Jasper, Emmett, and Carlisle appeared from the woods, and I I looked at them with sorry eyes, mouthed "IM SORRY", and ran to Hanna's house. They should be happy though, now that my dress was ruined, I have a much less chance of going. I still had the dress that I accidentally grabbed too though, but it was hideous. I only had it because Alice said she could work her magic on it, but she wasn't here right now, so I was screwed...

We arrived at Hanna's house and rapidly went to her room to see if I could save my dress, but it was no use.


"Maybe it washes off.", Hanna said taking it in her hands. She looked at it over and over again, trying to find a way to repair it.


"Washes off?!?! It's ruined.", I said, sitting on the bed, "What's the point?!? I'll just stay home and get scolded by my parents and brothers."

"Rache don't be crazy, we can find you something to wear.", Auden said, "Hanna don't you have something in your closet???"


"Not that will fit her no. But we can find something, or we can just use some scissors on it."


"Guys that's sweet of you, but I'm not ruining your clothes for something to wear. I don't have the same magic touch that Alice has.", I said, "You should just go and I'll stay home."

"And ruin our escape plan?!?! Come on.", Rikki said smirking, "Besides, these girls want to crash the party."

"Yea baby!!! We gon crash this party!!!!", Hanna said and high- fived Auden.

"America, you've been living with a psychic vampire who loves shopping and fashion for 15 years, you have to at least know how to use a pair of scissors.", Hayley said from the door, "Mich is here by the way, she's talking to the guys and will be up in 3, 2-"


"Hey guys!!!", Mich said entering the room, "Let's get our party on!!"

"Ok I'm just going to start with the makeup and all the other stuff while you think about what to do Rache.", Auden said grabbing her makeup bag and heading down stairs yelling "Who's first?!?!?"


Hayley reluctantly went to get tortured by Auden and Mich with the makeup and the hair and the nail polish and all that sh*t, while Rikki laughed at my thoughts.


"I can definitely tell that you hate all this girly stuff.", Rikki said and I smiled, "Tomboy Rachel."

"No, Rebellious Rachel.", Hanna said and I laughed.

"She's more Rocker Rachel today though.", Liz said smiling.

"Oh I have many sides. But I'll never be Girly Girl Rachel. It's not my thing.", I said, and looked at the drenched and mud stained black dress again, then eyed the hideous red dress I accidentally brought. I took it out of the bag, and placed it on the bed. With the corner of my eye I saw Rikki cringe, "I know it's horrible."
"Horrible?!? It's horrifying.", she said and I glared at her, "Sorry but it's true."

"Horrifying doesn't begin to describe it.", Lizzie said smirking.

"Well it's all I got.", I said, and had one of those ding ding ding!!! moments. I smiled wryly at the dress, grabbed one of the sleeves and ripped it out.

"Ok you're delusional.", Hanna said.

"No, she has a plan.", Rikki said, and smiled.

"Yes I do, but I'll need some scissors, and your sewing kit." I said, and Hanna left to get me the scissors and sewing kit. Mich appeared in a split second and looked at Rikki evilly.

"Your turn Rikki.", she said, and smiled.

"My turn?!! But I want to see what Rachel has planned on that dress.", she whined, and Hanna came in with the scissors and sewing kit.

"No all three of you out.", I said, "I need a moment. I hope I know what I'm doing."

"Don't worry Rachel, you'll find out what to do.", Hanna said as she and Liz went downstairs.

"She's right. You'll figure something out." Mich said as she pulled Rikki by the arm,


"Now when you finish you better go downstairs or I'll come to get you."


"Yes Mich.", I said, and she left and closed the door behind her. I looked at the dress, and ripped the other sleeve off. It's time to get my sewing skills on, and I started cutting and ripping and sewing. After a few minutes, the dress started to look better and better, until finally, it looked perfect. Alice would be proud, if only she was here. I went downstairs to get my hair and makeup done by Auden and Mich, realizing Nicole, Lizzie's newly adopted vampire sister that was going to my school instead of the school in the Reservation, had arrived as well, already in costume too. Nicole wore this cute Sassie the Clown costume that featured a fitted black dress with colorful polka dots down the center and a white detachable sheer collar with a blue bow. She also wore a black mini hat, black patterned tights, matching black fingerless glovelettes, and a bright pink asymmetrical bob.



She also wore a simple black fishnet stick mask with pink, blue jewels, looking like that exactly, a modern clown with lots of sass. I also noticed Hayley and Rikki were already dressed and putting the finishing touches on their dresses/costumes as well. Hayley wore a Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland, or Underland," Mad Hatter costume. It featured a red velvet tailcoat with an attached sea blue vest underneath, a high waisted skirt with an attached hot pink petitulle skirt, a matching Mad Hatter top hat and fingerless, short gloves that match the tailcoat, and some black high heel ankle boots that had velvet red shoe covers.



She also had a stick mask that matched too, with red velvet colored glitter and ribbons. Her blonde hair was curled and tied into these two messy buns, and Auden had added some light pink curly hair extensions. She also wore some red lipstick and kept her makeup a bit more natural so the costume stands out. The costume made her look like that exactly, mad, but a good one. Rikki wore a halter, sleek black, deep v neck cut almost to her belly button dress with deep purple lightning bolts going across it. Her mask was purple with black bolts going across it. She wore fishnet stockings and black ballet flat style heels to complete the outfit/costume. Her reddish bronze hair was straightened and kept natural, while she had some smokey eyeshadow and dark colored nails. She looked like a seductress/Morticia/Punk rock Fairy all in one, but she rocked it.

Auden and Mich curled my straight hair in loose curls, which were tied back with a small silver barrette in a half updo is what you call it?!? I really don't know any of those stuff so whatever. They kept my makeup natural, but decided that I should wear some red lipstick since the dress was red. They didn't paint my nails though, since I told them I was wearing gloves. When they finished, I hurriedly went upstairs to get ready. To my surprise, I had made that horrifying dress into a beautiful rose red spaghetti-strap dress that featured a waist to knees tiered ruffle skirt.


To complement it, I wore some mid-length black satin gloves, black tights, and red dance heels. I also wore a Filigree mask in black with small faint silver grey jewels near the eyes.


Lizzie knocked on my door at that moment, entering.

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omg this is gonna b soooooooooooooooo cool

Oh my god! I ❤ this!!!!!!!!! So awesome!!!!! What did I wear?

you'll see:p lolz u can tell me if u want. Hanna, Liz, and Hayley told me what they wanted to wear so.
Madeleine Cullen said:

Oh my god! I ❤ this!!!!!!!!! So awesome!!!!! What did I wear?

thanks guys:)

Wicked shiz Ronnie!
Kk I'll comment the link

k message me it and I'll message u some too if u wanna:D
Madeleine Cullen said:

Kk I'll comment the link


Mrs. Cameron Mitchell said:

Wicked shiz Ronnie!

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