When I woke up the to my ringing alarm, I could tell today was going to be a very long day. I leaned up and stretched, threw one leg over the side of the bed and then the other and sluggishly walked over to the huge vanity mirror, in the corner of my room. I pulled a brush through my hair and put it up in a messy bun on the top of my head. When I sat down at the bar in the kitchen I expected to see my breakfast in front of me but instead there was an empty plate.
“Daaad!” I yelled I knew he would hear me.
“What is it honey?” he answered.
“Where's Ramona?”
“I had to let her go,” He said as he walked into to kitchen. He must have been closer than I thought. “She had a disagreement with a few of the other workers. I'll have to find a replacement.”
So that's what all the yelling yesterday was. “Oh, well what am I supposed to do for breakfast?”
“Just make some cereal or the things that are yellow and come from birds.”
“You mean eggs, dad?”
“Yea those, you know how to cook right?”
“No, not really, I never bothered to learn.”
“Hmmm, well I guess I'll have to find a replacement fast then if we want to avoid starvation.” He chuckled at his own corny joke.
I smiled, “I guess you will. I'll just grab a breakfast bar and head to school.”
“Hey wait a minute, I forgot to tell you, there was a letter wedged in the door yesterday. It's addressed to you.” He said while he handed me the small letter.

I cautiously took the letter and opened it, written in his own beautiful hand was:

Carlie, it was neccecery that I leave town for a couple of days, not that this really pertains to you. I must speak to you in person so I can explain everything.
If something happens and you need to reach me just call the number listed  at the bottom of this letter.
If you change your mind and you will speak with me, meet me in the parking lot of the old abandoned propane warehouse Saturday night at 7 pm.

PS. Come alone, and don't tell Tiffany that your
going anywhere, she may follow you.
Always yours,

 It only took me about twelve seconds to read the letter. I looked up from the piece of paper, and a puzzled look swept over my face. What was so wrong that he had to leave town? What was there to explain? Why was he worried about Tiffany? So many unanswered questions. I guess I would go talk to him. I could at least give him thirty minutes to explain everything he wanted to explain. But this would mean more lies to Tiffany and lets face it I was the worst liar on Earth.

“Is everything OK sweetie?” Dad asked, a little concerned.
“Yea, just a letter from an old friend. He was just seeing how I was.”
“He?” He asked curiously.
“Yea it's a friend from elementary school that moved.” I lied.
I don't think he bought it but he smiled and walked away.
 I ran back upstairs and put the number on the letter in my phone and put the small piece of paper in my safe to make sure that no one would find it. Then I went over to my closet and opened the big double doors. I found the perfect sun dress for this beautiful May day. A sky blue knee length dress that tied around neck and went perfectly with my shoulder long brunette hair. I layed the dress on my bed and made my way over to my bathroom. I plugged up the curling iron and brushed my teeth. And put on my favorite shade of strawberry flavored lip gloss. I didn't wear any make-up, it wasn't needed. I carefully curled my hair and then pulled the dress up from my feet and tied the strings around my neck. I found the white pumps that finished  the outfit like a missing puzzle piece and took a final look in the mirror. It always made me feel better when I looked this nice. I grabbed my keys and headed for the front door.

When I got to school I saw Tiffany looking for someone. I guessed it was me, and apparently she had seen me pull in to the school parking lot and she was walking towards my cherry red convertible '66 mustang. She looked completely bemused like something had happened that she didn't believe. If it were possible she probably would have set the parking lot on fire with the pace she was walking, but she got to me and she didn't seem to have calmed any on her stride over here.

“Carlie, I need to tell you something that I have been hiding,” Oh no what now. What was it with everyone wanting to tell me things that seem to be very important.

“Sure what it is Tiff,” I was hoping that it would be too bad, I'm not sure that I could handle this and what Owen wanted to talk to me about. All of this info may short out my brain...

“Well, I can show you better than I can tell you,” She said pulling me towards her car.

When we got there she said; “Get in, I have to take you to a place to make sure that no one else will see. This could be very dangerous.”

“What? Tiffany Amber Hessin, what's going on? Where are we going?” Great, she was about to tell me something that could kill me wasn't she? Like she was in some kind of cult or something. She smiled like she was in on some inside joke that I was on the outside of. Then she started up the engine and pulled onto the road.

I was guessing we were getting close after about 45 minutes of driving, because she slowed and turned up an old path that looked like it hadn't been driven on in years. This was starting to creep me out a little.
 As we drove up the twisting path, I just became more and more confused. Was everyone in on some life altering secret that I wasn't supposed to know about or was it just that everyone in my life was some type of mythical creature from a fairy-tale book. I just kept seeing pictures of  Tiffany with a wand, wearing a long black dress, and a tall pointy hat in my head. The car came slowly to a stop and she turned off the engine.

“Carlie, the only reason that I'm showing you this is because you are my best-friend and I love you. But you have to promise not to tell anyone that I showed you this or even that I told you about it. Kay?” There was a very serious tone to her voice. Almost threatening in a way.

“Yea, I promise. Just tell me what's going on. I hate being out of the loop.” I said almost sounding a little pathetic.
“Well, like I said I have to show  you. But you can NOT freak out and run away. This is kinda weird the first time you see it.” There was little bit of nervousness in the end of her sentence.

“ Just stop messing with me and show it to me already, this is driving me crazy!”

“Carlie, I need you to step out of the car.” She said like she was warning  me. I quickly got out of the car and stood at the front of it. She followed and took seven or eight strides up the side of the hill and crouched beside a dying flower.

“Come here...” she said so softly that I almost couldn't hear it. For a moment I didn't think that she was talking to me. “I'm going to show something I know for a fact you've never seen before now.” So I walked to where she was and leaned down beside her.

 “Are you ready?” She asked.
“Uggghh, just show me already before I start growing grey hairs!” I was getting impatient.

“OK,” she said. Then she focused all of her attention to the flower which was completely dead and just about to crumple. Slowly she pointed her finger at it and patiently raised it towards the sky. I looked at the once dead flower to see it now as the most beautiful healthy looking flower in the small forest area we were setting in.

Completely bewildered I looked at her with my eyes and mouth wide open. She put down her finger and raised her head to look at me. She wore the biggest smile on her face.
“What was THAT? How did you do that!?!? What the-” I was at a loss for words so she talked.

“I just found this out a couple of months ago, when my mom and grandma took me on that family vacation.” She said family vacation like it was more like a meeting than a chance to relax. This wasn't making any since, who was she? What was she? “I'm sort of a witch,” she said answering the questions that I didn't ask aloud. “Well not exactly, I don't cast spells or do those freaky incantation things. It's mostly seeing the future, and mind reading. Which explains why I just answered the questions that you were to afraid to ask.” She laughed a little under her breath. “Oh yea and I can manipulate physical objects like that flower. I know that may have been a little cheesy but it was the simplest way to show you with out freaking you out to badly.”
My mouth was still hanging wide open. I didn't know what to say or even how to say it.
 “Sooo...” She finally said.

“I'm not sure what to say. I'm kind of overwhelmed right now....” I thought to myself for a quick moment and decided to try something

“So you can read my mind,” I thought to myself.
“Yes,” she answered aloud. “I have been able to read it for quite some time now. You have a very vivid imagination, very colorful, almost like a childs mind.”

“Can you read it all of the time?” I asked her from my mind again.

“No. I can only read your mind when I look at you. And the more I read a persons mind the more I can see. Like you for example, when I first found out that I could do this, I could only read your mind if I physically touched you, but over time it has developed, so now if I see you from across a room, all I have to do is focus and boom. It's like a key into your brain.”
“Well what about the h*** seeing the future thing?” I spoke aloud

“Oh, that only happens when something drastic is about to take place. Like if we were in a car and we were going to crash I would see it and try my best to prevent it from happening. Which is where the manipulation thing comes in handy. The flower was so small that I didn't need to touch it, but if it's bigger things like cars or people then I have to come in contact with the object. Lets say we were to get into a car wreck? I would grab on to some part of the car and will it to stop.” This was all so..... I'm not even sure what is was but my head was spinning. She smiled at my thoughts but kept going. ” It works the same way with people, if I wanted you to do something badly enough then all would have to do is come into contact with you and picture you doing it and you would do it.” So was she telling me that she had mind control? She smiled a little bigger this time. ”No, not exactly, I have to touch something to manipulate it, I can't force it across a room like the mind reading thing, no matter how familiar I am with the person or the object.”

“Which brings me to another topic I would like to talk about. This morning I was woken up to a vision of you talking to Owen some time in the near future. And if I saw it then it has to be something that could be very dangerous. Would you like to explain that to me?” She asked giving me a very skeptical look.

“Yea, I'd really rather not go into that.” I said as an embaressed smile covered my face.
“Well I wish that you wouldn't talk to him, but I've already “seen” what he wants to talk about..” She trailed off at the end of her sentence. “I must say I'm actually kind of surprised that he is going to tell you about this..” She trailed off again, it almost seemed as if she was talking to her self more than she was talking to me.
 She laughed, I guessed she read my mind.
“Yes, I did and I was talking to my self a little. Sorry about that.”
“It's ok,” I thought and I smiled at her. She laughed and got up from the ground and patted the dirt off of her butt. Then grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

“So what is Owen going to tell me? And do you know why he had to leave town?” I asked because lets face it she probably had more answers than I did right now.

“Well I do know what he wants to tell you, but I'm not sure why he wants you to know. And I don't have a clue why he had to leave town. I'm not as attuned to him as I am to you.” She said sounding a little smug. Obvlivously pleased with her new found gift. So what if she had all of the answers.

 “Well will you give me a heads up about what he's going to tell me?” I asked because I think I would be more comfortable going to meet him if I had an idea of what he was going to tell me.

 “I really don't think that I should do that, because this is a pretty big deal. And he would be mad if I took away the element of surprise.” She giggled at the end of the sentence.
Then she looked at the edge of the woods and then back at me.
“Is everything OK?” I asked
“Yea,” She said a little unsure, “Just go wait for me in the car, I'll be there in a minute.” She said while she put her hand on my arm. I didn't really want her going into the woods by herself but I found myself walking towards the car. I knew what she was doing but it didn't matter, I had to obey-no matter how much I really didn't want to.

 When I sat down in the passenger seat of Tiffany's Prius, I looked around to see where she went but she was nowhere to be found. I started to panic a little but as soon as I started to get out of the car she was at the drivers side sliding into the seat.

“What was it?”
“It was exactly what I wanted to avoid. We were followed..”

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Nicely done.
Hmm, this is an ok story, but how many powers does this chick have, honestly? It seems like you took a bunch of talents from tv shows vampire diaries, and other peoples fanfics on here and just smushed them all 2gteher. The story line is at least semi-original.
thank you for your honesty! :)

Twilighter126 said:
Hmm, this is an ok story, but how many powers does this chick have, honestly? It seems like you took a bunch of talents from tv shows vampire diaries, and other peoples fanfics on here and just smushed them all 2gteher. The story line is at least semi-original.
omg awesome love it!!!!!!!!!!!! can u send it to me when u are finish with the next chapter please:)
i love it do more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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