heres part 10 I hope you like it. This will be the last part :) I hope to hear your comments!!!



 That night was thie single greatest moment of my existance. I wasn't awkward or even nervous, I was just so comfortable with Owen, that it came more naturally than hunting. Afterwards he just held me until the sun came up, but then we had to close his black curtains to cut off the light. We didn't even talk, the two of us just simmered in our bliss filled moment.


“I love you.” Owen said as he kissed my forhead. We were still completely immersed in pillows, and blankets,and it was almost noon. I still had to take Tiffany to the hospital.
“I know.” I said as I looked up at his face. He giggle and nuged me in his arms. “I love you too.” I kissed his chin. I started to squirm in his arms but he didn't want to let go.
“Owen, I have to go to Tiffany. She's got to be in pain.”
He exhaled and let me go.”I know, I just love having you in my arms. Do you want me to come with you?” He asked as I got up from the bed, and went over to the closet to find something to wear.”No, lets face it, you and Tiff really don't like each other an she's already hurting, I dont want to put her in anymore pain.” I said and smiled.

“That is true, well I'll I'm going to the beach and dispose of Micha, that's just what everyone wants to see while their taking a stroll along the ocean.” He got up and slid on a pair of shorts, that were laying on the dresser.
“I'm going to go by my house and pick up some clothes, and a few other things on the way to Tiffany's house, do you care if I use Micha's car?” I asked as I threw on the first shirt my hand touched.
“That's fine, I'll run over to the propane warehouse and get my car, I needed to pick it up anyway.” He tossed me the keys to Micha's camero. I walked over to him, and kissed him on the cheek.
“I love you, I'll be back in a few hours.” I headed towards the front door.
“Be careful.” He yelled as I headed down the hall way to the complex elevator.


“Daaaad” I yelled when I walked through the front door of our house. I heard him talking on the phone in the kitchen. I ran to where he was.
“Dad, I'm staying with Tiffany for a few days, I'm just here to get a few things.” I said as I put my hand on his sholder. He shook it off and motioned for for me to be quiet. He must have been on a business call.

I ran upstairs and grabbed a bag full of clothes, and a few other things, but as I was leaving my room I noticed something on the bed.
I strolled over to it and looked down, it was a midnight blue dress, with a silver belt around the waist. There was a small note next to it, I picked up the piece of paper and read it aloud; “Carlie, I saw this at the dress shop, and knew that you would love it. It may be a while before I see you again, so wear it well. I love you with all of my heart, and don't you forget it. Mom.” I almost started to tear up a little. I pushed the note in my pocket and carefully folded the delicate dress, placed it in my suitcase and continued out the door.


I parked the car a couple of blocks away from Tiffany's house and ran the rest of the way and again, hopped through her window shocked, I found her setting up in her bed.

“Tiff! I thought you'd still be asleep. How do you feel?” I asked as I leaped across her room to set next to her.
“I feel like crap, I haven't been awake very long, I just sat up before you hopped in my window.” She took her first real look at me since I came in her room, and gasped.
“Carlie, you-you-your a-a-a,” She looked so stunned, I finished her sentence.
“Vampire?” I said as she stopped stuttering
“Yea,” She exhaled and looked at me harder, examining my new features. “Did it hurt?” she asked.
“A little at first but then I just went numb, and couldn't feel anything. But the worst part, was lying on the ground watching you practically getting beat to death and not being able to do anything. By the time I had control over myself, and was able to move again, it was to late you were already out cold. But I took care of him.” I said proudly.
“How'd you do it?”
“ Well I thought he had me at one point, but it ended with him landing on a wooden steak. I watched him take his last breath.” I spoke with no emotion.
She cringed a little, then coughed, and grabbed her stomach.
“Come on, I need to get you to the hopsital.” I said as I put my hand on the small of her back and pushed her up a little. I helped swing her feet over the side of the bed and carried her down the starirs. I cradled her in my arms until, I got to the car, and I sat her in the passenger seat. We pulled off the curb and headed towards the hospital.

 Just as I had suspected, the doctor took some x-rays, and they showed that she had three broken ribs,  two fractured, and a torn muscle in her stomach. Later they gave her some medicine to help her relax, and boy did it work. She started talking to herself, and yelling. I asked Dr. Taylor if that was normal, and he said it was a side effect from the medicine.

She talked to me too, but I couldn't really make out any of the words she was saying. A few hours later a nurse brought her dinner, and then she fell asleep. I told the man at the desk outside of her room, that if she asked, I would be back tomorrow. I wanted to get back to Owen.

I saw Owen's car back in the parking lot of the apartment complex, and took the spot next to it. I ran upstairs as quickly as I could and burst through the apartment door.
“I'm home!” I yelled as I walked towards the bedroom to put my suitcase away. When I got through the bedroom door, I saw Owen lighting the last of what seemed like hundreds of candles. He turned quickly and sat the lighter down on the dresser.

“I didn't expect you to be home so soon. How's Tiffany?” He asked trying to be coy.
I pushed down the handle on my luggage, and started walking towards the made bed.
“She's fine, they admitted her, and are going to patch up her ribs tomorrow. She'll be there for a few days. What is all this?” I asked looking around the room.
“Well, I know that last night wasn't really the way you wanted it to happen. So I was trying to make this time a little more romantic and special.” He said as an embarrassed smile crossed his face.
I made my way over to him, put my arms around his neck and kissed him softly on the lips.
“Candles and flowers are nice, but it's all so, so, I don't know, Hollywood. And by the way, last night was special, because it was with you.” I said as I walked over to my bags and opened the biggest, to fine something to wear. I found the cream colored  silk nightgown, I had kept hidden from dad, and turned around. Owen had blown out a candle.

“What do you think you are doing?” I asked sounding a little offended.
“I thought you didn't.” He stopped, and gave me a confused look.

“Oh, no you misunderstood. I was talking about last night, this is a different night. Leave the candles alone and wait here, I'm going to go change.”I said walking past him towards the bathroom. I slid on my skimpy nightgown, pulled a brush through my hair and tied it in a ponytail, then I went back into the bedroom, where Owen like always, was waiting for me.






Thank you,

To all of the people that have read and commented on almost every part of this story, I thank you personally. I was inspired to write because of someone I met on this website, so I hope that I did the same for you. Thank you for all the comments and love.

Shelby CullenBlack

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omg really good and amazing keep up the work and cant wait for the next chapter:)

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