Chapter 25: Halloween Masquerade Ball.


Today was the Halloween Ball thing, where I was going with Mason. Today was also the day my brothers and father came back from hunting, so I had to be careful of what I said and did around them, because they didn't know that I was dating Mason. Well unless the girls told them, which I doubt, maybe.

I wore a dark violet long sleeved shirt, some jeans, and some black ballet flats. I tied my hair back into a ponytail since I was going to La Push today to help the girls get ready, and I needed them to help me with my dress. I was wearing this black spaghetti strap dress that featured a short multi tulle skirt and I was wearing it with black lace detail tights, something Black Swan-ish, but I was feeling doubtful about it. Enough about that, first I had to get past Carlisle, and Edward, and especially, Jasper.

Auden, Lizzie, and Rikki came in at that moment with their dresses, and I realized that they could help me with my, problem.


"Ready to go Rache??", Auden asked me, "Michael and Alex are going to pick us up with the other guys in La Push."

"I just need a favor from you three.", I said, and started thinking about how was I supposed to tell Carlisle.

"Ok what do you need??", Liz asked, sitting down on my bed.


"I need, you guys to help me, tell Carlisle, about Mason."


"Don't you think it's best if that comes from you?!?", Rikki asked in doubt. I thought about it, she was right but I wasn't going to do it so the answer was no, "You're so stubborn even in your thoughts."


"Thank you. Now are you going to help or not?!? I just need to know how to say it."


"Easy, just say it fast. So fast he won't understand. When he asks what you did this week or what are you going to do today you start saying random things and squeeze in that you're going to the dance with Mason in between.", Auden said confusing me completely.


"Auddie, no offense but you had me on say it so fast he won't understand."


"Ugh allow me. Pretend your Carlisle and I'm you."


"Fine. Hello child, what have you done this week?!?!", I said trying to mimic Carlisle's voice but all I did was make Rikki and Lizzie laugh, "Shut up."


"I haven't done much really, just school I went to the mall with the girls we went to La Push and we started talking about the dance I came home talked to Bella and Ren oh and I'm dating Mason plus I almost got into a fight in school with some girls also Jocelyn told me I had a good accent in French and I went to a concert with the girls and I'm going to the dance with Mason today I'm thinking about going hunting with Bella Renesmee and Alice tomorrow and school starts all over again so I haven't done much really. Now, I have to go to La Push. Bye."


"Ok that's good."


"See?! It's easy.", Auden said grinning, and she looked out the window, "Get ready."

"Don't worry Rachel if he says no I'll just throw a glass bottle at him. You know I'm good at that.", Lizzie said and I chuckled.

"Carlisle, Edward, Jasper, and Emmett are here.", Rikki said, "He'll be passing your room in 3,2-"


"Hello girls.", Carlisle said looking at me.

"Hey Carlisle. How was hunting??", Rikki asked, stalling as I thought what to say.

"It was very good actually. What have you done this week??", he asked her.


"Nothing really actually, the highlight of our week was the Paramore concert we went yesterday."


"That's good. I'll probably be going to work today. Child what do you plan on doing today?!?", he asked me and I started to panic inside but kept my cool.


"Not much Carlisle. I'll be going to La Push today to hang out with the girls and I'm going to see if I can make some alterations to my dress then I'll be attacked by Auden because she's doing my makeup and hair for the dance by the way I'm going to the dance with Mason because we've been dating after the dance I'll be planning with Alice and Bella when we're going hunting it's probably this week and-"


"Wait, what did you say?!?!", Carlisle asked hostile.


"Oh!! That I'm planning on hunting with Alice and Bella.", I said evading the question.


"No before that."


"That I'm being attacked by Auden because she's doing my makeup and hair."


"Rachel Black Cullen, after that but before the hunting plans.", he said mad while I was actually enjoying myself evading the question.

"Umm.", I said, trying to evade the question but I can't, so I smiled dryly, "Oh, you mean that I'm going to the dance with Mason."

"That's the one. Child what do you mean you're going to the dance with Mason Greyback?!?!?", he said trying to calm himself down. Before I can answer Edward and Jasper came in, oh great just what I need.

"You're dating that half-blood?!?!", Edward said angrily while Rikki growled at him and he growled back. I'm getting really tired of this sh*t of being the child of the family, "Doesn't matter Rachel if you're tired of this or not."

"Yes it does it matters to me!!!! I'm sick and tired of you guys telling me what I can and can't do!!!!", I yelled at him angrily and Jasper growled at my tone, "I can do whatever I want whenever I want!!!!!!"

"We're doing it to protect you so you don't have to like it.",  Jasper said and Auden shook her head in frustration.


"Oh so I don't have a saying in this?!?!?!?"


"I didn't say that."


"But you were sure as hell thinking it."


"Enough you three. Edward, Jasper, I'm her father so neither of you have a saying in this. And Rachel, you're not going anywhere with that boy. That's final.", Carlisle finally said firmly, but I wasn't going to take that as a final decision.

"I wasn't asking for your permission I only thought you had a right to know but I guess I was wrong!!!!!", I said, Auden, Lizzie, and Rikki at my side now, with their guard up "I'm going whether you like it or not."

"You're not moving a single inch while I'm here.", Carlisle growled at me, something he never did. I growled back at him, not afraid of baring my teeth if it came to that.

"Oh really?!?!", I said, accidentally grabbing two dresses. I jumped out the window, Auden, Liz, and Rikki guarding it for a few seconds but then jumped and started running close behind me, dresses in Rikki's hands because Auden had to turn into an olive brown wolf in mid air.

"JASPER!!!! EDWARD!!!! EMMETT!!!! Stop her!!!!!", I heard Carlisle yell behind me, and the boys ran faster. I thought to Rikki to kick it up a bit, and she ran past me. I ran faster to make sure the boys didn't catch up, only to realize a second late that they were up on the trees. They landed on the ground surrounding me, and I hesitantly growled at each of them. I prepared to pounce, tense and guard up, when out of nowhere a grey and black wolf with a brown wolf landed next to me, one on each side, Hanna and Hayley. They circled around me protectively, making sure my brothers didn't try anything. Wolf Auden and Rikki appeared in a crouch, and Rikki pounced. She reluctantly tackled Edward while Auden and Hanna tackled Jasper and Emmett. Liz came up behind me and pulled me by my arm into the woods. After a few seconds that they made sure I was out of their reach, they started running behind me again, this time looking at the trees just in case. Damn it Edward was fast, he caught up to me and pushed me so hard that when I jumped the Quileute border, the black dress I was supposed to wear fell into the river. I grabbed it, but it was drenched and even covered in mud, I knew I was doomed. Edward looked at me angrily, and it was apparent that he was debating if he should jump the border or not. I sighed, I didn't want to have a feud between me and my brothers, but they pushed me to it.

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oopsys well tht didnt go too well.......

yup oh well....

La la la whatever la la la -.-
I'm a fearless wolf! Taking on your brothers, so technically you aren't fighting with them, I'm beating the living crap out of them for you :)

Love it!
Dibs on Emmett!!!

lolz k xD

Madeleine Cullen said:

Dibs on Emmett!!!

hahahaha yes u r:) lolz

Mrs. Cameron Mitchell said:

I'm a fearless wolf! Taking on your brothers, so technically you aren't fighting with them, I'm beating the living crap out of them for you :)

Love it!

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