second part of my Renesmee C. fanfic




It was beautiful. My eyes started to fill up with tears. The necklace was truly magnificent. It was the same locket my mother gave me for my first Christmas; but now it was engraved with the Cullen crest. Inside, it held a picture of me and my parents, and on the back it had my name engraved with perfect calligraphy.

“Happy birthday Renesmee.” My father said solemnly.

“Dad, I can’t believe it! I thought I was not going to receive a Cullen crest. It is perfect! I… I…” But I couldn’t finish, my sobs didn’t let me tell my father how much I loved him. Since I couldn’t talk I told him “I love you” with my thoughts.

“I love you too Renesmee. You are the most precious gift life could give to me. You’ve made me believe that I might actually have a soul. Nessie, you deserve the best in life and I am infinitely thankful to have you as my daughter.” My father’s eyes burned with love and sincerity.

I started crying again. My family was the best, and I was so thankful for my parents. Mom and dad hugged me until I stopped crying.

Someone exhaled impatiently. I turned around and found my aunt sitting on the floor playing with the silk bow of my gift. Apparently she got bored with our emotional display.

“So… I thought I was receiving two presents today.” I said trying to look disappointed.

My aunt’s face jerked up. She smiled and got to her feet in less than a second. Then she handed me the box she held.

I opened it carefully. Inside the box was a long, silver car key. I was speechless. My aunt was giving me a car for my birthday!? I wondered why this surprised me. I knew she was going to go over the top with my birthday present, but I never imagined she was going to give me a car.

“Aren’t you going to take a look at your new car Nessie?”Aunt Alice asked. She sounded worried. I hoped my face’s expression didn’t burst her excitement.


“Of course I am Aunt Alice. Let’s Go!” I didn’t want to make her sad, so I had to accept the fact that I now owned a car.

Something in my brain clicked as we walked downstairs.

“Dad, you knew about this?” I whispered

He laughed. That made my aunt turn, but then she turned around again and ignored us.

“Yes, for weeks actually; but don’t worry Ness I’m sure you’ll love your car.” He whispered back.

“I’m just hoping the car is not hot pink or yellow.” I whispered to him. Knowing that it was not the only worry I had about the car.

My father laughed again. Louder this time. My aunt turned around and stopped.

“Okay, if you two don’t stop laughing, then it leaves me no option Renesmee.”Aunt Alice growled.

My aunt stepped behind me and climbed onto my back. Once on top she blindfolded me with her hands.

“What are you doing?” I asked laughing.

“Guiding you to your present without the presence of jokes and giggles!” My aunt snapped back.

My mother laughed at her defensive tone.

“Aww. Come on Alice! Let her see. You were the one who was dying to see her expression at the car and now you won’t see. Remember you have to be in front of Nessie, not watching her neck.” My mother said in my defense.

My aunt sighed and dropped from my back. She ordered me to keep my eyes shut and my lips silent.

“Aunt Alice why so much secrecy? I’m going to look at my car in a minute, so why should I be blind when I go out?” I complained.

“Because, my dearest Renesmee, I don’t want to ruin your surprise.” She growled back at me.

After a couple of steps more, she told me to stop.

“Okay Renesmee, you can now open your eyes.”My aunt finally allowed….

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really gud cant wait for the next 1!
ok... I'm pretty much addicted! Keep 'em coming!! ;)
good story
cant wiat for next chapter
Sorry for the delay, but I'll be posting ch. 3 next week... probably Tuesday or Wendsday... :]

Thank u all for the compliments :P
Yet amazing again!
really good, u should write some more of these!
I love it! Please tell me when you post the next chapter!
Sorry everyone, I was posting ch.3, but a really close friend of mine just passed away.... I'm really not in the mood to write... Sorry again... Thank you all for your compliments :) they are really important to me... I promise that as soon as I'm feeling better I'll post ch.3 .... Sorry :(
I am deeply sorry to hear of your loss.. my thoughts & prayers are with you.. I would just like to say this is amazing. You are truly gifted..
Hey Everybody! Most of you probably don't remember ever adding a comment here, but I've (FINALLY) posted ch. 3 of this fic :) it's link is here: go check it out and remember to leave your comments :)
wow this is great!

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