Ok, I know you love the soundtrack. But if you have one, which song did you like the least (or just plainly didn't like at all). lol

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My least favorite by far is "go all the way (into the twilight)" by perry farrell. it's just painful to listen to. i know he must've had a target audience in mind when writing the song; i guess i'm not in that audience.
I have been listening to this soundtrack nonstop since I bought it over a month ago and I had to re-listen to it again just to answer this. I think I'm going to have to say Rob's "Never Think." I could do without it, but I was upset that I had to scavenger the web for "Let Me Sign" which is one of my favorites from the movie.
The Linkin Park song. I hate the new sound of Linkin Park. It's all commercialised crud. Even they said that they're not happy with the new sound, but it's "what the fans and industry wants".
Go all the way (into the twilight) the Perry Ferrell song. Skip it every time.
The Linkin Park song. I LOVE them, and as far as the song itself, I love it too. It's just when I listen to it, I think of my dad saying those things before killing himself. It brings out a lot of painful memories.
"Go All the Way" is just a plain bad song. I don't like it and the words are weird and it's just generally not very nice. My second least favourite (and I know alot of people will hate me for this) was Rob's "Never Think". It is a pretty good song and it fit into the movie absolutely perfectly in that one scene in the resteraunt but it just annoys me when I listen to the song thet he slurs his words. Most of the time I can't understand what he is saying. I know it's a stupid reason but it just bugs me.
WEll Never Think is my favorite...it's so soulful that it gives me goosebumps. He could be singing here kitty, kitty and it might still give me goosebumps. Least favorite would be TREmble for my Beloved by collective soul. I always skip to the next song.
I love every song. I really can't pick. My favorite song, however, is definitely Never Think. His voice is soooooo hot!
my least favourite song has to be "go all the way" by perry farrell. i don't think it fits the mood of twilight and the video is so bad its beyond words! so thats the song i always skip.
I would have to say the Linkin Park song. I really don't like there music. I think there is one song of theirs that I like and its not this one. But every other song on this CD, I love!
My least favourite songs are "Go All the Way" and (don't kill me please) Rob's "Never Think".
go all the way..dumb..lol..

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