I have just finished reading what there was of this and Im so sad its never going to be finished.  It was really interesting to see the story from Edwards perspective.


Its been 2 years now and I was kind of hoping Stephanie would have got over it and carried on with it.


I wander if she will write another Twilight book?  What are we all going to do when the 2 Breaking Dawn films have been released.  I think I am going to have to go to therapy!!!  Imagine if she wrote a follow on to Breaking Dawn.............. it would have to be about Renesme and Jacob, of course with Bella and Edward etc there too.

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Hi Caroline,

I also can't imagine what kind of therapy will be needed in 2 years when it's all over with!!!!! Let's hope there will be more to come from Stephenie. I saw her interview recently (I believe it was the Eclipse LA premiere) where she said that she is planning to eventually finish MS, says that she has heard from millions of fans (her Mom included in this) who want her to finish the book. She says she's just tired of vampires right now. We can only hope that eventually she'll get the urge to finish MS and I am really hoping for an Edward's POV regarding New Moon .... can you imagine that? Anyway, let's just enjoy what we have.

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