Have you seen Rob in the movie Little Ashes about Salvadore Dali?  What did you think?

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I definetly agree with what you are saying. There is something about Rob's acting abilities that really "wow" me. The parts he plays are generally very emotional and multi-faceted.

Taylor Marie Bannon said:
yes i have seen it and i think he did a great job because it takes a lot of courage to play a certain role in certain movies (like this one) and i think that you really have to step out of your comfort zone to do that but i think he did an amazing job! :)
It is still there on youtube. Thanks for the tip! :)

Midnight Sun said:
Well I actually watched it on youtube.. don't know if it's there anymore..

Miss Robsessed said:
Can you please tell me how to see him in Bad Mother's Handbook? I cannot find it here in the U.S. It seems like you can only order it from Region 2 which is for the U.K. DVD players.

Midnight Sun said:
Yes I've watched Little Ashes. I think Rob did a great job as Dali. I watched it (and Bad mother's handbook & The Haunted airman) because I wanted to see him in different kind of roles too.
Oooooo....thanks for the info!! Finally!! I will be watching out for that!!

Liliana said:
Hi i just want to tell you that "Bad Mother's Handbook commes to Dvd in the US on August 24 finally

Miss Robsessed said:
Liliana Rabeca

How did you see the Bad Mother's Handbook? I was trying to order it online, but it was only available in Region 2 so it would not work on a DVD player in the U.S. You wouldn't happen to know where I could find it in Region 1 would you? It is missing from my Rob Pattinson acting collection...and of course, I gotta have it!!

I liked Rob in Little Ashes. It was difficult to see him as a gay man, but he was good at acting the part like he is in all of the movies I have seen him in. When he started to dress like a man of society with his hair slicked back instead of weirdo Salvador, I was like "squeal" -- he looked amazing like that! I am so looking forward to seeing him in Remember Me. Are you going to it when it premieres to see the Eclipse trailer too? I can't wait. Thanks for writing back! I liked your opinion!
No i havnt but i want to lol
You gotta see it! If for nothing else, Rob looks hot once he becomes a refined gentleman!

Hali <3 Jasper said:
No i havnt but i want to lol

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