Hello Twifans,

I am coming up with a fanfic starting next week. I have got the plot together and it ready to go. I just want to make sure there will be enough readers to read it and enjoy here. If there is not I will then just post it somewhere else. Let me know.

The main charachter is Angelica and Demetri.
Demetri from the Volturi and Angelica is being seeked out by Aro and Maria to join there forces.
All twilight charachters will be involved in this story.
Edward/Bella, Jacob/Nessie, Cullens, Wolf Pack and other covens of vampires.

Let me know if you have a place in your heart for such a story.

Twilight Love,

Angelina =0)

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So I guess this is not really the subject that members want to read on this site. It is all good. I will post it somewhere else.

Thanks =0)
i'll read it, it sounds good !
Thanks I guess I will just post the prologue and see what kind of response I get
Hello Alice.

Thanks for your comment. The name of the story is Forced Imitation.

I will get the Prologue posted.

Just FYI I am posting the Prologue to my FanFic Forced Imitation right now!
For some reason it is not letting me post it on a new discussion. I am posting this to see if it sticks this time. It is does maybe I will just post it here
Great just follow the link when you want to and let me know what you think

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