JUST IF YOU SAW NEW MOON ALREADY tell me whats your favorite scene and whats da one that you dont like!!

ma favorite one wass............. the whole movie!!! i luv it the best movie ever (until eclipse come out)!!

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My fave scene was the Volturi scene. All the effects and stuff was really cool. And I hate the scene that Edward and Bella was running in the forest together. I was just so silly.
i really really love the scene in the movie theatre with Jacob and Mike when Jake calls Mika a marshmallow! I laughed so much! lol, i wasnt that exstatic about the werewolf effect. it looked too much like a cartoon to me. Then again, im not a werewolf fan in general but i was still a bit dissapointed. i also wish that BooBoo Stewart (Seth Clearwater) had been in the movie, lol, i love him so much. :L Carlisle was gorgeous though.
My favorite scene was in Bella's bedroom where she and Jake were hugging and she almost grabbed his but...lolololololol!!! I'd a grab it!! My least liked scene was where Bella went on the motorcycle with that dude.
First I have to say that I loved the very beginning with the full moon becoming a new moon, maybe I was just a little excited, but I loved that! I think my favorite scene was when Bella went cliffdiving. I love how she could see Edward in the water and her hand made him disappear. I loved the whole movie, but I didn't like when harry Clearwater had his heart attack. It made me sad for Charlie!
I think I loved the wolf scenes & the fight with the Volturi best. I also liked the scenes with Bella emailing Alice & all the emails getting returned to sender. I think that really showed how lonely she was. I hated the way it ended. I have a huge problem with Bella telling Jacob to not force her to choose. That totally negates the love triangle in Eclipse, which is my favorite book of the series. So that really pissed me off.
My fave part ...is ALL the movie...LOVE it ALL I loved it when they were in Class and they were watching the movie and U see Eric cry...I laugh so hard the U see Mike Like Yawning then edward and bella was talking and the teacher ask Edward to recite what the movie was saying and he did...(because he read the teachers mind)....and all the Kids were like staring at him...but I love the werewolfs they did them JUSt like in the book....I was worried that they would look funny but they Looked REALLY good...and the Volturi...I LOVE how they did Aro...because he is my fave in the book...and then the fight scenes and then Edward and bella back home and Edward and Bella and Jake in the forest...I love the ending IT'S perfect tie in 4 Eclipse....Chris did A Great job of all of it...I can't wait to see the deleted scenes....on the dvd....sigh....LOL
i absolutley loved new moon!!! the whole movie was amazing!! but i think maybe it was a little rushed. my favorite scene was when bella saved edward!! it was the sweetest thing!! i dont think i didnt like a scene!! i loved the movie cant wait till eclipse!! love u rob <3
Personally I don't think they showed enough of the Wolf pack in the movie..isn't that the whole point of New Moon???..let's hope they bring more of he Wolves into Eclipse. Although I do love the scene with Mike, Jacob and Bella at the movies...''What a Marshmallow"..hahahaha
i would agree it was the best moviee , i LOVEEd the ending scene and the scene where hes going to expose himself in the sun and she runs up and he thinks shes not real. but the ending was ughh the best.well the WHOLE movie was lol
omg he mo was almost perfct excpt the end when edward just leaves us staring at the screen andhave to wait for another 6 months!!!!!!
when hes just says marry me and it ends right there that nearly kiled me!!!!!!!!
omg i liked the scene where bella and jacob where about to kiss and then edward calls somehow he new no ur not gonna kis my girlfriend thatwas so funny LOL




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