- Bella, my life was like one night without moon before encontarte, very dark, but at least was stars, points of light and motivations….And then you crossed my sky like a meteor. Suddenly, everything ignited, everything was full of brilliants and beauty. When your you were yourself, when the meteor disappeared by the horizon, everything became black. Not was changed nothing, but my eyes they was been blinded by the light. No longer they could see stars, and nothing felt tapeworm - Edward - I do not need the sky if your you cannot go to him - Bella Swan. - All this time I have considered myself complete, without including/understanding what looked for, without finding nothing, because your not yet you existed - Edward Cullen. - Moan was called excused to hypocrite-self. - Killer Moan was called. - (…)I ask to you that you marry with me and you think that is a joke. - Edward, please, I know serious. - I speak completely in serious - there was no the smaller spying of joke in its face. - Oh, we go - I said with a note of hysteria in the voice. - Only I am 18 years old. - Good, I am on the verge of fulfilling the 110. goes being hour of which it seats the head. - The time even happens although it seems impossible, although each movement of the small hand of the clock even hurts like the beat of the blood when beating behind a cardinal. The time passes of unequal form, with strange jumps and unbearable truces, but you stop, happens. Even for my. - The love grants to the others the power for destruirte… Edward: Of what your Epiphany consists…? Bella: You love to me. Edward: Yet my being. - Death, that you have sucked the honey of its lips, you do not have to be able on its beauty-Murmur and I recognized the verse that declaimed Romeo in the tomb -. You smell exactly just as always - it continued. So perhaps this is hell. And he does not matter to me. It seems to me well -Bella, I cannot live in a world where you do not exist. It stakes out: And what was all that cháchara on singers? Edward: Tua singing - indicate-They has a name for which she smells of the way that Bella smells for me. They call “my singer”, because its blood sings for me. -Of whichever ways it is possible to be destroyed a heart and to be hoped of him that it continues barking? - This is not something that it already has only to do with you. You are not the center of the universe, you know? - - in which own universe talked about, perhaps, outside another question - -. Perhaps your family has something to say if you are going to obtain that they above lie down the Vulturis to us by something so stupid because I continue being human. -To say… on… what? - - she asked, separating the words carefully. - On my mortality. I am going it to put under voting. -Bellal? - it asked to me with smoothness. My eyelids revolotearon open of the blow. it was the first time that it went directly. -Yes, Rosalie? - I asked to Him, vacillating. I feel - It very many,Bella. I have felt fatal yet this and I am thankful for a pile to you that you have had the value of going and of saving brother after all what I did. Please, it tell me that I am sorry. The words were clumsy, and sounded forced by vergà ¼ enza, but they seemed sincere. - By all means, Rosalie - mascullé, grasping me to any opportunity made that it hate a little less to me… - But, how it was going to leave to him gave nothing me when I did not have whereupon to correspond to him? For some incomprehensible reason, it wanted to be with me. Any thing that it gave me, besides its company, increased the imbalance between us still more. - The one that I cannot imagine is what is it you must of have made to finish in hell you have dediado yourself to commit murders in my absence. - Edward - Sure that no. You could not be with me if I were in hell. - Bella -This has to do with my soul, no? Carlisle spoke to me of that and it does not matter to me, Edward. It does not matter to me! You can llevarte my soul, because I do not want it without you, already she is yours! - Thus that both we are going to be optimistic, it is worth? It is not important. I do not need the sky if you cannot go to him. -What class of stupid question is that? - Limítate to answer it, please. - The one that I never feel by you will change. Always there am beloved to you, I will always want to you and there is nothing you can do against that! Rosalie: Plis let me to explain to me - .I whont to say that I do not have any aversion towards you like possible sister, it is only that… This is not the life class that had chosen for my same one. I would have liked that then somebody had voted by my. - There was a thing that knew for sure it at heart knew, it of the stomach and in the marrow of the bones it knew, it of the head on the feet knew, it in the depth of my empty chest… The love grants to the others the power for destruirte. Emmet ***reflxed mng, extended the arm on the table and it tended the fist to him to his brother. - A brother wonderful plan, - it said with estusiasmo. - No-Masculló Rosalie. - In absolute-I agreed. - Wonderful-Comment Jasper. - Idiot-it murmured Stakes out - You would have to know that in this precise moment I am jumping rules, although not technically, clearly, since he said that he did not return to transfer his door and I have entered by the good window… But, the intention to me was good at least. - Edward talked back. - Will be as if it had never existed - I was like a lost moon that, nevertheless had ignored the gravity laws to continue orbiting around the empty space that had been after the disaster. - These things to you only happen bella. Nobody would have to be better than your when the vampires we left the city, but your tapeworms that involucrarte with the first monsters that you found - When I said to you that it did not want to you, that was blackest of the blasphemies. - It was enough whereupon it would think that it existed so that I could live. It could support all the others while it knew that Edward existed. -As a simple word could break your faith in my? - I remembered same that the love is irrational. The more you want to somebody, the less logical has everything - It had turned to Me into addict to the sound of my own illusion - Was as if somebody was dead, as if I had died. Because he had been something more than to lose truest of the true loves, although not outside one of which they kill, because it had not been enough to kill nobody. Also she was the lost one of a future to the complete one, a whole family… All the life that I had chosen - It had never seen nothing else beautiful, while it even ran, jadeando and shouting, I could appreciate it. And last the seven months disappeared. Their words in the forest even lost meaning. It did not matter either if it did not want to me. It did not matter how long could get to live; it could never want to another one - Slight madness. That one was one promesaque he could not maintain, a promise that was broken it did as soon as it. - My heart is no beat in almost ninety years, but this was different. He was as if there was missing person, comi if hubieraaa left an emptiness in his place, as if hubieraa left everything what I have inside here, with you Instead of to move, I thought about Julieta a little to me more. I wondered myself what would have done if it had left it to Romeo, not because of the exile, without by disinterestedness. What would have happened if Romeo had given a day him of time and he would have changed of opinion? And what would have happened if, instead of to marry with Julieta, simply it had disappeared? It seemed to know to me how Julieta would have felt. It would not have returned to her previous life, certainly no. I was convinced that never she would have gone to another place. Even if he had gotten to live until being a old one of gray hair, whenever he had closed the eyes, he would have seen the face of Romeo. And would have accepted it, finally. I asked final S.A. would have married with Paris, to please its parents and only to maintain La Paix. No, probably no, I decided, but anyway, history says little of Paris. He was simple monigote, a zero to the left, a threat, an ultimatum to force the hand to Julieta. And what would happen if it were known more on Paris? What would happen if Paris had been friend of Julieta? Its better friend? What would have happened if it were the unique person whom he could trust the devastation caused by Romeo, the unique person who understood really it she made and it feel again half human? And if it were patient and amiable? And if it took care of of her? What would happen if Julieta knew that it could not live without him? What would happen if it lands on water really it and wished that it was happy? And if it wanted to Paris? Not like a Romeo, by discounted, since there was nothing no similar, but enough so that it wished that it also was happy. If Romeo had gone away really not to return, what mattered if Julieta accepted or not the supply of Paris? Perhaps she would have tried to be satisfied to the rest that it had left of their previous life. Perhaps this would be more close than it could get to be of the happiness. I sighed, and later when the sigh scratched the throat to me. It was giving too much importance to history. Romeo would not have changed of idea. That is the reason for which people still remember her name, always matched with the one of her: Romeo and Julieta. And that one also is the reason that a good history is considered. “Julieta is satisfied to Paris” never would have been a success. Edward: If you could request something, any thing, what you would ask? Bella: Edward: Something that you do not have already.

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