Okay guys, I wanna know what you all think... does Kristen Stewart look better as a blonde or a brunette?

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brunette !!!!!! she is way hotter in dar colored hair and so sexy <3
holy crow...i would totally go with brunette...by a long shot! the picture of her as a blond doesn't even look like her. I think we are all use to seeing her as bella with brown hair...and she looks good that way. i don't like her with red hair either! i think she looks good in dark colored hair.
She must be a natural brunette. It's definitely for her. Her eyes really are amazing when her face s framed with darker hair.
brunette!!! She's still very pretty as a blond, but I think the darker color really makes her gorgeous features stand out better.
She looks like another actress, when she has the blonde hair, i cant mind the name of her, but i know she was in a film recently, when i figure out who it is, will post it.
definently brunette she looks too young and too high as a blonde
she is naturally blonde, but looks better as a brunette.
Definitely Brunette! It's way more dramatic and really sets off her eyes and her skin tone.
brunette she is way better looking with brown hair......more attractive no h*** tho......but she's pritty both ways to me but i like brunette better....no h***
With dark hair she's like Lisa Marie Presley's second daughter or something. She looks like Priscilla is in her blood. LOL.

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