Puck helped me up, and waited for my answer. I didn't want to tell him what happened because I could fight my own battles, and plus, he would make it ten times worse.

"I-I fell," I lied.

He sighed, and kissed my bald head.

"You're so clumsy," he joked.

"I have to go to next class Puck," I changed the subject.


"Math in room 275,"

"I'm going there too," he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

He walked along with me, and no one went near us. You see, Puck is a rebel, but he is a total softy when it comes to me. I opened the door of the math room, and broke from Puck's side. I sat down at an empty table, then Puck took the chair next to me. He plopped his stuff down and held my hand.

"Hello class. Welcome back to school," the teacher began.

Oh here we go. The teacher began class with a "get to know you game". The teacher went around asking to tell the class a cool fact about them. 

"Hanna Puckerman," the teacher stated.

"I can draw and stuff," I shrugged.

"Everyone can draw, something else more interesting?" 

"Um, I am supposed to be in like eighth grade, but I was moved up sophomore," I replied.

"Really? I like you already!" the teacher laughed.

"Teachers pet!" someone called.

Great. Just great. Puck looked at me with a "why is this going on?" face, and I didn't have the courage to tell him.

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Love it!!! Then I come in and am like HOP THE F*** OF MY BESTIE ! With glass bottles and throw then then I end up with puck as your sister in law
Is this a story cz I enjoyed reading it!! :D

LOVE IT!!! Then I come in all badass and rebellious and u see me get detention cuz I was defending the fact that WE DESERVE TO B HEARD!! so yea lolz JK

love it Hannie<3

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