I added more to chapter one and just added a bit of a short chapter 2.
My plot has the exciting bit in the next chapter so pleeease read and comment so i can let you know when the next bit is up. it won't all the be the boring mundane life (:

1. Returning memories

As the Olympic peninsula mountain range flew past us a strange thrill ran through me, I was coming home. Home, it’s funny how only two years ago I thought of the small, rain-encapsulated town known as Forks, as my own personal hell. Two years ago travelling down this very road I was exiling myself, doomed to an endless sentence of self-pity.
Before taking a sideways glance at the beautiful statuesque husband of mine, I already knew the reason why I became to love my time in Forks.
“Are we nearly there dad?” The high-pitched trilling voice of our daughter asked.
“Almost love, if you look straight ahead you will see the first few houses” I saw my favourite crooked smile play around Edward’s lips at Renesmee’s choice of words, he had taken to fatherhood as easily as I was taking to vampire life and I just knew how happy it made him when she called him dad.
“Where, I can’t see a thing!” Jacob’s gruff voice complained, sounding very tired and impatient
“Well sure your eyes won’t be able to see it yet, dog!” Edward joked. I loved how comfortable we had all become now, it was not as if the werewolf-vampire lines had been blurred, but as if they never existed. Jacob was just Jacob, my best friend, Edward loved him as family also. And Renesmee, well she is completely besotted with him. Since her birth they have been practically inseparable. And strangely enough, I have come to accept it, I know that when she is old enough she will marry the most perfect partner, who would lay his life down for her and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
“Oi, I’d rather chew a bone than guzzle the blood!” Jacob teased, and Edward swerved his head a fraction just in time for Jake’s russet hand to swat the air where Edward’s head had been, pushing a wave of Jacob’s burning scent my way, sure I loved Jacob but being enclosed in a small car with his canine scent I did not love!
The pitter patter of the rain began to increase as we pushed further into the town, I had not missed the rain, as we had moved to a place with only a fraction less downpour per year, but I missed the way it fell from the deep green leaves here. The way it caressed the soaked moss on the rough trunks. And the way that, though we were enclosed in the constant moisture, it was beautiful when it bounced off every moss covered surface and different plants of all shades of green.
Soon enough I spotted the rusty faded red of my vintage, not old, chevvie pick-up truck. Though it really was hard to miss as it stood, a constant monument to, not only the beautiful craftsman ship of fifties cars, but to my human high school days, next to Charlie’s cruiser.
Jacob spent most of last summer teaching me how to fix up cars so I could enjoy the past-time with Edward and it had been my pet project. I was delighted when I finally got it running but soon realised that it really was frustratingly slow and reluctantly returned to my ostentatious Ferrari.
Jacob was out the car and stretching, with Renesmee hanging off his right arm, before Edward had cut the purring Volvo. I think he was trying to show off his strength as his pulled up his biceps with the body of a 6 year old that belonged to my 2 year old daughter, clinging to it. He really should have known better in this company, I took a half second to scoot round the front of the car and plucked her with my left hand, whilst she continued to giggle raucously. I held her there effortlessly, tickling her toes while Edward took our bags out of the car. I had to stop this joyous moment though when I heard the door swing open and my father’s gravely voice announce our arrival “hey kiddo!” he shouted. As I quickly rearranged Renesmee to be perched on my hip and cradled by both arms.
As much as he tried to hide it, when he looked at us I saw his expression falter slightly, it sort of saddened and then turned to confusion then back to his original happy, inviting face, but this seemed like more of a mask and it bugged me. I knew why he reacted this way, his grand-daughter was growing up too quickly. He was not saddened by this in the usual way a grandfather would be at their grandchildren growing up. She genuinely was growing up too quickly. Since he last saw her, almost a year ago, she had lost a lot of the toddler chubbiness around her face and it was now even more clear to see her underlying perfectly sculpted features. Thankfully she had inherited these from her father. She was also very intelligent, even in her expression there was too much knowing for a two year old but by far the greatest change had been her size! This size did not belong to a normal two year old, but Charlie did not question any of this; he already knew she was know normal child, as she was not born to any normal parents. Charlie had, however, become accustomed to my ever changing eyes, he instinctively knew never to come too close when they were dark and he knew I would be in a more welcoming mood when they were light. Of course he didn’t know the reason behind this, it feel under the need-to-know basis that Jacob had set up to keep Charlie in the dark on the finer details.
Charlie took Renesmee into his arms and huffed slightly at her implausible weight. I knew he hadn’t seen me hold her in my one hand but if he had I guessed this would have deeply troubled my poor father.
Now that I had free hands I grabbed my case as Charlie ushered us in to his home.
It felt like so long since I had been here, and I begun to feel guilty for neglecting Charlie. I took in everything I saw, storing them in my vast, immortal memory bank: the exact colour of the walls, the shade of the yellow kitchen cabinets that my mom had painted in her even more reckless youth, the shabby un-matching chairs cluttered round the steel kitchen table.
“So what have you kids been up to in Alaska ?“ Charlie asked casually, he seemed to nearly be at ease in our presence.
Oh just the usual, hunting grizzlies with Emmett, lion’s with Edward, practicing to allow my husband into my mind.
“Nothing special really, Carlisle has started tutoring Renesmee, home-schooling” We told Charlie that the school’s in Portland and our surrounding area didn’t meet up to our expectations, but really we thought it would alarming for the teacher that one of the pupils was aging at three times the rate of a normal child.
“And we’re preparing for Renee’s visit” this I was dreading even more than the trip to Charlie, my dad had never been very quick to put things together, or pick up on anything. This was slightly alarming as the good people of Forks put their trust in Chief Swan. I believe he picks up on a lot more than he lets on, he just prefers to shun away any idea that would lead him to his daughter - and only child - being anything other than just a bit strange.
Edward spent the next few moments piecing past-times together that we could discuss with Charlie, we told him about our hiking trip with Emmett, Alice, Jasper and Carlisle last weekend, but not about the specifics, we told him about the updates Jacob gave us on Billy’s normal life on the occasion that he went back and visited, but not about how he runs there in wolf form or that Edward and I had actually visited Billy twice this year after the treaty had been lifted when we swam to La Push from Eugene
I heard the kettle click on and dad banging about collecting mugs and coffee from the cupboard to my left, I knew we would not be able to keep saying no to Charlie’s food and drink, this was going to be tough.
I asked Edward if he would like to help me take the bags up to my room, I could easily do it by myself but it might freak Charlie out if I threw three large cases into my arms and whizzed up the stairs.
Whilst we were in Forks, me Edward and Renesmee were going to stay in our cottage by the Cullen’s old house so they would not stay in my room but it was starting to feel a bit cramped in Charlie’s small kitchen so removing the cases seemed like the most sensible thing to do.
As soon as we were in my room I felt like I was human again, it was night time and Edward had just climbed in through my creaky, lace-dressed window, we would have to talk in quiet hushed tones as Charlie may hear and come to inspect. Though I knew my feet were lithe and silent I tip-toed to shut the door, sub consciously still in my human dream world.
I could not tell what expression my face held but it must have been somewhere close to blissful happiness as Edward wandered over, wrapped his arms around my waist and breathed “What’s made you so happy Mrs Cullen?”
It took me a moment before I could answer, his hands were on me, he was smiling the most radiant, exultant smile ever and he had just reminded me that, being married to him, I was the most lucky person alive, well in existence at least.
“Ah just remembering is all” I replied still light-headed, if vampires could faint, there is no doubt at that I would not be standing right now.
“Yes, they were truly, amazing times Bella” Edward replied, guessing the direction my thoughts had taken. “Some of my favourite nights were spent here, watching you peacefully sleep, oh how I will miss your sleep-talking” he added a little cheeky smile, that had me completely dazed
“I told you about my favourite nights right?” I couldn’t answer, there was an electric current running through me at the thought of him being so close, I wanted to lean my head just that little bit and close the distance between our lips, but his voice sounded like a beautiful song as he spoke and I couldn’t move to stop them from speaking their velvet tongue.
Seeing my dumb-founded feeble nod, he chuckle and continued
“Well, I would like to add a few more” He kissed my forehead.
“The night you told Charlie you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me,”
I could feel his breath tickle my hair, it was very distracting considering that I was trying so hard to focus already.
“Now, I’m no fan of clichés, but you really did make me the happiest man ever”
His smile was smoldering, he removed his gaze for a short second to steal a glance at the ring, his mother’s ring, on my finger.
“Our wedding night” he added with this time a reminiscent grin taking over his face.
He kissed my jaw line now as he added to his list.
“The night after the Volturi’s visit” he kissed my neck and it was only because the memory of that night was so strong that I managed to even think of anything but the present. I had opened my mind for Edward, allowed him to hear my thoughts. WE spent the night together blissfully aware that our planned eternity together had not come to the awful abrupt end that everyone had been awaiting My mind was dragged back to the present as Edward’s lips trailed up my jaw until they found mine and he kissed me with such meaning and passion. One of the greatest things about being a vampire is that Edward no longer has to be careful, no longer has to enforce his strictly no-contact rules and as I kissed him back, I realised again just how lucky I was.
We were suddenly interrupted as Jacob opened my door, holding Renesmee in his arms. “Whoa, okay, we’ll just back out again for a bit. That is not the sort of thing for a young child to see people!”
“Errm Jacob, I didn’t hear you come up I said” which highly shocked me, I must have been too locked in Edward’s trance to hear him coming up the stairs.
“We were just about to come back down” I hopelessly added, knowing he could see past my stumbling.
“sure sure” he replied, “Now Nessie and I were just about to take off, do you want to say goodbye to your daughter or return to that moment, it did seem pretty steamy!”
I suddenly felt truly embarrassed that was not the sort of thing I wanted my daughter and Jacob to see.
“Sorry, Jacob. I know it was very inappropriate” Edward answered for me. Jacob laughed, a very loud laugh at Edward’s overly played politeness.
“No Biggy, you old married couple!” he teased, passing Renesmee to Edward.
Jacob had been dying to take her down to La Push and had argued black and blue that we took her with us when we swam, but Edward and I put our feet down firmly on that matter, she was too young and despite all his arguing Jacob didn’t argue, he knew it wouldn’t be safe for her.
So today, she would finally get to see Jacob’s home town, his dad, Emily - who, being human could not run with the other wolves when they came over- the beach where Jacob and I had spent so many fun, and also anxious, days.
I think he was looking forward to showing Renesmee all of these new, but old to him, things, more than he was looking forward to seeing his own father. As we said our goodbyes the excitement practically flared out of his eyes and the ever-present adoration was almost over-whelming, this always made me, and I know Edward also, a little uncomfortable about the Quileute wolf-thing that meant that my daughter was the only person that mattered for Jacob, he had imprinted on her at birth.

Jacob took the Volvo down to La Push as we had only brought one vehicle. His Rabbit stood in the Cullen family’s substantial garage, hardly used as he preferred to drive my Ferrari. The smooth engine purred to life and I listened with my fairly new, perpetual ears still fascinated as I could hear the tires slide over every stone on the driveway, I heard the change as he swerved the car around off the curb and headed off on the road and I didn’t even need to put much effort in to hear the slight high-pitched squeal of the tyres as they paced down the rain-streaked highway.
“Bella!” Charlie’s voice called from below the floorboards.
I heard three distinct clink noises as Charlie stirred the granules of coffee into the three mugs. errgh! I thought, just the thought of actually drinking it was enough to turn my blood-filled stomach.
Edward grabbed my hand and we flew down the stairs, missing the creaky step, I had become so much more vigilant and quiet.
As we turned into Charlie’s kitchen he was just setting the mugs down on the table, one spilled over on impact and I watched the light brown liquid steam as it bounced off the surface, I would have to just put up a good pretence and act like I was drinking, I couldn’t even imagine consuming the stuff.
“So what time are you kids going to your house then?” Charlie asked absent-mindedly, trying too hard to act nonchalant, it really had been too long since I’d spent a decent amount of time here.
“Well we’ll let Jacob have his time with Renesmee at La Push then when he gets back we can go” I answered whilst pressing my lips every so often against the hot china, making it look like I was sipping.
“Ah it’s been a while since I’ve seen old Billy, and there’s a major league game on I wanted to see, I can give you a lift down after these.” he gestured toward his mug and I was already mentally calculating how long I should wait till I could dunk my coffee in the sink and say I was done
“You know Jake’s really taken a shine to Nessie hasn’t he” Charlie smiled, I had already given up months ago on trying to correct everyone about Renesmee’s name.
“Yeah, he’s real child friendly, I guess he must still be a child at heart, they get on like a house on fire!” It was more than that, and I wondered how old Renesmee would be before Charlie realised Jacob’s feelings went further than brotherly…
In this small kitchen Charlie’s scent had built up quite heavily, it was now more than just a nagging desire but it was burning my throat, I had to give up on the pretence of breathing as every breath was like sand paper scraping red and raw down my oesophagus, but this was nothing I couldn’t control. I was getting better and better and dampening my natural cravings, especially around Charlie. All the same I swiftly stood up and went to creak open the window above the sink as I let my coffee swirl down the drain. I let the cold clammy air refresh my mind and cool the fire.
I know I could handle it but I would have to find an excuse why I would insist on having the window rolled down on the way to La Push. A fifteen minute journey in a confined car would put me in a lot of pain otherwise.
After Edward ‘drank’ his coffee we decided to take a stroll outside, for some refreshing air. We headed into the forest just off of Charlie’s lawn and Edward leaned against one of the many trees. Suddenly I was hit by another memory, murky just as all my human memories were but sharp and bitter, and all too real. Edward leaning against this tree just off of the trail, the rain hitting the canopy of leaves above. Me feeling fretful and speculative, these emotions were brought on by the memory and I was sure if my palms could sweat and my dormant heart could thrum against my chest they would join in on the painful memory too. Edward saw my unease and lifted my chin to look into my face. “What’s wrong love? I thought a trip to Charlie was what you wanted?” he asked worriedly.
The leaves underneath my feet were rain soddened and muddy. Just the kind for me to sink into and let self pity engulf me, just like the kind of that night not long after the tragedy that was to be my last birthday. I twisted the ring on my finger reassuringly, we were married now, he wasn’t going to leave me ever again. Marriage seemed pitiful next to the other commitment we had, I let my thumb rest on my wrist as I still touched my ring. No pulse. He had made me immortal. It was never going to be too much of a risk to be around me, I thought comforting myself, I was never going to be too boring.
Edward must have caught me twisting my wedding ring and his thoughts went in the same direction as mine as he realised the familiarity of this location.
“Bella, you know I had to leave you. If it would have worked, if I could stay away, for your safety, I would never bring myself to regret the decision. But knowing I was too weak to do that for you, seeing the distrust in your eyes. I regret, and will continue to regret it everyday until my existence comes to an end.” he muttered, he had said this many times before but it never made the pain subside, I couldn’t even let him know how much I had depended on him. I would rather myself be in a hundred times the pain I had been in for those months than for him to be tortured in the pain I would inflict on speaking the words.
“This,” he held up my left hand, “means nothing.” He wound his fingers round mine, “It’s this” he kissed the back of my hand “that holds me, you Bella,”
He moved our entwined hands so that they rested on my chest, emphasising the stillness underneath. “and though it pained me to take away your mortality, I now know that you, Bella Marie Swan, will never have to be without me again. We’re stuck together now. For eternity.” I let the word hang there on his lips for just a second longer then pulled myself toward them and kissed him with all the love I had within me. “For eternity.” I repeated.

2. La push

I could smell the briny sea air now and I inhaled the salt just as I had with the pine and bark scent before it as we trundled, at Charlie’s police chief speed, through the tree tunnelled road. These were all smells that I knew, that reminded me of bleak overcast days on the beach, sitting on our sea-bleached twisted log, of the sound of rain hammering against the tin roof of Jake’s garage as we sat in his rabbit drinking warm soda and being blissfully young. This time it was different though, the scents that I knew where intensified and even more potent, I lugged in deep breaths of La Push air as the wind whipped against my face.
“Bells, don’t you want to shut that window?” Charlie asked pulling me out of my reminiscent reverie.
“No s’okay” I replied “I’ve got a bit of a headache and the breeze is making me feel better.”
I’d say it was more of a sore throat, but thirst wasn’t anything a lozenge could soothe, this was something I needed the window open to control.
Charlie mumbled something under his breath, which unbeknownst to him both Edward and I clearly heard “When your face is red raw from the salt air, don’t come crying to me” and we both had to stifle giggles. Just the thought of the small amount of exfoliation doing anything to my polished granite skin was humorous. Our attempts at stifling weren’t that successful, I cracked first and let a pealing snigger fill the car, I don’t think it was even the inside joke we both found funny. The spirits were just high, we were nearly on the reservation now and my good mood was infectious, Edward started to laugh too whilst Charlie looked on cocking one of his black brows up.
But my laugh was quickly cut short with a sharp intake of breath as I saw out the corner of my flawless eye, a russet wolf loping through the trees. A wolf in these woods would not normally be a thing to shock someone, but a small redheaded girl gripping onto the back of it sure would! I focused for a short moment on them, the girl was laughing ferociously with her chubby little fingers intertwined in the mass of red-brown fur. Her little green back-pack bobbed up and down as he ran.
My head spun for a distraction to give Charlie.
My quick mind did not fail me, all of this happened as less than one second passed.
“erm dad, do you mind passing me that magazine from the seat next to you?”
“Bells, you do know it’s a fishing guide, right?” he replied sceptically after picking it up to pass me.
Of course I had realised he title I could even tell you the little captions on the pictures, which pages you would find certain stories on and the little price on the barcode, nothing escaped my eyes. But it was enough, I knew that in the few seconds it took Charlie to fumble for it and hold it up Jake and Nessie would be in the trees and there was no chance of him catching them.
“Oh is it?” I waved it away, feigning disappointment. “From here I thought it was something else.”
Edwards eyes caught mine and in them I could see confusion, he must have been too distracted by something else to not notice.
I effortlessly pushed out my shield to allow Edward to hear my thoughts.
I saw Jacob and Nessie in the woods, I didn’t want Charlie to catch them. I spoke only to my uniquely talented husband. It was very easy for me now, to send out my shield, almost as easy as moving a limb. Almost. It did require a little bit of effort, but only the slightest bit of concentration. I snapped it shut again and started to look out for the first few red houses.
“We’re nearly there now.” I spoke low and quick so that only Edward would here. He’d never been as far as this on the little road. The treaty had only permitted him to go as far as the edge of trees and when we’d visited before we’d come up from the beach. Edward was wary visiting here, after years of it being forbidden he felt slightly uncomfortable, as if he was breaking some unspoken rule. I, however, was ecstatic when Jake told us, I didn’t know how I was going to bear never seeing La Push again. The pack and the elders had all decided there was no need for the divide any more, we were no longer enemies, but allies, no matter what species we belonged to.
Charlie stopped his cruiser outside the old dusky red house. And I suddenly felt another overwhelming sense of homecoming, after all in those months without Edward this had been my second home, a refuge to get away from the dark and see my own personal sun.
Billy rolled over the threshold with an exuberant smile on his face. “Hey guys, long time no see!” I held my breath and bent down to give him a swift peck on the cheek. “Hi Billy, where’s Jacob and Nessie?”
“There down at Sam and Emily’s with the lads. You know Jake’s loving having her here, showing her everything from his childhood and she seems to be having a ball too, she really is one switched on cookie you’ve got there, she’s adorable” he smiled admiringly.
“Well I know there’s some of me hidden in there somewhere!” I laughed freely.
“ah it’s the eyes, they’re all-” he trailed off as he caught site of my new golden eyes. He obviously didn’t want to bring up my former chocolate brown eyes in front of Charlie, the change had been a sore subject with him.
I laughed again, but not only to cover the quietness that had instilled, I felt like I wanted to, like I was light headed and young. This place held so many memories of the short time without the complications of mythical creatures. The vampires had gone - I suppressed a slight shudder - I was warm-blooded and wholly human. There were no werewolf’s, well at least my best friend was yet to become one. It was easier, but I would be willing to trade my soul for everything to still pan out in the improbable messy way it had. Of course this could have been exactly what I’d done, but Edward would never allow me to think like that.
“Okay, Billy, you and Charlie can go have your mother’s meeting gossip. Edward and I will walk down and catch them at Emily’s”
As soon as Charlie shut the rickety door behind him me and Edward switched our sauntering pace to a sprint, barrelling head-long toward the trees. It was so much easier to run places than to take the car, and the speed, it’s just exhilarating, utterly.
We stopped just before the lane that ran to Emily’s quaint little house because Edward’s phone rang, shrill in his pocket. With a small flick of his wrist it was open and held against his ear. “Hey Alice, how’re things there?”
“Fine” she grumbled back, there was obviously another motive behind this call other than to just check in. This but me a little on edge as I wondered what she could have seen.
“Look I just wondered, when are you going to stop playing ball with the dogs? I can’t see you, you just keep coming up blank and it makes me… anxious, Edward!”
He laughed at her words, probably her choice of phrase for visiting the Quileutes.
“Alice, you’ve nothing to worry about, and hey, stop spying on us!”
“Fine” she repeated in the same agitated tone as before. Alice hated being ‘blind’ but she’d had to control her chagrin when Jacob moved up to Alaska with us and these blind spots had become a regular occurrence. The phone went dead and Edward took my hand as we sauntered closer to the little grey house, which was decorated beautifully by the window box on the front. It contained bright blue hyacinths and they smelt delightful. But there was a more pungent smell coming from he house, it burnt hot and fierce in my nose, the smell that should have me ready to fight or running full pelt away from the house. Instead after one soft rap on the door Emily answered and we were entering into the den of our ‘enemies’.
“Bella, Edward! It’s been absolutely ages, how are you?” Emily’s soft light voice spoke as she gestured for us to pass into the kitchen.
“Hi Emily” I answered, slightly shocked at her ostensible ease at the proximity with us. “We’re fine thank you, oh I really hope Renesmee hasn’t been any trouble! I thought she was just going to spend the day with Jacob, who‘s here?”
“Trouble?” Emily lifted one of her neat little eyebrows up with a smile. “I don’t think the lads would have had it any other way, they’ve loved having her here! There‘ Sam, Jake, Jared, Paul, Embry, Quil and Seth, and she’s already got all of them wrapped round her little finger. ”
I grinned, trying to imagine seven fully grown wolf-men playing with a two year old. It was comical.
When we walked into Emily’s kitchen they were sat around the table playing cards, Jacob had the biggest pile of chips in front of him and he had a smug grin across his face, so I guessed he was winning and by a long shot.
Renesmee squealed “Mummy! Daddy! Look, we’re playing poker!” We’re I guess was used loosely, Renesmee was wondering round while the guys played and peeking at their cards. She ran straight into my marble shins and wrapped her arms around my legs. “Hey there my little monster!” I reached down to pick her up and gave her a huge hug then put her back down. She leaned towards Edward and he scooped her up into her arms, she climbed round to his back and popped her head over his shoulder and hugged his neck. “Hey daddy!”
“Hello love” he laughed towards the back of him.
Renesmee climbed back down and resumed her place next to Jacob, placing her hand on his arm. Now I understood how Jake was winning by so much.
“Jake!” I said disapprovingly, teasingly. And tutted.
“What!” he called back, on the defensive. He didn’t want everyone to know his secret.
“Momma, we had so much fun today! I’ll have to tell you everything later.” Renesmee spoke, breaking through Jacob’s scrambling.
Oh, that reminded me. “So much fun ey?” Like running through the fields so close to the road, Jacob?” I spoke accusingly and he knew I was being serious this time.
“Come on Bells, not everyone has eyes as sharp as yours! We were out of sight before anyone would have had time to notice!”
I let him off the hook, seeing how happy the visit had made Renesmee. She beamed all the way through her stories from today. Apparently she got on like a house on fire with Claire, Claire was actually nearly three years older than Renesmee but the age difference was alarmingly unnoticeable.
As much as the gap between us and the wolves had been closed it was still very hard to stay in their company for too long. With Jake back home it was fine, his scent was diluted by all of ours but here in Emily’s little kitchen it was hard to bear. I couldn’t help pulling a little face when a playful fight broke out between Jared and Paul. As they lunged for each other the air swished around me and the rustic, wood-burning scent pinched at my nostrils.
“Sorry guys, I think it’s time for us to go, Charlie will be waiting.” I gracefully rose from the table - which was way to small for all the full grown men surrounding it.
“Oh wait, I have something for you, well we have.” Emily gestured toward Sam.
She fumbled on the sides, searching for something, then handed me a delicate gold envelope. There was a silver foil butterfly stuck onto the seal, it was almost so pretty that I didn’t want to ruin it by opening it but curiosity got the better of me.
Inside was a hand-written wedding invitation written to ‘The Cullens’, also beautifully decorated with butterflies.
“Wow, congratulations. Thank you so much Emily, Sam, for inviting us, oh it will be beautiful!” I gushed.

After spending a little more time at Billy’s, we were on our way home.
I was wondering, or rather racking my brains for some kind of reassurance, how long will it be until this new-born thirst wears off. I was still the most blood-thirsty member of the Cullens. The eyes had dimmed down and were now, at their brightest, almost golden. Still I always felt the need to hunt much more often than anyone else. I felt the need now. In the heat of this car with Charlie, a human. I needed to feed, soon.

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