this is a fanfiction story about Renesmee C.



I was running through a thick forest, trying to escape from the dark cloaks that were after me. I was trying to reach the light that interrupted the dimness of the forest; but instead of being freed from the nightmare, I found myself facing a cliff. There was nowhere to run. As I turned around to face my doom, a sharp pain traveled through my body. In that same instant a huge, russet wolf sprang between the dark cloaks and I, in that moment, my eyes flew open.



I sat on my bed trying to erase those vivid memories from my mind, but I soon discovered it was impossible. A minute later my parents walked into my room. They carried a baby pink cupcake on a silver food tray.

“Happy Birthday Nessie!” They both sang as they seated on my puffy bed.

“Thank you!” I said, as cheered as I could. I had inherited my mother’s dislike for parties, and I knew my birthday gave Aunt Alice the perfect excuse to organize one.

“You don’t seem excited honey. Is there a problem?” Apparently my mother wasn’t fooled at my fake enthusiastic answer.

“There is nothing wrong mom. I am truly excited, just not about the fact that my aunt is downstairs going overboard with the party plans.” Since it was my birthday, I thought I could complain a little.

My mother laughed at my complaint, and my dad chuckled a little. Though I knew he might be even more excited than my aunt about my birthday party.

“Don’t worry baby, all of your friends are coming, and we also invited Jacob and Seth.” My dad comforted me.

“Really! You did? Omg! That’s amazing dad! You’re the best dad in the entire world!” I threw my arms around him. He was just amazing! I was so glad he had invited my two best friends to my birthday party.

“Of course I did Renesmee. How could I not invite them? They are your best friends and it was impossible not to invite them.” He said. Now he was “acting” as if I had offended him.

That made me smile. I couldn’t see my wolf friends as often since we moved from Forks to Vancouver; and the only one I had actually spent time with were Jacob and Seth. They usually came on Sundays, but my dad called them and they were arriving this Friday.

My two werewolf best friends were hilarious. Jake still made Blondie jokes when Aunt Rose was around, they were just not as harsh as they used to be when my mother was still pregnant. They would sometimes spend the entire afternoon making jokes about each other. Seth and I had actually seen them joke an entire day. That memory made me laugh.

“Something funny?” Aunt Alice asked as she danced into my room. She was carrying a tiny gift box with an oversized silk bow.

“Morning!” I welcomed her.  From the corner of my eye I saw my dad roll his eyes and trying very hard not to laugh.

I eyed him suspiciously.

“Happy Birthday Renesmee!” My aunt said before I could even open my mouth to ask. “Omg! I’m so excited! You’re eighteen! Do you want to open your presents right now? You’ll love them! Especially Edward’s. His present is magnificent, but you’ll still love mine.”

My aunt was the funniest vampire ever. She could prattle about a vague, un-important detail for hours! Like the day she taught me how to put mascara on. She bought hundreds of products, just because I asked her the best way to curl my eyelashes. She made me spend the day at her mini-well… not really “mini”, but that’s how she named it- salon.  I had a complete makeover, but obviously without cutting my beautiful bronze curls.

I didn’t understand why every single person in my life was obsessed with my hair. Some of them (Aunt Alice for example) threatened me to never talk to me again if I ever dared to cut it.

“Umm… Sure Aunt Alice. Why not?” Now I was excited, because even though I didn’t like parties, I loved presents.

“Alice, can I go first?” My dad asked. His eyes got bright with excitement as he took a small, purple silk bag out of his pocket…..


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Thank you :]

Celeste Oropeza said:
genius! love it!
Thanks :P I'm working on it...

Azz_Alex_Winchester said:
good story
make other chapters..
this is amazing!!!
WHAT!!??!! U can't leave me hanging!! LOL! This is great!
Ch. 2 is already posted, here's the link:

Tabatha said:
WHAT!!??!! U can't leave me hanging!! LOL! This is great!
here's ch. 2 :

Bellalove said:
This was really good!! You should post the other chapters...I want to know what her present is!!!
ch.2 here :

Stevie Rae Johnson said:
hey now!.... you cant do that to a girl! Stop it there.. that is torture! *laughs & smiles* Id love to read more!
hahhahaha!! THANKS!! ;)

Graciie Chacon said:
Ch. 2 is already posted, here's the link:

Tabatha said:
WHAT!!??!! U can't leave me hanging!! LOL! This is great!
This is amazing!
wow this is really good!
I am sorry.. I read backwards.. chpt 2 first then chpt 1, but kudos to you again my Twi-Friend. Your a Stephenie Meyer in the making. I'm so jealous, but in only in the purest way. Love what I am reading so far.
Hey Everybody! Most of you probably don't remember ever adding a comment here, but I've (FINALLY) posted ch. 3 of this fic :) it's link is here: go check it out and remember to leave your comments :)

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