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“Ahhhhh, you are as fierce as I thought you would be. It's great!” He seemed so pleased with what he had done to me, and that made me even more mad.
“Why did you do this? What did I do to you that made me deserve this?” I said motioning up and down my body.
“Nothing dear, you have done nothing. It's you friends that I am angered with, and even though I know you wont believe me I turned you for your own good.” He stoped walking and just looked at me.”You do make a mezmerizing addition to my trophies, out of all other humans I have changed you are the most fiery and violent, I didn't think anyone could be better than Owen but, my dear I can see your potential and you have far more power than he ever will.” He paused I guess he was waiting for me to respond, but I just listen to the sounds around me. I could hear Tiffany's heavy breathing and the blood trickeling from her nose.

“What? You mean to tell me that you turned Owen and I just to say that you did?” I was so mad I felt like I could have ripped his head from his sholders right then and there.
“Yes, now you get it,” he said with enthusiasm. “Well Owen yes but you were a different story, Would you really like to know why I turned you?” He asked as if he already knew my answer.
“Not really, right now I just want to rip your limbs off.” I snarled through my teeth.
“I promise you will have your chance.” He smiled and continued with the story.

“You see I was tired of wondering around and killing everyone I came across, so I figured it would be fun to turn a couple of people so I would have some company, but with the first few I tried to turn they were so weak and I was so inexperienced that I killed them.” He started walking forward again but even slower this time. “ So I made sure I was full when I got here, so I could successfully turn someone without draining them of life. So before I came to Heaven, I stopped in L.A. and had a couple of hefty camera men. About a month and a half ago I arraived in Heaven ready to create my new “family” the first person I saw, was Owen. He had been putting up some posters for Brian Hosh, I believe that is you father, Is that so?” He paused and smirked, I didn't speak. ”Yea I thought so,” I was thinking as he was speaking, why would Owen be hanging posters for my dad around the middle of last month we had been broken up months before that. It must have been his way of keeping tabs on me, he did campaning for dad and then dad tells Owen what I'm up to. “But I stopped on the side of the road and did what I had to do, and this time it was a success, accept his physical features took a while to surface almost a month, but I explained what he had to do to survive as a vampire and lets just say he was less that enthused. I thought I had done something wrong, he always ensisted that he eat deer and forest vermin other than the natural way for us to eat. He always talked about how humans didn't deserve that horrible fate. It wasn't right, even thought he was a vampire he was still so disgustingly human. One day he came to me and said he was leaving, he said he couldn't stand being away from you and he had to make it right and all that poetic romantic crap. And he left, then I was alone again I tried to make others and I did but eventually they either got themselves killed or I had to kill them because they were to conspicuous and I was close to being caught. So I thought that Owen would come back if you came with him.”

“So...” I had to get a word in here somewhere.” that obviously means turning me.” I said while I was taking in all that he was saying.
“Yes but that plan didn't really work so well. I went to him and said what I had planned to do and he wouldn't have it. He absolulty refused the idea of you becomeing one of us, and he warned me to stay away from you and he would kill me if I attempted to put my plan in action. His threat didn't scare me but it made me mad that he would even think of hurting me, I gave him eternal life,and this is how he repays me?”

“So what did Tiffany and her family's amulet have to do with it?” I asked because I didn't see where that fit in here.
“Well I did take the amulet many years ago, but more recently it was only to get under the Hessin family skin again, and I knew that if she came to rescue you that eventually you would lead me to Owen, and I could paralize him and make him watch me turn you. That was worse than killing you in his eyes.” He was about two feet in front of me and my insides were on fire, all I wanted to do was unleash my anger on him.

“Well Micha, that was a very touching story but now, I'm afraid I'm going to have to kill you.” I said and then smiled.
“Your welcome to try.”He said somberly and backed up a little. I braced myself for the worst, I remember what it looked like when Micha and Owen were fighting, it was so fast and organized my eyes couldn't even keep up.
Micha crouched and I matched his stance. He smirked one last time and then jumped forward towards me with his teeth barred. Surprisingly I jumped right over him and turned to look at his back.
“Over here” I said teasingly. He turned and smiled
“Very clever Carlie.” He lunged at me again and I just flew right over him, this wasn't even a fight, it was more like we were playing vampire leap frog. So next time when he ran at me I barely jumped over him to where I was about five inches from the back of his head, I had planned on turning him around and puching him in the face but before I could put my hand on him, he turned and puntched me right in the stomach. Unbelieveably he knocked me at least ten feet away from him. I heard his deep laugh.

“So predicable!” he laughed again.
“Not quite.” I spoke while I pushed my feet off the ground and ran towards him. Before I could get to him, he stretched out his arm, grabbed my throat and held me up off the sand. He kept squeezing.
“Carlie, I didn't want to have to do this, but since you insist, I'm going to kill you slowly and painfully.” His face held no expression.

 I put my hands on his and attempted to pry them from me, but his hold was to strong. I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of doing anymore damage to me than he already had, so I tried to kick my legs and distract him from from his grip. When I moved them hard enough he looked down for a split second, but that was all I needed. As his head moved back up, I used all of my energy, and punched him as hard as I could in the jaw.

He released his hold and stumbled backwards, I caught what breath I could and kicked him backwards even farther, then he hit something. His eyes rolled back in his head, as he grabbed his chest in disbelief.

Micha had fallen on a piece of drift wood and it was gouging out of his body. I couldn't believe it, I did it, I killed him! He was lying on the ground gasping, but I didn't think it was for air. I walked over to him and kneeled.
“Micha, at least you wont have to worry about being alone anymore.” Just as I finished my sentence he took his last breath and his hands fell from his chest. I just stood there looking at his unmoving

body. It was over now, Owen and I could finally be together in peace.

Owen! Where did he go?
“Owen,” I yelled as I stood up “Owen!” I saw an object setting up near the water.
Using my new speed, I ran over to him.
“Owen, Are you ok? What happened to you?” I asked.
His hand was on the back of his head. “Yea I'm fine, where's Micha?”
“Don't worry about him, he's gone, forever.” I said pointing over to where he layed.”What did he do to you?”

“ I don't know, the last thing I remember is throwing him on the ground, then it all gets fuzzy. He didn't hurt you did he?” He said as he turned towards me.
“No, I had him under control the whole time.” I said as I smiled at him
“Where's Tiffany?” He asked as he moved his head around looking for her.
“She's down the beach a little, he knocked her out, she'll probably be out for a little while.” I said and a little worry came through my tone.
“Well I say we put Tiffany in her car, and get you something to eat, you must be parched, especially after that fight.”

“Yea I am pretty hungry, but I agree lets get her somewhere where she can rest.” I said as I got up and offered Owen my hand. He took it and I pulled him up, then we walked over to where Tiffany was and he took her to her car. Owen placed her limp body gently in the back seat, I kissed her lightly on the forhead and closed the car door.

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