I am mad that Kisten stewart cheated on him but i was also anticipating it as well. Comment below on your thoughts on this turn out in their relationship

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I have been waiting to see how this was  going to pan out..seems a little odd to me. Why would someone who is so diligent in protecting her privacy do such a thing in such an accessible area. I wonder whether to some degree it was perhaps "a little set up". Lets face it the release of the final movie is so very close and perhaps they (the studio) needed to add a little more interest to some that would have chosen to " wait for the DVD"...(not the devoted twihards of course!) I think its fair to say that there is renewed interest in the saga as a result of these pics and quite a few many more will be watching with intense interest how Rob and Kristen interact when the promos begin... I don't know...I fell in love with the fantasy of their relationship on screen and adored that it had spilled into reality. Seems too foolish a mistake for someone who has been quite calculating (I use that word cautiously) with her career and personal life in the past.

I am so surprised that Kristen's fans would turn against her so quickly.  Yes, I was angry with her, I wanted to shake her and yell at her and whatever... BUT, I also wanted to hug her and try to understand how she could do this.  

I've looked at all the photos many times.  Seems to me like she was setup and I've heard that she met him thinking it was to do with work.  He was her director (sort of like a boss) and it's very likely that she didn't really know how to handle his advances.  

The reason she made the public apology was because after Rob was told and he left their house, he was angry and wouldn't take her calls....  SO, in her mind, she communicated with him the only way she knew how, PUBLICLY.  

They WILL be together again soon.  They are talking and both have agreed to do the BD2 promos.  And, from looking at Rob this week doing the press, I believe they are already back together.  He appeared to be okay, though uncomfortable at times.  He got angry with some fans who were "dissing Kristen" and walked away.  

Yea I think it's pretty wrong that she would do something like that. But that's on her he's charming so he can find someone better! (:

She knows she made a mistake.  She was set-up by RS and was inexperienced enough not to know how to handle it.  Rob has already forgiven her and it won't be long before we see them together.

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