Okay guys, I wanna know what you all think... does Kristen Stewart look better as a blonde or a brunette?

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is that really true

gloria said:
she is naturally blonde, but looks better as a brunette.
brunette, definitely ...
neither SHAVE HER HEAD!!!! :D
Brunette, definitely!!!!!!! The blonde just looks so unnatural.
brunette looks much better she looks weird with blond
brunette..but i do like her blonde but it does make her look a bit young!!
Definetly brunette! it suits her more!
She looks completely dfferent as a blond than she does as a brunette. Also, the lighting in the pictures is different.

As a brunette her eyes "pop," but as a blond she looks like a natural Scandanavian.

It's unusual for a natural brunette to really carry of the blonde look. For example, Nikki's a natural brunette, and she is a stunning beauty as a brunette. As a blonde, she looks harsh and shopworn. I was shocked when I saw her for the first time in the movie, because Rosalie is supposed to be one of the most beuatful women in the world, and I didn't see that at all.

I wish they could have let Nikki be a brunette--but that would be total out of character.
its also her face that is making her wen shes blonde look ugly
she cud look prty wit blonde here but just nt thn ae
brunette. the blond just doesn't suit her at all.
brunette all the way!

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