Why is Stephine making readers suffer for others stupidity. We didnt leak her script others did, but she can post the chapters she has on her site and let us be teased by it, I personally thought what i read was awesome, we got to see the story through Bellas eyes and jacobs in Breaking Dawn its Edwards time to tell his story, and i would like to hear the rest. What do you think?

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I like what shes done on the website. Personally if she didn't write any more than that it would be fine with me.
I loved that she shared what she has with us. I too wish she would write more...I would love to know any and everything about my Twilight friends...and see everything from each of their points of view.

But all things Twilight belong to her....Stephanie. Hopefully in time she will reward us with the rest of the book. I know that because she put her novella (Bree) online for free, I read it, and then went and purchased it. So I appreciated that gift she gave to her fans. I have faith in her that she will do right by her fans.

But yes, we saw BD from Bella and Jacob's point of view...I'd love to see the entire saga written from Edwards POV.
I read an interview with Stephenie Meyer recently and she does plan on finishing Midnight Sun however she doesn't know when that will be. I'm just glad that she had decided to finish it at all because when the leak broke out she had stated that she would not finish it at all. I'm looking foward to reading it when she does publish it.

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