Have you seen Rob in the movie Little Ashes about Salvadore Dali?  What did you think?

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Rob does look so good in all of his movies. It just isn't quite as much fun to see him kissing Frederico as it is when he kisses Bella.

Petra Cullen Ѽ said:
To em he looks good in the movie, in any movie actualy..thoug the movie itsselfe..not such a fan..because of the kiis..
I definetly agree with what you are saying. There is something about Rob's acting abilities that really "wow" me. The parts he plays are generally very emotional and multi-faceted.

Taylor Marie Bannon said:
yes i have seen it and i think he did a great job because it takes a lot of courage to play a certain role in certain movies (like this one) and i think that you really have to step out of your comfort zone to do that but i think he did an amazing job! :)
It is still there on youtube. Thanks for the tip! :)

Midnight Sun said:
Well I actually watched it on youtube.. don't know if it's there anymore..

Miss Robsessed said:
Can you please tell me how to see him in Bad Mother's Handbook? I cannot find it here in the U.S. It seems like you can only order it from Region 2 which is for the U.K. DVD players.

Midnight Sun said:
Yes I've watched Little Ashes. I think Rob did a great job as Dali. I watched it (and Bad mother's handbook & The Haunted airman) because I wanted to see him in different kind of roles too.
Oooooo....thanks for the info!! Finally!! I will be watching out for that!!

Liliana said:
Hi i just want to tell you that "Bad Mother's Handbook commes to Dvd in the US on August 24 finally

Miss Robsessed said:
Liliana Rabeca

How did you see the Bad Mother's Handbook? I was trying to order it online, but it was only available in Region 2 so it would not work on a DVD player in the U.S. You wouldn't happen to know where I could find it in Region 1 would you? It is missing from my Rob Pattinson acting collection...and of course, I gotta have it!!

I liked Rob in Little Ashes. It was difficult to see him as a gay man, but he was good at acting the part like he is in all of the movies I have seen him in. When he started to dress like a man of society with his hair slicked back instead of weirdo Salvador, I was like "squeal" -- he looked amazing like that! I am so looking forward to seeing him in Remember Me. Are you going to it when it premieres to see the Eclipse trailer too? I can't wait. Thanks for writing back! I liked your opinion!
No i havnt but i want to lol
You gotta see it! If for nothing else, Rob looks hot once he becomes a refined gentleman!

Hali <3 Jasper said:
No i havnt but i want to lol

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