to write something inspirated by the twilight saga, now it´s about Jacob´s feeling at the end of eclipse. What do you think?

Jacob´s confession

How many times
can a person
break a heart of somebody
to make it unhealable?
Will I be able to get throught it somehow?
We have to go separate ways
you have chosen yours already,
but I´m going my own way
not that I want to
but I don´t have another choice.
Which of the pain would be more bearable?
To see you with him
or to live with the thought in my head
you´re not a human anymore?
I cannot stand the imagination
you´d be a vampire.
It´s torturing me.
How can I live with it?
Not to feel your heart beat
when I hold you.
Not to see you blushing
when you feel embarrassed.
Please, don´t.
Anything but that.
I can live with it
that you belong to him.
but I need to know
you can still dream
that you´re not a blood-thirsty beast.
But I won´t change it
you know what you want
and that´s immortality
an eternal life with him.
But I won´t give in
you´re everything what I need for my life
I know I cannot be more
than just a friend
but I won´t forget
the moment when your lips touched mine
althoght it was for the first and also the last time.
I just need to escape from this
run until my legs hurt
´til my lungs are aching
to forget the pain, agony and sorrow
I feel now,
but I will still remember one thing
that you are the most important
human being in my life
and the love which I feel for you
won´t disappear, ever.

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this is really good!
thank you a lot girls :)

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