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Chapter 3: Diamonds, Cars and Wolves!


Wow. That's all my mind could think of. The car –my car- was beautiful. It was a deep purple, Audi sedan. The sparkly-purple, two-door frame was sleek, and it looked fast. The car was obviously built for speed, and not for space.


"Do you like it Nessie?" Aunt Alice asked. She looked worried, but a small part of my brain told me that even though I was a blind spot for her, she knew I loved it.


"Yes! Of course! I love it! Thank you so much Aunt Alice! My car is perfect!" I squealed. I loved my car, it was beautiful!


"See Ness, I told you that you were going o love your car." My dad said matter-of-factly.


I laughed and it sounded like bells ringing. My dad knew me so well, though part of it was because of his mind-reading gift. My mother wasn't left behind in her "Renesmee knowledge" either. She is my best friend, and we could practically hold a conversation with our eyes.


"Mom, I already know daddy knew about the car, but were you in the secret too?" I asked. Mostly likely Aunt Alice kept the secret from her for a while, but my Aunt was really unpredictable- which is funny since she can see the future!


My mother laughed.


"Actually honey, we all knew about this. Alice wanted your car to have a little bit of everyone in it, just to make more special. I must admit it was probably a really bad idea to let Emmett chose the speed limit." My mother said with a chuckle.


I heard Uncle Emmett's laughter coming from the second floor.


"Hey! A car is not a car if it isn't fast!"Uncle Emmett complained.


I laughed at his "logic" and walked towards my car. I opened the door and was about to get in when someone HUGE lifted me from behind.


"Uncle Emmett!" I said between giggles. "I know I'm not as breakable as a human" –giggle- "but be careful." –giggle- "I'm not that indestructible either."


"Happy birthday Ness!" Uncle Emmett said with booming laughter.


"Thanks Uncle Em; but can I please feel the ground under my feet again?"


"Nope." Uncle Emmett said making a popping sound at the "p."


"Come on Em, put the birthday girl down." Uncle Jasper said.


He had just stepped outside, but he saw Uncle Emmett's attack to my personal space.

Uncle Emmett surrendered his hold on me and I went to hug Uncle Jasper.


"Good morning Uncle Jazzy! Thanks for saving me from Huge Teddy's hold. My bones are happy they're still in place." I said as Uncle Jazz hugged me.


Uncle Jasper laughed at my comment, probably remembering when Aunt Alice gave the "Huge Teddy" nickname to Uncle Emmett. She came up with it the night his favorite American football team lost the NFL. He was furious and screaming obscenities at the TV. Aunty Alice got tired of his "little-kid-with-dirty-mouth" fit and said: "Can it Emmett! You might look like a huge menacing sports jock, but you're just a huge oversensitive teddy bear!"


"Happy Birthday Nessie, and you're welcome; anything to annoy Emmett ." Uncle Jazz said.


"So…" Uncle Emmett asked. "What are we doing tonight? Are you guys still sure we're going to go to-."


"Emmett!" Aunt Rosie shrieked. "I know you have trouble controlling your impulses, but next could you please not destroy my cherry tree headboard?"


Eiw! Couldn't they have those discussions while I was out of hearing range?


"Aunt Rose!" I said. "TMI alert! Please, please discuss that later!"


Ugh! Now I wished Aunt Rosie hadn't interrupted Uncle Em. He was about to say where we were spending our evening. Or what my crazy aunts had planned us to do.


"Nessie! Nessie! Nessie! Happy Birthday!" Aunt Rose said -or shall I say squealed- as she came running at full vampire speed to hug me.


"Thank you Aunt Rosie!" I said. Both of my aunts were literally bouncing on their toes with excitement.


"Ness, I'm sorry to inform you that your birthday gift is going to be late. Emmett -being the responsible man that he is- forgot to tell the Bvulgari Company to make it a rush order. So your pink diamond high-tech birthday gift won't be here until tomorrow morning. Sorry honey but you'll have to wait." Aunt Rosie said truly infuriated and disappointed.


"Don't worry aunt Rosalie, just by the fact that I have the ones I love with me is enough. You shouldn't have wasted so much money into the Bvulgari Company. I really don't need any more gifts." I said trying to soothe her anger towards Uncle Emmet.


"Well Ness, you should have told me that before I bought your gift." A husky voice said from the trees.


And that voice could only belong to one person in the world.

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