This is my second dream where I make out with Robert Pattinson.  The first one was a little different, we were in a room with a lot of people, like a basement, and he carried me out on a blanket, but something was pulling him away from me, and I held my hand out to reach him, but he disappeared through the door.
Last night I woke up all of a sudden, but feeling great, because I had just made out with him.  We were in a place that sort of resembled a college, and we were hearing someone talk, but his arms were around me as we lay on the bed.  At first he started with light, sweet kisses, but as we kept kissing, it became more passionate, and I put my arms around him and pulled him closer to me.  Others saw and it made me so happy because I was the one he had chosen to kiss that night.  I couldn't stop kissing him, it was like quenching a thirst in my senses.  How did I get there? I don't know, I didn't care.  All I cared about was having him by my side, my lips with his, even if it was only for this one moment. 
Then I woke up, but I wanted so much to keep kissing him that I somehow fell back into the same dream.  Was it just my mind? I fell back into the scene where I was next to him on the bed, but we weren't making out anymore and everyone had to leave.  I was taking a long time getting ready and he had to go.  I guess this was the end, but he was waiting for me, so I was trying as hard as I could to get ready.  He decided to wait for me outside.  When I left the room, I saw him, and I guess I was going wherever he was, but for some reason I had to stop by another place, and he followed.  Even though I took two minutes, when I went back out he was gone.  I looked all over for him and someone mentioned that I had him waiting for 2 hours.  No! That's impossible! It didn't take me that long! In my head, I saw him leave with his agent.  Guess he had to go.  Why did I think I could go with him? I knew I couldn't.  I would never forget the passionate night we spent.  Would he? I can only hope.

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