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Mackenzie Foy Out Grocery Shopping With Her Mom Feb23



I just saw that blogpost, and I'm really sad right now...

Well many of you said that she (Mackenzie) is smiling and that her mum is sad... well she shouldn't be? People go after your child with cameras and you would be just ok with that?

Mackenzie is smiling, she doesn't have any problem with that... but I think it's kinda... I don't know... that's wrong... I mean she's just 9-years-old, can she understand what is all this? what is going on? She may learn the wrong things, like "oh, it's ok people following you around and take pics of you", "that's nice", "that's funny" etc... That's the message of real world/life?... when I say that words I have people like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears on my mind...

All that attention... it's not so good... How would be her future life?

I hope you all understand what I want to say.

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I totally agree w/you!! I didn't look at the blog post because I think it's wrong. Mackenzie is a LITTLE GIRL. She's only 10 yrs old!! The papps should leave her ALONE. It's bad enough they chase/bug/annoy our cast. Look at what happened when Kristen & Rob arrived in Vancouver recently. I heard 8 different papps cars chased them. Kristen ran straight to a waiting car. It makes me SICK. I wish bloggers, fansites, etc would NOT post pics of Mackenzie so that there wouldn't be a demand and the stupid paps wouldn't make $$ off them.
I just want to make clear that I'm angry with paps, NOT with blogpost or our member-blogger..

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