I need some opinions. Suppose Edward convinced Bella to have an abortion? What would happen to Jacob? Would he imprint on someone else or not imprint at all?

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I think if she stayed human he would keep following her around, drawn to the next potential baby. If she turned vamp in the process, they would have been done and he wouldn't have ever imprinted. His draw to her was really to her eggs and her future daughter.
He would never have imprinted on Nessie, and the wolves can only imprint on one person, and there is only one person out there that they can imprint on. Whether they're the neighbors of the pack or the neighbors of a polar bear, they're out there somewhere.

This is a very good question, thanx for posting..umm.. If nessie wasent around would he would imprint on someone else?? well she would of never existed..but in saying that i agree with twimom i think he would follow bella around like a sad little puppy.. LOL.. but i also agree with amber, jacob was drawn to her 'eggs' but if bella became vampire then bella would never fallen pregnant.. so was it fate?? Probally, if you call edward and bella soulmates i guess you can call jacob and nessie soulmates too
Nope, Jacob's fate was already set in motion. Jacob and Bella HAD TO LOVE each other...Jacob had to love Bella enough to leave his pack for her. Bella had to love Jacob enough to risk everything for their love and friendship too. Without their love, the story would not work.
I don't believe he would have imprinted on anyone else...as it was meant for him to be with Bella's daughter...they were meant to be family, and love each other the right way.

I think the magic of "imprinting" started to work on them when they were kids...that fate was already setting them up for what was to come. I also believe like it states in the book, Jacob imprinting on Nessie, left the pack(s) stronger than ever, and made the Cullen coven stronger than ever. So that in the future, when they fight the volturi, they can win...(after B.D.)

The whole wolf thing was to keep their people safe. Jacob imprinting on a half immortal...bonds them for life, as no pack member can attack the other's imprintee(is that a word lol) and guarantees each side's safety from the other. The pack exists only for the safety of their tribe. Nessie is now one of them and they will fight till death to protect her...as well as the cullens.

Jacob's imprinting on Nessie insures that they will forever have an ally -the Cullens and the pack are a "team" They will always stand beside each other. It was the best guarantee the tribe could ever have for their protection. IMO of course.

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