I am mad that Kisten stewart cheated on him but i was also anticipating it as well. Comment below on your thoughts on this turn out in their relationship

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The only reason Kirsten told rob is cos of those pics. She wasn't going to tell him but she needed to before the pics came out. Both kirsten n rob have left there home n is fighting for custidy for their dog. Rob hasn't said any thing to the public yet but Kirsten n dude she cheated with have made a public apology. I hate her. Can't believe she would do it to him. Still love the books n films tho. Team rob <3

Well i think Kristen Stewart made a mistake by hurting Robert like that. i understand why he left and i honestly dont want them to get back together after what she did. I just want to see how the Breaking Dawn situation will work but their acting is separated from their real feelings for each other. I was actually smiling when i found out she cheated on him because i didnt want them to be together in the first place. thanks for commenting. byeee

Don't you think that it's just some PR for not successful SWATH?

Maybe they just hope that it will halp to sell more SWATH DVD's?

Maybe even RP and KS love wath just a fairytale for us, naive fans?!

Sorry for my english, I'm one of Twifans from Ukraine, but even for me this situation is so awful.

And it's so awful to think that I believed in lie...

Ronnie Rodriguez "twihard4ever" said:

I doubt that "PUBLIC apology" was actually Kristen Stewart, I mean since WHEN has Kris been public about her personal life, ESPECIALLY through a magazine. It took her almost three freaking years just to say the mere word "boyfriend", so I'm pretty sure she hasn't apologized publicly, I think personally to Rob yes. She's said it personally that half of what magazines say that she said arent true at all, so y should we think she's gonna apologize now no matter what she did?!?! I dont believe it, i doubt it, considering the fact that she doesnt give a s*** what paparrazzi say about her, and that she once compared paparrazzi to "rapists".
I for one am mad that she did let this happen, even if it was a mistake. I respect her acting chops and the fact that she doesnt let Hollywood change her into a "cookie cutter actress", but what she did was wrong, and hope she knows that and regrets it with all her heart..
K bye:p

I'm very sad to heard this news but i can only wish them well.

At the same time, i'm very angry and worry.
I don't understand why at this time. This year is the final year for Twilight movie, Twilight is so perfact so why ruin it.. I'm totally worry about the movie. Cos this year there are so many big and good movie, can Twilight once again win all those movie?


Let's pray hard.

I have heard about Kristen Steward affairs and i've voted at http://tinyurl.com/8d9kdxz and i think she was GUILTY! do u agree with me? but the majorities voters voted she was NOT GUILTY , please vote if REAL Twilight fans!


there is no point for us to believe if she is guilty or not. we are not her other half. so long as they are happy and the moive do well.. but i really hope both of them will be tgt..

I actually agree with u..
Like, Kristen would never ever apologize in public!!
She has been more open in 24 hours about here private life then she has here h*** life!
I think she's been paid or something, idk... but threre is some muffins here. 

Ronnie Rodriguez "twihard4ever" said:

K so the pics r real, saw them ALL and yes they r very real.. But i dont believe Kristen would apologize publicly, ESPECIALLY through a magazine.. First of all since when is she so public about her private life hmm?!? Ok so ya maybe she did cheat but i doubt she would apologize in public...
And if she did cheat, who cares?!? Its not like the sky is gonna crumble.. Shes human and shes allowed to make mistakes, we all do.. I just hope that Rob is noble enough to get past this and forgive her someday, even if they dont get back together.. I for one think they dont have to answer anything though, they dont have to deny or accept it... Its their life, and their privacy, and we as fans should respect it and support them in their time of need...

I have been waiting to see how this was  going to pan out..seems a little odd to me. Why would someone who is so diligent in protecting her privacy do such a thing in such an accessible area. I wonder whether to some degree it was perhaps "a little set up". Lets face it the release of the final movie is so very close and perhaps they (the studio) needed to add a little more interest to some that would have chosen to " wait for the DVD"...(not the devoted twihards of course!) I think its fair to say that there is renewed interest in the saga as a result of these pics and quite a few many more will be watching with intense interest how Rob and Kristen interact when the promos begin... I don't know...I fell in love with the fantasy of their relationship on screen and adored that it had spilled into reality. Seems too foolish a mistake for someone who has been quite calculating (I use that word cautiously) with her career and personal life in the past.

I am so surprised that Kristen's fans would turn against her so quickly.  Yes, I was angry with her, I wanted to shake her and yell at her and whatever... BUT, I also wanted to hug her and try to understand how she could do this.  

I've looked at all the photos many times.  Seems to me like she was setup and I've heard that she met him thinking it was to do with work.  He was her director (sort of like a boss) and it's very likely that she didn't really know how to handle his advances.  

The reason she made the public apology was because after Rob was told and he left their house, he was angry and wouldn't take her calls....  SO, in her mind, she communicated with him the only way she knew how, PUBLICLY.  

They WILL be together again soon.  They are talking and both have agreed to do the BD2 promos.  And, from looking at Rob this week doing the press, I believe they are already back together.  He appeared to be okay, though uncomfortable at times.  He got angry with some fans who were "dissing Kristen" and walked away.  

Yea I think it's pretty wrong that she would do something like that. But that's on her he's charming so he can find someone better! (:

She knows she made a mistake.  She was set-up by RS and was inexperienced enough not to know how to handle it.  Rob has already forgiven her and it won't be long before we see them together.

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