Chapter Five: What's Love?

Oh my gosh. I am so dead. Jake is going to hate me. Oh crap! Jake's going to kill Nahuel!

"Jake..." I whispered, but he raised his hand to stop me.

"Why is he here?" He asked calmly, but I could see pain and anger in his eyes.

"Jake, really, I had no idea he was coming. Please don't be angry." I pleaded, trying to save Nahuel's life, because even though I completely disliked him I could not let Jake kill him.

"Really? No idea?" He asked shyly.

"Really Jake. I had no clue he was going to be here." I whispered to him.

His eyes moved to look at the floor and he began apologizing.

"I'm sorry Ness, I just got really angry when I came in and-" he stopped abruptly and raised his voice quite a bit before continuing. "And what the hell does that mean!" He asked grabbing my wrist and pulling it close to his face to take a whiff. He immediately scrunched up his nose and anger flashed through his eyes.

"It's his. I can smell his scent on it." He reached for my bracelet, which I had to wear because I didn't want to be rude with Nahuel. Who, after all, had been incredibly kind with me. Jake lifted the little heart charm and read the engraving. He looked back at my face and his once joyful eyes were pained as they bore into mine.

"It...it...it's a gift. Nahuel did give it to me, but that doesn't mean anything Jacob. It's just a birthday gift." I said defending both me and Nahuel.

I could have easily told Nahuel to get the heck out of my house and have prevented the fight with Jake, but that was not the way my parents had raised me to be. Now I had to deal with the consequences.

"Nice? Nice? Ness, nice is to give someone a birthday card, not declaring your love using a bracelet!" He said harshly

"Jacob I did not ask him to give me anything. I did not ask him to come over, and I for sure did not ask him to declare his freaking love using a bracelet!" He was seriously getting on my nerves. If Jake kept accusing Nahuel I was going to yell at him something I was going to regret.

"I'm not saying that you asked for that. I am not accusing you for that either, but you don't tell him to stop. You keep encouraging his behavior! I'm sure as hell that he's downstairs enjoying our fight. He wants to separate us Ness! Why can't you see that?" He pleaded, spat and yelled at me.

"I'm not encouraging anything Jake! I'm just being polite! I won't be rude to him because that is not the way mom and dad raised me. They told me to be polite and amiable to everyone, even if I disliked them!" I yelled back

"Ness I'm not saying that you should be rude to him either, but I tired of him. I don't even know why Edward lets him into the house." He growled.

"Jake, keep my dad of this. If you haven't noticed, I have never liked Nahuel and never will!" I turned around to storm into my room but he grabbed my wrist and stopped me.

"I... I don't believe it is nice to give those types of gifts Ness!" He growled

"Well it is nice! And what's your problem? Why do you even care? Jacob you are my best friend! You're supposed to trust me!" I told him rather loud.

"I do care, and I do trust you! But he is not good for you Ness. Please beautiful, believe me. I'm trying to control myself, but he makes my gift look insignificant and crappy." His eyes were soft now, but I knew he was trying really hard not to burst into a wolf and dismember Nahuel.

"Jake, please... Just drop it ok? Besides I need to get to school, so move out of my way." I was getting annoyed by Jacob's over protectiveness.

I walked past him and when I turned around, he was looking at me as if I had slapped him. That broke my heart. I couldn't just leave him. I loved him. He meant so much to me. I couldn't hurt him. I dropped my school bag and ran to him and wrapped my arms around his waist.

"I'm sorry Jacob. I didn't mean to hurt you. Today's been hectic. I'm sorry Jake. I love you."

He didn't say anything, but he wrapped his arms tighter around me.

This hug felt right. It felt perfect. I loved being in Jacob's arms. I loved how he always made me feel safe. I loved him.

That last thought scared me. It felt different this time. I loved him as my best friend… Or was it something more? I couldn't love him more. He was my best friend; I could not love him as something more. He had imprinted on someone. I still didn't know who, but she was probably ten times better than me if he loved her and not me.

A/N: So I'll go hide under a rock. Please don't hate me, this had to happen. You can tell me how you feel about this in a review, instead of throwing pointy objects at me :)  And see, there's no evil cliffie this time :) I know this is short, but I'm having a terrible writers block :(


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I looooooveee ittttttt!!!!!!
Thank you :) again xD I really appreciate it! 

Ronnie Martinez "twihard4ever" said:
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
Thanksss :) I excited to see that you like it :)

Edwards Wifey <3 said:
I looooooveee ittttttt!!!!!!
Love it!!!!!
keep writing !

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