I just read a part of Kristen's interview that comes out in the latest magazine. I can't remember the name of the mag. But,in it she is saying that it is so annoying when people ask her if she is dating Rob. She said that "it's annoying". I have to say that although I'm a huge fan, this is the first time Kristen and even Rob, but really Kristen more, just make me want to scream. Wouldn't be easier if she would just come out with it then everyone would stop asking, that specific question. I mean, if they were not seeing each other they would simply say that they're not. I think we all know that they are and why we need confirmation is what is annoying me. There's a very old video where Kristen and Rob are being interview on the red carpet when Twilight first came out. The interviewer asks them if there was anything off screen and Kristen playfully says "no no man, we're just great friends" etc. So, she'd say that if they were "just" great friends. So, my point is we get it. We know they are and it's great. But, if it's really annoying to her than I would suggest a new tact Kristen, try something else, like finally just admitting it. If they would just, at least, admit it then they can draw the line. They admit they're dating, then nothing else no matter what the mobs ask next. They can simply keep everything private after that. I'd respect that. But really, saying she is getting annoyed, has annoyed me.


I know alot of you will defend her and say it's none of our business. To a point I agree but when it's so obviouse that they are a couple, why continue denying it. Does she really think not answering the question leaves the question unanwered. The question is always answered with confirmation in the way she responds so I hope she finds a way to deal with it, other than begin annoyed, because it will continue until she takes another tact.

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I think all the hype around "are they arnt they" and the mystery around their relationship is just another way of helping to sell themselves and be more high profile as everyone would love the fairytale to be real so whilst the films are being made I reckon the speculation will carry on, when all the series is done and twilight is over we may well get told the truth. If you think about it whilst all the buzz and speculation is going on about them, people are buying magazines, watching u tube posts, tv ratings are going up just to get a little bit more information as to whats going on between them!
I agree, She is Soooo annoying sometimes. y cant she just say yes or no. Make up ur mind Kristen
I'm kind of getting tired of the "are they or aren't they" because we all know they are. Who knows what the real reason behind any of it is. I just hope they're nice to each other and are kind to one another like a good loving couple. She seems drama to me and he seems so "go with the flow" type.
I think she is a good actress,but pesonaly she is not much of a role model for girls her age or younger. Her newest stunt of flipping off the press is my point, with the cigg in her mouth. I agree with her I witsh the press would leave her alone because I don't want to see her, I am only interrested in the roles that they play.
I can understand your point of view but I really think Kristen should be able to keep something private to herself. I as a true fan know they are dating and I am very happy for both of them but I would like it if we could give them a little privacy. I love seeing them on Oprah and things like that but the paparazzi are nuts and I feel really bad for Kristen to have to deal with that; she loves her fans but it makes us sad when we see her upset like in the photos at the Sydney airport.

I agree with you that it is obvious they are dating; just look at how Robert looks at Kristen when she is talking to Oprah- he just adores her. I would love it if they told us they were a couple but I am happy to just know it myself. Thank you for letting me put my comment here.

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