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 After Owen and I had hunted, he took Micha's car and I drove Tiffany back to her house. It was nearly three a.m. so I jumped in through her window, and layed her on the bed. As I was walking back towards the window, I heard a mumble.
“ Carlie?” It was Tiffany, apparently she had woken up a little. I went to her side, and sat next to her.
“What is it Tiff?” I asked, I knew she didn't have a lot of energy, so I wasn't going to let her talk long.
“Where's, where's...” She coughed a little and then heaved.
“Shhh, just go to sleep, I promise I'll come back tomorrow, when  you're rested.” She looked so weak,I knew she had to have at least three broken ribs, and maybe a broken nose, but I counld't really tell. I could barley watch her try to form words with her busted lips.
Her eyes fluttered closed and she was out like a light, and even started snoring a little. I had to laugh a little at that, just seeing her sleeping so peacefully made me sad that she would wake up and have to look at the damage that Micha had done to her. I hoped back out her window, it was odd, this whole vampire thing was so new but it felt like I already new what to do. Earlier when Owen was teaching me how to hunt, it all came so naturally, that I caught more than Owen did. He looked kind of happy that he didn't really have to explain it to me, I could tell that he really didn't want to exlain all of the details.


When I landed I saw Owen leaned up against Micha's car.
“How is she?” he asked softly
I smiled ”She's asleep, but she be in some serious pain when she wakes up. I guess I'll have to take her to the hospital tomorrow, I mean she should go now, but I don't think getting a few hours of sleep in her own bed will hurt.” I said looking up at him.
“Nah, that wont hurt, I'm glad she's ok, I mean I don't like her anymore than before, but I know that she makes you happy.” A smile even crossed his face.
“Yea, she's like my sister. So what are you going to do with Micha's car?” I asked
“I may keep it, but I don't know yet. But how are you adjusting? Isn't this all a little much to take in?” He looked extreamly concerned.
“Yea it is alot to take in, but I think it'll be fine, this is all new, but then again it all feels so, so, right. Are you ok, you seem a little on edge still.”
“No, not really. I never wanted to see you like this, that's why that's why I left Micha, I wanted to come say goodbye to you, because I knew I could never be with you. I was going to travel and try to find other vampire families to live with and try to forget you. I didn't want to but I knew it would be safest if I did, I mean you'll never be able to do things that teenage girls want to do. No, laying on the beach all day with your friends, or grow old with you husband, have kids, or anything a normal woman does, and I know that you had dreams. I remember you would talk for hours about becoming a lawyer, but you will be stuck like this for the rest of forever.” It looked like he was going to cry.

“Owen it's ok, I'll get used to not being able to do things. And now we can be together, I know that your a changed man, and I don't want to be with anyone but you.”  I looked deep into his eyes and

grabbed his hands.


He jerked his hands from mine and turned, I jumped a little. “Carlie, I know you ,mean well but don't.” I knew that his hostility wasn't really towards me.
“Why not?” I said as I turned him back around, got up on my toes and kissed him tenderly on the lips. He put his hands around my waist and pulled me towards his glowing body. This was the kiss every little girl dreamed about, the one where fireworks are supposed to go off and you know that is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. I loved the feeling of his muscular arms around me, it made me feel safe, but also like I was the only person in the world.
He pulled his face from mine and starred at me. A few moments later he spoke.
“You have no clue how long I've wanted to have you this close to me.”
“No I don't, but now do you believe that I want to be with you, for as long as I exist?” I asked very seriously.
“After that, I don't see how I couldn't see it.” He said while he smiled and let go of my waist. “Do you want me to give you a ride back to your house?” He asked as he pulled the car keys from his pocket.
“No, can I stay with you for a while, I just call dad and tell him that I'm staying with Tiffany for a few days.” I asked, acting a little like a small child asking for ice cream before dinner.
“That's fine with me, but I hope you don't mind a one bedroom apartment for a while, I can't seem to get my hands on the keys to my dad's house in LA just yet.” He smiled “Get in.” He said as he opened the car door for me.

I slid in and buckled my seat belt, Owen started the car and pulled onto the road.

 His apartment was very nice, it had a full living room,a kitchen with all the appliances (even though I kind of figured they were just for show), a bathroom, and one bedroom, with a queen size bed in it. As I explored his apartment, he was changing clothes, he came out of the bathroom dressed in what I assumed to be his pajamas.
“I don't have any thing that a woman would wear but, you're welcome to anything you find comfortable.” He said walking to the couch.
I nodded and went into the bedroom to find something more suited for sleeping. I open his small closet and found a huge flannel shirt that would hang past my knees. I replaced my torn clothing with his gigantic shirt and tossed my scraps in the corner of the room and walked to where he was


I sat next to Owen on the couch and starred at him.
“What?” He asked
“You really have no idea how amazingly beautiful you are, do you?” I asked
“Well yes I am aware of my physical attractiveness.” He smiled. “But have you looked in a mirror. Maybe then you would understand why I haven't been paying attention to myself.” He said as he pointed to the decrotive mirror next to the TV.
I got up and walked over to the mirror. I couldn't believe what I saw, it was me, but it looked like a better version. This Carlie had flourecent blue eyes and flawless skin, not to mention her hair was so shiny and thick, like something from a magazine. I touched my cheek and my eyes widened in awe. I wasn't usually a very conceded person, but I could't stop looking at myself. Owen walked up behind me, moved my hair and kissed my neck in the same spot that I had been bitten by Micha. We looked so similar now, like we were related. I wanted to look at my self a little more, but Owen turned me around and the next thing I knew his lips were crushing down on mine. With our lips still connected, he picked me up and took me over to the couch, layed me down, took off his shirt and

started to unbutton mine.

“Wait, wait” I said between kisses. He leaned away and sat up.
“What, I thought you wanted to?” He asked, I could tell he was a little dissapointed.
“No, no, I do, I just want to ask some questions first, I'm afraid if I don't ask them now I'll forget.” I said as I moved into sitting position
“Oh, ok,” He said. “Shoot.”
“Ok, what do I need to watch out for? I mean like garlic, sunlight, sliver, I know wooden steaks, but what else?”
He giggled a little. “Well, yes you know about the wood, but there are other things as well. Like the garlic thing, that's all hollywood, but sunlight and silver are things you need to watch out for. You can be in the sun for a period of time, but not to long because it will burn you to death. Silver is another thing. That is one of three things that can penetrate our skin, which is tougher than human skin but, but not totally indestructible. The other two things that, can harm us, are as you know wooden steaks and other vampire teeth. But silver will kill you faster than anything, so I would stay away from all jewelry, unless it is solid gold. Anything else?”
“Yea how often do I need to hunt?” I asked as I liked my lips a little
“It depends, if you start to feel weak, or sick then it's probably time to feed, but if not then your good.” He said with no emotion, I knew that he didn't like to talk about feeding but I needed to know this.

“Where do the fangs come from?” I asked
“Hmmmm? Think of how you felt when you saw Micha beating the life out of Tiffany, all the anger that you wanted to take out on him, and not being able to do anything.”
I tried to do what he said as he was saying it. I kept replaying the pictures in my mind, of Micha on top on Tiffanys unmoving body. I was starting to get mad.
“Good, good, I see you getting angry, now just release yourself.” He said
I wasn't sure what he meant, but I let my anger flow into my veins and through my body.
“Wow, you've grown a nice pair.” He said while he looked at my mouth.
“What do you mean, nothing happened.” I said
“Look again.” He said pointing to the mirror again.
I ran over to it, I looked like he had when he showed me what he was. My eyes were now, blood red and I had fangs. I lapped over them with my tongue and turned back to Owen.
“That is so cool!” I practically screamed. “How do I get rid of them?”

“Just think of something that makes you happy.” He said as he smirked.
I thought of Owen and I married and living happily forever. I put my hand up to mouth and looked in the mirror again. I was back to normal, well my new normal. Was it really that easy? I giggled to myself, and walked back to Owen and strattled his lap. I kissed him one quick time on the lips.
“So, I'm guessing you don't have anymore questions?” He said as he kissed back
“You would be correct. I have waited so long to have you all to myself.”
He didn't reply, instead he gently held my face in his hands and kissed me. I layed back on the couch and pulled him on top of me. As we embraced he took off my shirt, picked me up again and we made our way to the bed room leaving the huge shirt on the living room floor.

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wow really good cant wait for the next chapter:)
ahhhhh dat was sooo kool!!! lol
That was sooo good. I'm glad she has found happiness & cant wait for the next one :')
Thank you so much!

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