Hey i know it's been ages coming lol, i explained in a blog (:
I have a dilemma so thats why there's no action atm. I've actually written the next but one chapter coz i got my idea and havent gotten round to linking them up yet, i really like the chapter so really looking forward to getting it up some time soon. please enjoy and pleeeease comment (:

4. Breath taking.

The phone rang sharp and demanding in my jeans pocket, “Hey.” I wasn’t sure of the right tone for Bella at the moment.
“Hi Jake. How’s things?”
“Good. Nessie’s fine, She’s at school at the moment, I can get her to call when she gets back.” Nessie had only been at school for a month, her growth was slowing down but she still would be able to stay there for a full term, she just wanted the experience.
“That’s fine, I guessed she would be.” Bella’s voice seemed dismal, I guessed the funeral arrangements must be getting her down.
She seemed to stall for a while, “Charlie’s funeral is going to be on Wednesday, but can you please make sure that Renesmee enjoys her prom tonight without worrying about us, please?”
A beep let me know that someone was trying to get through to my phone, and I guessed it would be Nessie on her lunch break.
“Sure, sure. Bells, she’ll be fine, I’m going to be there I’ll make sure she enjoys herself.”
“Yes Jacob, I’m sure you will. That’s what I’m worried about.” I heard a slight smile from her lips and chuckled lightly. “Just remember, you still look at least 5 years older than her, I could get you in trouble with the police, I have my connections,” her light amused mood was broken suddenly, it sounded as if something was choking her.
“Tell Billy I said hey and that I’ll ring him later.” I tried my best to distract her.
“’Kay, sure thing Jake. See you soon”
“Yeah, chin up Bells. Love you, bye!”
The phone was ringing again as I put it down so I checked the caller I.D, sure enough I was right.
“Jake!” Nessie sounded like she was almost crying. Crying! Why? Whatever the reason was it sent a flush of anger through me.
“Ness, what’s wrong honey?”
“Just… school.” She seemed reluctant and from the amount she talked about it I knew she loved school, there had to be more.
“What about it, I thought you were enjoying school?”
“I am, I love being here, but it’s just some people here. This one guy’s shown an… interest.” She was obviously cringing on the other side and the anger got worse, jealousy was not something I dealt well with.
“I mean, at first he just asked me if I wanted to go to the cinema and obviously I said no,”
“Wait, Nessie, you don’t have to put the brakes on your life just for me.” I knew I hated the words, I wish I could mean them.
“No, no Jake, I don’t want anyone else and I guess he just didn’t get the point, he kept asking and kept asking. Then today he… waited for me outside gym and wouldn’t let me pass then he, he,” She was breaking down and I was feeling white hot heat down my spine. “He tried to kiss me, he pushed himself on me and wouldn’t listen to me telling him to stop!” She was in tears now and my whole body was convulsing uncontrollably, a continuous, feral growl was rolling from me and I was passed trying to think of the comforting words she needed.
“What’s his name?” I managed to bark.
“Henry.” She gasped, obviously distraught by his invasion. “What if he tries to wait for me again after school? No one knows about you.”
“Don’t worry about it Nessie, I’ll pick you up tonight, we’ll see how tough this jerk really is.
“Okay Jake, thanks.” She was already calming down and I was glad that I could make her happy. “Oh I’ve got to go, that was the warning bell, see you later!”
And then the line was dead.
Why would someone do that? To Renesmee, the most trusting girl I know, she exudes friendliness and she’s so beautiful that any guy could fall for her but no is no. And Henry I sneered, will find that out.
I don’t think the staff would appreciate me turning up at the school half naked so I grabbed the key to my bike and ran for the garage, my bike was tucked neatly into a corner of the vast cave but I spotted it immediately, all small and fragile looking next to the cars that looked straight out of a magazine. I kicked it into geared pulled the throttle and was off.

Our free laughter filled the air as Nessie and I flew down the highway.
“Did you see his face when you turned up!” She through her head back and giggled liberally, clinging onto my waist.
The poor guy had been stood there prepared for some weedy freshman to show up and tell him to back off his girlfriend, I’d towered over him, must’ve been well over a foot taller than him, the little squirt.
I took the bike mostly for effect, it would have been just as quick to run, but as I roared into the parking lot and did a hard brake just in front of Nessie his face was a picture, then as I stepped off and sauntered over he took in my size and his whole body drained of colour, I laughed darkly to myself, I thought it was meant to be vampires not werewolves that did that. If I hadn’t been to blindingly angry at the time I would have been holding back a mean grin, as it was I had more of a raged grimace, which was fine by me.
It was so much like one of those crap teen movies, that I wanted to cringe or laugh at myself. But it felt good. And for once I was terribly glad of my inhuman size, almost cocky with it as I watched him stammer through his half strung explanation. I listened politely with my fists balled up and then shot him down with one blow, metaphorically that is, I had to resist the urge to really hurt him. “Well, Henry,” I spoke his name tauntingly, like a dirty word. “If you so much as lay your eyes on Renesmee once more… Well lets just say I’m not the only person she knows that’s capable of breaking you in two with one move.”
I put my arm tenderly round her waist and then lifted her on to the bike, and we were away, leaving a traumatised Henry frozen feebly on the side walk.
“Jacob,” Nessie voice rang sweetly right by my ear “I don’t really have to go to the dance tomorrow do I?” She was playing her begging card on me, but it wouldn’t work this time, I had orders.
“Yes, Nessie. I was told by your mum that you had to go and enjoy yourself, “and unfortunately for you, she scares the hell out of me when she’s angry. ‘Sides you’ve been looking forward to it.” And I wasn’t lying, she really wasn’t like her mum when It came to dances.
“Yeah I know but, that was when…” She trailed off and I didn’t say anything, allowing her to carry on.
She hugged herself tighter into my waist, nestling her head between my shoulders.
“That was when, I thought you were coming with me.” She let the words spill from her mouth.
“Nessie, you know I’m not allowed. Today was even a risk. I look like I’m in my twenties, it’s wrong for me to take you to a high school dance.”
“But you’re not! You’re 16 and I look older than that anyhow.” She sighed knowing she couldn’t win. “ Yeah, I sort of knew you couldn’t.” I felt guilty as hell for having to deny her anything, I wanted to do everything I could to make her happy.
“I’ll be there to pick you up afterwards, oh that reminds me, have you packed your stuff yet? You know I’m taking you to Forks straight from the school, right?”
“Yes, Carlisle already told me the plan yesterday.” I could almost sense her eyes rolling and smiled to myself. We were nearly home now. “Are you going back home or to the big house?”
“The big house please, Rose is teaching me again tonight.” Renesmee had started learning piano after Edward had left so that she could impress him when he got back, the little freak that she was she was playing like a little prodigy already. I’m sure he’d be thrilled, Bella never really had the patience for instruments.
When we walked through the door Esme was passing from the kitchen with a vase of fresh lilies in her hands. She put them on the nearest surface and fluttered her hands as she ran to hug Nessie. “Hello sweetheart.” She whispered to Ness.
“Hey Esme!” Nessie replied, exuberant as ever.
“Hello Jacob.” She looked up towards me.
“Hey, I don’t think I’m going to stay long I’m fixing up another old car, I’ll go check on it whilst I’m up here.
“No Jake! Please come listen to me play, just once.” As usual, I couldn’t resist and melted at her words, sometimes I wondered if she knew how much it affected me when she asked something of me, it was deadly persuasive for me. As I walked further into the house the scent was growing stronger, I never got used to it as such, the bloodsucker smell still seared my nose with it’s too sweet, cold ache, but it was normal, I never felt an attack instinct with it. It was just really unpleasant. Sort of like walking into a cinema when you can’t stand popcorn.
Renesmee sat down on the seat by the piano, scooching along and waving a hand toward me. Rosalie had breezed in and stood on the other side of her as Nessie pulled a sheet of handwritten music from the top and began to move her fingers lithely across the keys. The sound that filled the air was so pure and beautiful I could hardly contain the emotion rising inside of me, I wanted to grab her into a bear hug and tell her just how beautiful it was, how amazingly talented she was.
Her brow was puckered in concentration as she put all her effort into the complex piece, only her face gave away the fact that she was a beginner.
“So…?” she smiled at the sheet.
“Wow.” was all I could reply, here she was playing a song so sweet and amazing and I can’t even string a sentence together, what an idiot!
“Ahem,” Alice was suddenly nearby. “What about the lyrics you’ve been practising with me?”
“Well, they’re not exactly ready.” Renesmee stumbled slightly on a note.
“I’m not talking about the ones for your parents. I know you know the other song you’ve been practicing off by heart, I bet you’ve been singing it in your sleep.” Alice laughed and Nessie sighed, looking slightly embarrassed as her cheeks blazed with blush.
Then she started singing and I could no longer note anything else about the sights in front of me, the only sense that seemed to be working was my hearing, hell, I couldn’t even remember my own name! Just as I thought this I heard it, my name. She was singing about me. Her voice, it was beautiful, dazzling, stunning, magnificent, wonderful, breathtaking, none of these descriptions seemed to do it justice and it was all for me. From Nessie’s birth up until now I had thought that the world had revolved around her, now I realised that my world revolved because of her. My existence would mean nothing without her.
Alice pulled me out of the moment just before the tears that threatened me spilled. “Ooh Renesmee, I almost forgot! I got you some even better shoes for tomorrow!” and she darted upstairs towing Ness by the hand. And I was left standing awkwardly with two bloodsuckers. “Erm, I guess I’ll go work on that car.”

I leaning anxiously against the banister in the Cullen’s house, waiting for Nessie to come down the stairs. If we waited much longer she might be late for the dance, god I wish Alice would stop playing doll with her!
It was unseasonably nice weather at the moment and the sunlight beamed in from the gigantic window, the Cullen clan were all about the light in their homes. Even through the window it was enough to touch Rosalie’s skin as she was standing on the outskirts of the group. It bounced and danced around her, little sparkles throwing the light back to the room. She looked like she’d just visited the glitter factory. I really don’t know what Bella could have seen in Edward, real men don’t sparkle like glitter. I laughed. They’re just so freaky! I don’t know how they ever pass themselves off as humans.
Just then I heard the bathroom door swing open and it seemed like they were arguing, no not arguing, Alice was trying to persuade Ness.
“I look like a clown!” Nessie sounded exasperated like she’d had this conversation many times.
“Well it’s about time you started experimenting with make up!”
Experimenting?” Nessie replied through clenched teeth. “Am I your little guinea pig now then?”
“You know what I mean Nessie! You should be more girly every now and then. You look beautiful so just go knock them out.” I smiled wryly to myself at Nessie’s mental reply to that, I guessed she would have liked to do that to Alice, right now. Though she loved her, there was no denying that, she thing of her every word.
“Ahem.” Carlisle cleared his throat.
“Yeah come on! You can bicker later Ness, life’s too short for us to wait around for you to stop Alice!” Emmet laughed at his own joke and Jasper joined in too, clearly in agreement.
Nessie huffed and came to the top of the stairs so that only her dainty silver shoes and the flowing hem of her dress were in view.
“Jake, don’t laugh, I know look silly.” She seemed genuinely nervous and very mortified.
“You have my solemn swear, now come on hon, or you’re going to be late.”
The setting couldn’t have been more cheesy, very much the American drama. The whole family crowded at the bottom of the stairs waiting for the young beautiful girl to come down, ready for her prom.
But she didn’t flow down gracefully, she dashed, embarrassed by the attention.
I had to catch her in my arms to save her from falling in a heap at the bottom of the stairs, she shot a piercing glare at Alice, cursing under her breath, “Stupid shoes!” was the loudest, undoubtedly the least rude though.
I wound my arm round her waist and whirled her toward the door. Carlisle and Esme interceded our path but I hadn’t meant to escaped them, just to save Nessie from any more burning embarrassment.
They both grabbed her into a tight hug at the same time, which was made slightly awkward by my arm.
“You look beautiful tonight sweetheart, I’m going to miss you while you’re away.” Esme whispered in her hushed lullaby tone.
Carlisle pulled away slightly so he could look at her face.
“Enjoy yourself tonight love, no worries, okay?” Nessie nodded at him and then they had one more embrace before we were leaving the door.
“See you when you get back!” Alice called from the open door.
“I’ll miss you loads!” I called teasingly over my shoulder.
Nessie giggled into my chest as we rounded the corner to the garage.
Whilst we were sat in my car, just us two I got the chance to really look at her. To see how beautiful she looked. She was wearing a floor length silver silk gown, that clashed with her alabaster skin alluringly whilst the material adorned her frame in a way that made it almost impossible for me to concentrate. Her hair curled and framed her exquisite face perfectly with two silver stoned slides positioned in her scarlet ringlets. It took me a while to catch my breath. Is it possible for anyone to love another as much as I loved this dazzling girl sat next to me? Or plausible that she may hold even a whit of the adoration I held for her? It didn’t seem right to me, how could she?

5. And we’re off.

It seemed so stupid that I had to lurk in the shadows waiting for Nessie to come out, I felt like some sort of sex offender!
Finally I caught sight of her teetering in her heels from the school doors, soppy music flooded out with her, so the prom wasn’t finished yet.
She looked so lost and confused that it made me laugh watching her eyes search for me. I stepped out slightly and gave a little wave, the grin broad on my face.
Recognition hit her and she ran toward me, as best she could.
“Hey, were you having fun? It was your mothers orders you know.” I called playfully.
“Not my sort of music any more, they started all the mushy couple stuff which isn’t so much fun when you go to the dance with friends.” She jerked her thumb backward toward the still open door and she was right, it wasn’t really the sort you danced to with friends.
“Well, come join me then.” It didn’t take her a moment of thought and two seconds later she was standing right in front of me.
I placed my hands gently on her waist while she eagerly reached up to my shoulders twining her hands at the base of my neck. She mussed my hair with her fingers and we let our swaying follow the beat of the slow music.
She took me by surprise when she suddenly sighed into my chest.
“What’s wrong, do you want to go back in?”
“No, completely the opposite. The school’s full of boys,” I tensed slightly. “but I don’t even see them. Tonight was a stupid pretence, I don’t know why my parents thought I could have fun when you can’t be there. My point is that I could have danced with any of them tonight and it couldn’t compare to this, I only ever want you,” She seemed a bit reluctant to finish. “And I know you should have the same opportunities, it isn’t fair on you, I’m sorry, for you having to wait.” Now I was confused, what could she mean? I waited for her to continue.
“I’m sorry if you feel obliged to wait for me, it’s as if you’ve already been coupled with me and you might not think it’s worth the wait.”
The little swaying we had been doing stopped and I stared into her eyes.
“Renesmee Carlie Cullen. You have always been the only person for me, even when I didn’t know it, it was in here.” I put our interlinked hands on my heart. “I could wait a hundred life times for you. Then at least it may seem as if I deserved you! I don’t think you realise that what ever you are feeling towards me is so much more powerful for me. I love you, Renesmee. And I have done since your birth, look at that for devotion, I know you can’t say that.” I added a cheeky smile to show her I was teasing. “Sure, it’s true, we have been coupled together, but by fate, no that sounds hokey.” I mused trying to think of a way that this wouldn’t sound unbelievably out of character for me. I came up empty so I just let the words fall how they would. “You are who I need to be with, that’s what imprinting does. We will be forever entwined, Jacob and Renesmee and there is nothing in my will that would ever want to change that. No matter what, you‘re stuck with me, we have some freaky wolf thing between you and me.” I quoted her mother. That seemed like many life times ago that she’d said that.
I saw a tear glisten on Nessie’s cheek and I caught it and left my hand there on her face. I put the other under her chin and kissed her lightly on the lips.
She pulled me closer, but it still felt like there was too much space between us as our lips moved in perfect synchronicity I moved my hand to the small of her back trying to pull her closer.
Grudgingly we both pulled away for breath momentarily.
“’Sides, the wait is over, we’re both sixteen now. Age can’t stop us being together.”
Then she pulled me in again.
“So,” She gasped “That means there is nothing stopping us…” She was unable to finish and I felt her skin heat under my blazing skin as blush bled into her cheeks.
I knew what she was thinking.
“Erm, I’ve grown quite fond of my legs Ness, please don’t make your father remove one. Or worse, your mum, yikes, I’d hate to come up against her!”
“Jake. this isn’t about them anymore. They have no say. They’d never find out anyway.” We were both struggling to talk in complete sentences as we were reluctant to end our embrace.
We were locked unbelievably tight, and I knew how strong I could be so I had to change the subject so that I couldn’t get carried away and forget. My lips burned under hers, I could have been on fire and wouldn’t have felt the difference.
“We need to be on our way, Forks is ages away and I want to get at least a quarter of the way till we need to rest tonight.”
She grumbled, obviously annoyed by the subject change. She grabbed my hand again and started toward the parking lot, only stopping when she felt that I wasn’t moving.
“Ness, I haven’t brought the car. You know it’s faster for me to run especially through all the woodland.”
Instead of the horror I was expecting, her eyes were suddenly bright with excitement.
“Wow! This will be so cool! I never rode with you that far before.”
I swung her up into my arms and ran deeper into the foliage. I paused when I could no longer see anything but trees on either side, and propped her on her feet again.
“Right stay here whilst I just go over there and change.”
“Jake I’ve never seen you change before, I wanna know what it’s like?”
“Well, lets just say your mum is very good with weird stuff and the first time she saw us change she was freaked out by it.” Her horror struck eyes had said it all that day on the motorbike track when Paul and I had gotten into a fight.
“Still, will you let me? I think it would be cool.” She was one strange kid.
“Fine. Put the rucksack on your back, I’m sorry you’ll have to carry it.”
“Fair do’s, you’ll be carrying a heavier rucksack. She gestured to herself like a glamorous gameshow host.
“Oh and If you want to stop tell me, I won’t be able to answer remember so if you want to ask anything you’ll also have to be patient.
I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it to her with my sneakers for her to stuff in the rucksack. I turned my back to her while I undid my trousers, I still had some modesty and I’m sure her seeing my bare ass would not taint her innocence too much.
As soon as I was in wolf form I could concentrate more on the journey, human emotions didn’t exist as much in my animal state so I wasn’t troubled by my usual temptations.

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did u write this ?
Yea i did Courtney, why?

courtney cullen :) said:
did u write this ?
this is really good.

is this the only part you've written ?

Ness; Rosabella Black said:
Yea i did Courtney, why?

courtney cullen :) said:
did u write this ?
Chapters one two and three are in my discussions on my page, it's too long to put the whole thing in one so i have to put it in parts. please can you check them out?

Alice cullen said:
this was very well written.. i love it.. but where are chapters 1 2 and 3??? lol
no i wrote the rest, you can see them in my forum. they don't fit in one discussion, it's silly lol
courtney cullen :) said:
this is really good.

is this the only part you've written ?

Ness; Rosabella Black said:
Yea i did Courtney, why?

courtney cullen :) said:
did u write this ?

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